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  • [March] Rorqual and Mining changes in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Porthos Jacobs wrote:
    So if I bring Ewar to get a rorqual it cannot panic now. bonus

    Good luck with jamming out a rorqual there, boyo

  • [March] Mobile Warp Disruptor changes in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Olmeca Gold wrote:
    Grath Telkin wrote:
    Now lets remove nullification from anything but an interceptor.

    Oh the amount of playstyles you have to be ignorant of to even suggest this makes me lol

    PS: Lots of us dont care about how frustrating nullified combat ships might have been for nullblob people. Two things this game definitely absolutely needs to keep having are nullified covert cyno ships and nullified probers.

    > bombers bar hotdropper

    "Two things this game definitely absolutely needs to keep having are nullified covert cyno ships and nullified probers."

    The ONLY thing your corp seems to do is makes use of nullified t3s to blops hotdrop. It's one tiny singular playstyle, and while it does suit you well, or used to anyway, before that "olmeca gold 'you can't smartbomb me twice, PL! haha!'" drama blew up bombers bar into a pretty weak state lately (congrats on that, Olmeca, you made nullbearing a lot safer), it's also part of why strategic cruisers are in a broken state. The sooner it's (t3 nullificant subs) gone, the sooner ships like hacs and recons can start being seen as useful again. About time arazu and rapier hunters came back too.

  • Dev blog: Monthly Economic Report - January 2017 in EVE Information Center

    Thomas Lot wrote:
    Without the regional numbers, the monthly economic report is just a sit-rep on the game activity in general.

    I oppose the removal of the regional breakdown of the economic numbers.

    It sincerely appears that the CSM is not a functioning body representing the interests of the general population of the game.

    Basically a self-serving entity elected mostly by people who don't vote for their candidate on any other grounds than 'they're in my alliance/I was told to vote for them'. It's no surprise we have people like Aryth on the CSM who would put a minor perceived risk to their money making over the health of the game as a whole. I can't really blame groups like goonswarm for electing self-interest candidates, but it's obviously an indicator of a broken system.

  • [service] titan/super construction and delivery in EVE Marketplace

    man, that's one dedicated scam. Though, not a big surprise, considering how much isk he gets to steal, anytime someone falls for it. Definitely worth bumping once a night for the chance to hook some poor sap.

    Don't be dumb, don't waste your time with this guy.

  • Ncc 1709 for CSM XII in Council of Stellar Management

    • Not a meme candidate
    • has made Zarvox O-face on his stream
    • pretty sane
    • quality nullsec mining and ratting
    • well-established corp with a good backbone
    • Plenty of help afforded to newer players

    Join FUSENPUBLIC for more info

    Err... uhh... Vote for NCC

  • WTS 10m SP miner in EVE Marketplace

    Tvaris wrote:
    You didn't even give me a chance to offer more.. holy crap.

    > Offers minimum price
    > Willing to pay more than buyout price
    > Complains when someone else agrees to pay buyout, and seller respects buyout price

    ... That's kinda how buyout prices work. It's an immediate end of sale deal.

  • Dev blog: Monthly Economic Report - January 2017 in EVE Information Center

    A lot of people in here saying this change only benefits nullseccers: Wrong

    Many of us in nullsec are VERY unhappy about the change as well. This is a greedy change by a select few who want to hide as much information as possible about what they do, even though that data doesn't actually put them at any more real risk. We already know what regions stupid amounts of supers are being spit out in, what regions have crazy amounts of shipping going to and from. This data doesn't reveal some big secret production effort, nor help to isolate which sotiyos stuff is being built in. All this change does is screw over the general playerbase so that a few players can disillusion themselves into believing that their CSM puppets have made them safer.

    The fact that no member of the CSM actively stood up to this is appalling, that no candidate there was sufficiently knowledgeable to see why this is bad, that the CSM lacks a stunning level of diversity , and builds a sincere belief in myself that it's time to get rid of the CSM.

    Do the right thing, CCP, don't get rid of the regional data in the MER. As for anonymizing the regions, you might as well just delete all the regional data. They have the same effect.

