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  • The CSM – Council of Sov. Management. in EVE Communication Center

    Cade Windstalker wrote:
    Sonya Corvinus wrote:
    Most people in null log in and just hit F1 when the FC says so, or rat/mine and dock up when a red comes in system. That's hardly engagement either. As a non-HS resident, representation on CSM should be proportional to the population that lives in that part of space. By character, not by player. That's a consequence of having HS alts.

    Yeah, but logging in and hitting F1 where someone tells you to is still more keyed into the game than someone who logs in to run missions or run their little trading empire and doesn't really interact with other players unless forced. At the very least someone being told to F1 can be told to go vote.

    If you made representation proportional then you'd end up with Null groups putting forward HS alts of well known Null players or something similar.

    There's no way CCP ever could or would try to enforce a system like that.

    We already had plans for exactly that years ago. Shills were even made as I recall.

  • Monthly Economic Report - March 2017 in EVE Information Center

    Rivr Luzade wrote:
    Cade Windstalker wrote:
    Any chance you can elaborate on which bits of the data you think are weird/off or just speak more generally to what sort of issues you're talking about here?

    If you'd rather not spread speculation before talking with Quant I fully understand.

    I assume he's talking about the market figures like Total Trade Value by Region. I may or may not interpret these figures wrong, but it is very hard to believe that Delve, a region with over 20,000 residents, only has a TTV of 405B, while Deklein, a region with maybe 5-10,000 residents has a TTV of 765B, or Curse, a region that's practically dead by comparison, as a TTV of 662B. Something appears to be off with these figures or my interpretation of these figures being the combined value of all sell orders and buy orders on the market is wrong.

    Correct. Our current working theory is Quants #s only are tracking outposts not Cits. I can assure you that Delve isn't 405. It is so laughably off nothing else makes sense.

  • Monthly Economic Report - March 2017 in EVE Information Center

    I have brought this up at the CSM level. But some of this data won't match what a player will believe is reality. Or possibly better put, it won't mean what you think it does.

    Going to try to get with Quant around some of this as the data isn't accurate unless he is doing something that ignores a huge portion of the data around markets. The more we inspect with our data the more we think there is something really wrong.

  • The CSM – Council of Sov. Management. in EVE Communication Center

    The great irony of all of this is that I was far and away the largest advocate for high-sec. The dirty little secret to the majority of our Finance group is we are largely highsec based. Production/Trade/Manip/Spec etc. Given we all participate in these things at a large scale level means we have an incentive to make it better.

    But enough real talk.

    Lawl, you guys cry like this every year. Every year we shower you with truth but you will never recognize it. So yep, we are going to have fun with it every year too.

  • The CSM – Council of Sov. Management. in EVE Communication Center

    Came to watch some pubbie getting rekt. Was not disappointed.

    You are indeed terrible.

  • Dev blog: Introducing Upwell Refineries in EVE Information Center

    Grath Telkin wrote:
    Querns wrote:
    Grath Telkin wrote:
    Querns wrote:

    Nah. Just don't be lazy and you'll be fine.

    You guys even have an AUTZ corp--- oh, wait, no.

    We're actually pulling 100+ guys for most AUTZ ops after Dansara spent a few months rebuilding it, the point of my post is to keep the moon miner viable as a fight generator and avoid the stupidity that comes from the current garbage of '3 timers and a week of time for a citadel with no fuel in it at all thats not defended'

    Man, you guys must have hated Dominion sov if you can't handle three or more timers for a thing.

    Given the rate that your alliance (and others) slaughter rorquals in our space, one would think you'd see the fight potential in these things.

    The POTENTIAL is there, but, given current citadel tactics everybody is simply going to put these to down time for vulnerability and at best you'll be ganking miners while its active.

    The structure itself will end up entirely immune, which sucks because like or not hitting a moon miners is a fairly huge part in nullsec warfare, its one of those things that allow smaller entities to harass larger entities in a meaningful way, not just 'lol ganked ur hulk'

    I tend to agree with your view. I simply hate the aids that short vulns have provided and railed against this prior to cits launching. I feel like CCP got the balance completely backwards and Keeps shoulda had Medium vuln windows and Mediums the Keeps.

    CCP rebalancing windows to favor larger structures and generally a bit larger vuln times would be a good thing.

  • Dev blog: Introducing Upwell Refineries in EVE Information Center

    Moongoo represents the smallest part of our income for our alliance. Shifting it to be a group activity that others can come party crash is about as good as you can get in EVE. More things in space that go boom is always a good thing. We all abused the top down income stream for all of these years. Time to let bottom up income flourish even more than it already is.

