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  • Name Change Certificate. in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Rivr Luzade wrote:
    Arturo Caliente wrote:

    I said "old name should be accesible with a button in "biography" .

    That is added work that puts me into more danger without applying any downsides to the other side. Read my previous answer for a more elaborate example and then come back.

    How many strangers do you talk to each day and give them isk?

    Old contacts set to red should not change. Any corp worth anything would press that button and see the old name before they recruit someone. Even then, the old name may tell them nothing if they are not informed...

  • Name Change Certificate. in EVE Technology and Research Center

    If Fluid Router Network knows and broadcasts the name of every player in K-space, it should easily broadcast the name of all players I set as red that are in a certain region. The FRN knows they are in that region, and the communication channels allow communication between the ends of the galaxy, it's just a matter of plugging in a cable, isn't it?

    I said "old name should be accesible with a button in "biography" .

  • Name Change Certificate. in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Donnachadh wrote:

    Unlike every other computer game I have ever played there is an in game history associated with a name in EvE and changing that name complicates everyone else ability to track you by name.

    Name history solves that you say and I still say no, only now because of the hassles of wasted storage space and the significant amount of dev time it would take to implement it game wide in a way that makes your name history easily and readily available to all players.

    The old name should be available at the press of a button in "Biography". Old traitors and scammers will not be able to escape their history. But lots of players desire a new name just for aestethic reasons.

    First thing - how can other players know a capsuleer's name? Because local tells them so? Because they can pres "show info"? So what? Is his name written on the hull of the ship? Can the "show info" read his mind? We should not even be able to see names in local, just ships maybe.

    A name means nothing. An enemy you are at war with will not have his name written on his ship. Maybe there should be a ship module (quite useless) - that scans the enemy ship, sees the face of the enemy player, then uses a database to get his name (trying to describe a plausible reason about why you can see the enemy's name in local).

    Maybe only friendly names, from a RP perspective, they have set their ships computers to broadcast their name to blues...

  • Jump fatigue reduced for one direction of travel in Council of Stellar Management

    Idea: Alliances/corps select a star system, and all jumps that take them closer to that system do not add jump fatigue.
    The system can be changed only once a month maybe. With some requirements: it must be in null and the alliance must own the sov.

    In this way alliances can leave their space and go to war, knowing they can easily go back and defend. Right now the jump fatigue mechanic makes everything static, nobody can leave their own space and go to war, because of sov trolls. This is bad for EVE wars in general.