  • CANCELED - ®® WTS 15.1m SP Exhumer Ice/Ore/Drone Pilot ®® in EVE Marketplace

    danand wrote:

    Biomass Isk Value: 10 Billion

    Character SP: 15,154,402
    Skill extractable SP: 10,000,000
    Number of skill extractors: 20
    Skill Injector BUY price: 620m
    Skill Extractor BUY price: 240m
    Profit per 500,000 SP: 380m

    Total biomass value of this character: 7.6b, +/-500m

    No-one here is trolling, you're simply misleading buyers, which does potentially violate character sales rules.


    6: The sell post must reflect the character correctly, posting that the character you're selling has more skillpoints or ISK than it actually has is a bannable offence.

    Saying that it has a biomass value of 10bil is misrepresenting the amount of SP available to be extracted, or is willfully ignorant of the cost of extractors and injectors, and given your posting history, we all know you know EXACTLY how much extractors and injectors cost.

  • WTS mining toon in EVE Marketplace

    To clarify for anyone wondering:

    No, this character cannot fly exhumers. The exhumers skillbook itself does not require mining barge trained at all, but all the exhumers require mining barge to 5, so you can train exhumers to 5, without actually being able to fly any exhumers.

  • [December] Excavator Mining Drone yield rebalance in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Lotus Rose wrote:
    Decycle the indy core... just in case.
    - Keep your indy core running, knowing it makes your combat drones faster, tougher, and far meaner.
    The threat is close, pull the drones back into the nest.
    -Already done, because you're cool, calm, and know a small roaming gang presents zero threat to you, because you are properly fit, and have planned well
    Wait a while, with much checking that the coast is clear.
    -Keeping finger still crossed for a fight, your rorqual needs more killmarks from fools who think navy infiltrators can't kill their bifrost before they can turn around and warp out
    Notice that another mining behemoth has drifted close to you and has cheekily started mining the rock you spent an age approaching with murder in your heart.
    -Drop corp, join a real one
    Sigh and approach another rock. Decide to activate indy core as you decelerate. Realise that your mining brick is slowing, well, very slowly.
    -Man up, stay on the rock you were on, tell the other guy to **** off.
    Bounce off the rock and wait out the rest of the indy core timer as you drift further and further away.
    -Again. USE A PING. Warp to rocks, don't slowboat
    Watch as your little drones take a painfully long time to make it back to you to deposit their goodness as you float into the distance.
    Sigh, wait out the timer and reposition.
    -Ah, yes, that horrible 5km travel time...
    Scratch head wondering why all the little barges are approaching you. Get reproached for not making your fleet hangar open so that they can use you to reprocess their ores. Hide all your things in the cargo bay. Don't want people touching your stuff.
    -Fleet hangar is 100% full of cap booster charges, because you're not a complete fool, sitting a rorqual in a belt without being packed to the gills full of tank refits, mobility mods, HW, and cap boosters. If mining barges want to complain, remind them that their convenience means nothing next to your safety.
    Stare at the screen blankly as the rock pops and the drones return to you, dancing about in glee. Realise that the rock had been mined almost to death and left to linger.
    -Assign drones to next rock, and carry on, knowing that you mine so fast, that this wont happen more than once every few belts
    Sigh. Warp back to that place, you know, where you can get a rock scanner. Refit.
    -Deploy mobile depot, remove drone nav comp, fit survey scanner, scan, remove survey scanner, fit drone nav comp.
    Make it back to the place where rorquals go to die.
    -Or you know, don't mine in Tenal
    Look around, attempt to use the rock scanner and accidently press the cyno. Short lived relief that it wasn't the panic module followed by horror due to the reaction of everyone around you. Reassure everyone. Resolve to never make that mistake again. Until next time.
    -See above comment about hotkeys, and not putting things like a cyno next to your indy core. Or you know, mine in a cyno jammed system.
    Sigh. Wait out the timer. See some space rocks around you popping.
    -Have yet to have this happen. Module placement...
    See the cyno finally decycle and feel proud that at least it didn't go into the humiliating second cycle.
    -Always set your cynos to not auto-repeat.
    Look for a rock to mine, realise that there are only mercoxit rocks left.
    -Cuss out the mining barges for not mining the most valuable ore.
    Launch yourself at the closest one, wondering where all the other mining rorquals went.
    -Warp to next belt because you read about the rorqual before getting in one
    Position. Indy core. Can't mine that mercoxit with these here drones.
    -Position in next belt, with mining links turned off. Exhumers dont want to mine the mercoxit? Boosts off. No -57% cycle time. No 114% mining range. no -57% mining crystal volatility.
    Sigh. Wait out timer. Pick finger nails. Check intel for the 131st time.
    -Check intel when it flashes, ignore it when it doesn't.
    Head to a place where you can park your fat bottomed mining goddess and get into a procurer to mine the mercoxit after being berated for not cleaning mercoxit up.
    -Have some balls, instead of holding your wife's hand while she's with another man. Mercoxit is there for the barges to mine.
    Well folks, that's the end of the tale now as clearly, there isn't a rorqual to discuss anymore. Thanks for bearing with me.