    Smaller entities will indeed have to adjust. Invite others to come mine and tax them. Shift to other income streams. Wail and gnash your teeth. The choice is yours.

    Fun fact. We had been investing in this for years ahead of time on a personal and alliance level. I am pretty smug about the random Reddit post a while back showing a single spec can of mine that was full of goo. Checkmate.

  • I run for CSM on the platform of Completing Captians Quarters. in Council of Stellar Management

    Not that any of this matters cause you won't get on but...

    Understanding how the CSM can effectively work might be your first stop.

  • Aryth for CSM 12 in Council of Stellar Management

    This is where most people would list their myriad reasons they are running for CSM. Maybe they would write out long platform statements with some overarching narrative. Their dreams of how to make EVE great again.

    I am not going to do any of those things because I don't need your votes you terrible pubbies.

  • ♛♛ Bobmon for CSM 12 ♛♛ in Council of Stellar Management

    Bobmon got along well with everyone on the CSM. The key thing about CSM11 was the rebooting of the relationship not only within the CSM itself but also with CCP. When you are picking a candidate keep this in mind as anyone you vote for should be someone that can get along with a group of their peers.

    Bobmon can do that for you.

  • The socket was closed in EVE Technology and Research Center

    This morning it has reversed for me. To login i now had to ENABLE the ssl check. Ahh CCP never change.

  • The socket was closed in EVE Technology and Research Center

    How many of us experiencing this are TWC?

  • Monthly Economic Report - February 2016 in EVE Information Center

    Could you include contracts in some of these #s? A great portion of null economic activity is in the form of contracts.

  • [Citadels] Changing NPC taxes in EVE Technology and Research Center

    So happy to see taxes in ISK. Makes things so much easier for owners and just in general.

  • REOPENED! 300b bond, 1.8%, need investors, overcollateralized in EVE Gameplay Center

    Someone shoulda took the amnesty! (I know I know it wasn't open then.)

  • Something Wicked this CSM Comes - Aryth for CSM XI in Council of Stellar Management

    Rob Kaichin wrote:
    Obviously you and I must be listening to different interviews, Mental Incapacity, because we've reached entirely opposite conclusions.

    Aryth is, I'm sure, a skilled and knowledgeable player. He certainly talked with a lot of self-assurance on the matter of the 'jewbal' and his previous exploits.

    However, despite his personal relationships with Sion, The Mittani and Mynnna, he is deeply out of touch with the realities of the CSM. Multiple CSM members have come out over the last few weeks to talk about how the biggest trouble with CCP is getting them to even acknowledge you. In the interview, Aryth glossed over this fact by insisting that his communication attitudes of 'blunt truth' and 'no filter' will get his message through to the (supposed) right people.

    Here's my question: No-one at CCP has to listen to you and no-one at CCP, barring the summit, has to be in the same room as you.

    How are you going to get heard, Aryth?

    What strikes me about your attitude is that you're running on all the same points Sion and The Mittani did. What exactly, apart from that fact that it's you doing it, makes you and your campaign any different from theirs?

    That is the thing. I am not going in with the expectation to "get heard". I can just use the media to be heard if I want. You know, like Sion had to and then things changed.

  • Changes in CSM Managment in Council of Stellar Management

    CCP Guard wrote:
    As of this week, CCP Guard (that's me) and CCP Logibro have been handed management of the CSM. Any questions, or queries regarding the CSM project should be directed to either of us in the future.

    Don't forget to vote in the coming election!

    Luv you long time.

  • Dev blog: Structure fitting in the EVE: Citadel Expansion in EVE Information Center

    When you iterate on the refine. Keep in mind the current bonus's are much larger in null and even that isn't enough to see much refining.

  • Dev blog: Structure fitting in the EVE: Citadel Expansion in EVE Information Center

    Querns wrote:
    Glad to see more details! Thanks for the info.

    The reprocessing rigs have me a little worried. Right now, the maximum base reprocessing rate available in highsec is 52%, but with drilling platforms, you can get 59%, and nullsec gets its 60%. I feel like this is a pretty drastic increase in highsec reprocessing efficiency; is there a reason why it's such a large increase?

    Ideally, you want this to be about a 3% spread between highsec and othersec. That way it somewhat offsets the shipping/risk.

  • Dev blog: Structure fitting in the EVE: Citadel Expansion in EVE Information Center

    The 3 hour window on medium and the 6 hour on larges seems awfully low. These are going to be practically unkillable if buried in really off hours. There is little reason to have to do 3 awful hour timers for something that costs 600m-1B fitted.

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