    These may or may not be actual events related to actual miners with actual miner rage.

    Edited for accuracy with bolded notes.

  • [December] Excavator Mining Drone yield rebalance in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Lotus Rose wrote:
    For your reading pleasure

    ~ An hour in the life of a mining rorqual.

    Undock in an ungodly expensive space brick with drones which cost more than a carrier, each.
    - Carrier is 1.2-1.3b for the hull, 2.5-3b fit. Excavator drones costed me ~300m including bpc to produce, they're now 800 and dropping.
    Align and warp somewhere with rocks to mine.
    - Align and warp to mining anomaly ping.
    Eventually arrive.
    -Get something to eat, go to the bathroom, load up netflix
    Realise that the closest unmined rock is 30k away, start to move in that direction.
    -Warp in to your asteroid of choice, landing close to it, with no movement needed
    Sigh and warp back to a place you can actually dock your space brick and fit some kind of module which makes you go faster.
    -Drop a mobile depot, refit an afterburner/mwd as needed, scoop mobile depot.
    Eventually arrive back in the busy place that rocks go to die.
    -You're already there because you didn't randomly warp in like a noob
    Find a free space rock, start the journey in the direction.
    -Again, not an issue
    Try to start slowing the brick, frantically pressing control space.
    -Still not an issue
    Bounce off the looming space rock.
    -I see you've never flown a capital ship before
    Sigh and reposition. Launch the scary expensive drones.
    -Still no need for repositioning. Don't fly what you're scared to lose.
    Manically check local and intel channels for the 20th time, finger hovering over the indy core.
    -Align back to your warp in point, siege green VIA HOTKEY the moment you're under 3 m/s, because you're fit properly, know what you're doing, and aren't sweating bullets, because everything in eve dies, and you know it's replaceable.
    Tell yourself that it is all going to be ok.
    -Everything isn't going to be okay. You're going to mine a ridiculous amount of isk, and eventually, you're going to die. You may not, but assume you are, it's smarter, and you're smart, aren't you?
    Push the button. Briefly wonder if you are bad because you clicked it. A clicker. Going to hell now.
    -You used a hotkey because you're not bad. You know that clicking it with your mouse makes it a lot easier to actually hit the wrong module. People who click indy cores with their mouse put their panic button and smartbombs next to their indy core. But you use hotkeys, because you're not bad.
    Watch the slowest drones in the universe as they bumble to the selected rock.
    - Watch 600m/s drones zip around far faster than harvester mining drones
    Check intel again.
    - Have intel open, notice when something new pops up, ignore it otherwise
    Rats spawn. Look to see who is getting the business. Realise that no one is going to kill them.Pull in the slow mining buddies, sigh, kill the rats.
    - Watch drones, ignore rats, let mining barges in belt kill rats. Turn off boosts if they don't. Keep an eye on your drones, activate a remote shield rep as necessary
    Watch as someone loots the faction spawn.
    - Drop an MTU for that sweet faction spawn loot, scoop to cargo.
    Heart races as you read about the command destroyers coming to steal the carrier priced peanut sized little miners that are finally arriving at the rock.
    -Laugh as you find out command destroyers are coming, recall your drones, drop combat drones, cross your fingers and pray the command destroyers are stupid enough to warp to you

  • [December] Ending the deployment of new outposts and upgrades in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Tom Stonehoof wrote:

    Have you not read this thread? And are you still continuing to insult your playerbase by playing the fool? Welcome to the winter of rage.

    Edit: I can't unscrew this quoting mess since I can only quote 5 times per post. So people will have to be smart about figuring this out... *throws hands in air at the forum design*

    What? I'm with him on this one; the amount of negativity toward these changes has been practically non-existent, with most concerns being along the lines of wanting to make sure players don't lose the ability to do much of what they do now. You're going full-Gevlon here, Tom. There won't be any winter of rage, because there is no range. Nullsec, lowsec, and highsec alike are on-board with these changes, and the way they are happening. Hell, even w-space residents seem to be pretty pleased with the way the new structures have been coming out, what with their ability to swap clones now, and there being no asset safety.

  • Space in Null for an individual to rent in EVE Marketplace

    What your describing is a number of the Brothers of Tangra corporations in drone lands, possibly shadow of xxdeath. You'll likely have to pay for your own citadel though, unless you want to fork out the extra cost of renting a station system, or renting a system next to a station system.

  • Unable to find PORPOISE ship fit in EVE Gameplay Center

    Do Little wrote:
    Mining drones do not have a MWD so will not benefit from the drone navigation computer.

    my mining drones go significantly faster with drone nav comps fit.

    Do Little wrote:
    For highsec I would swap the drone navigation computer for a cargo scanner - help you plan your harvest.

    Cargo scanners are pointless for mining ships, you'd want a survey scanner

  • Dev blog: Monthly Economical Report - November 2016 in EVE Information Center

    I meant delete the thread, as a joke, not my post. I guess noone to blame there for that but myself. Ugh

  • [December] Defender Missiles in EVE Technology and Research Center

    elitatwo wrote:
    Professor Humbert wrote:
    Trying to find more fleet roles for the null-sec alphas, perhaps?
    What's next? Defender missiles shooting down bubbles, eh?

    That would make an excellent replacement for the tanking subsystem of sleeper cruisers.

    ... what? There's no STRATEGIC cruiser Defense subsystem that has anything to do with bubbles.

  • Christmas is coming soon, prt 5 2016 Event in EVE Gameplay Center

    Horiz Rin wrote:
    jin ko82 wrote:
    wow... not worth my time for those "prizes"

    Every Christmas needs a Scrooge ;P

    He's a bit too lazy for that.

  • Christmas is coming soon, prt 5 2016 Event in EVE Gameplay Center

    jin ko82 wrote:
    wow... not worth my time for those "prizes"

    Way to stay classy. This is totally just all about the prizes, and not about getting together and having fun, right?

  • Training 2X faster than what? in EVE Communication Center

    March rabbit wrote:
    Amanda Chelian wrote:
    Yup, it's the alphas that are running at half training speed. But "train skills at normal speed!" doesn't make for good marketing to get the Omega sub sold, hence the play with words.

    it would be cool if many players bug report this Lol
    It says '2x' but my current speed is the same. Something is wrong....

    Or make support team answering questions like this.

    On the other hand CCP is already bad at fixing bugs and supporting customers What?

    No, it would not be cool if anyone reported this. It's not a bug, and you'd be doing nothing but wasting peoples time that could be better spent handling real bugs. Bug reporting something because you don't like it is stupid

  • New NPC Mining Ships in EVE Communication Center

    Mara Tessidar wrote:
    Do the new NPC mining ships affect the industrial index of the system they mine in? Hoping for a dev response on this.

    According to eve Vegas gameplay speech : no