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  • [Proposal] Pirate Ship Log Revival in Council of Stellar Management

    Malcanis wrote:
    I still think its a pretty good idea! As soon as S I get properly back online I'll try and pursue it.
    Thanks Malcanis! I ♥ you forever and ever. : >

  • [Proposal] Pirate Ship Log Revival in Council of Stellar Management

    About 8 months ago I posted about Reviving Pirate Ship Logs and tying it to exploration content. Since then, the concept has received overwhelming positive support with only one person having issues with the idea.

    I think this simple idea has a lot to offer long term and it would be great if the CSM would bring this up with the CCP devs at some point. I know that Malcanis is aware of the idea (he thought it was pretty good, iirc), but I don't know if it has had any movement since then.

    TL;DR - Restore pirate ship logs to the loot table. Allow them to be bought and sold on the market. They can be used / analyzed to create an expedition. Future iterations on the concept may include special mission arcs for pirate factions, and combining a set of logs for special expedition.

    This concept could even be used as a way to find the new "Ghost Sites" being released.

  • New Exploration Content - Pirate Ship Logs in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Nantwig Mutbrecht wrote:
    basically, if these logs lead to expeditions in lowsec, a lot of highsec carebears would not want to do them, no matter what the reward is. they would sell them on the market.
    That's a distinct possibility - but that is a choice for the player to make. If you don't want to take the risk of delving into low or null, then you can sell the ship log to someone who isn't scared of working under such conditions.

    Nantwig Mutbrecht wrote:
    in essence, eploration would become too farmable.
    No more than it is right now. Yes, it would be possible for one person to buy up all the ship logs, but then again you may not know what kind of expedition you will receive or what kind of drop you will get - if any. It's a gamble, like any expedition. If you've every received an expedition and bothered to run them, you would know that they are not guaranteed loot pinatas.

    Loot drops are so unpredictable that it is entirely possible for the person selling the ship logs to make more money than running the sites themselves.

    Eve is about making choices, particularly between risk and reward. Here, there really is some risk: Not only running the site itself, but also the risk of the expedition not escalating or not even dropping something valuable. It offers a new angle on an existing profession.

    It sounds like you don't have a lot of experience with the current expedition system or realize the possibilities that this can open up for future content iterations.

    On another note, wouldn't this be a more interesting way to provide access to the new Ghost exploration sites instead of just finding them on a scanner along with everything else?

    For everyone else, thank you for the continued support.

  • Dev blog: Ghastly Hotbed Of Spaceship Trauma - Ghost Sites in Rubicon in EVE Information Center

    Who is going to want warp speed implants? Maybe dedicated freighter pilots? They just don't seem particularly useful, but maybe I'm looking at things the wrong way.

    The sites themselves are something I'm going to have to try. Why not. : >

  • Problems and bugs during massive PvP fleet battles: can we hope for solution? in EVE Communication Center

    Nassau Adtur wrote:
    You are completely and absolutely right! That is why I asked about reasons, since I understand that it is not so easy to solve.
    Imagine all of the things about your ship:

    What you are flying, your current vector, modules activated, shield/armor/structure amount, animations for shooting, commands for drones, drone location / activity, and all of the damage calculations. Now, this needs to be sent to 2,999 other people. The same data for 2,999 other people also needs to be sent to you. Under normal circumstances, Eve's engine runs in 1 second ticks, but 10% TiDi brings this down to 10 second ticks (I think). Okay, so this means that all this data for 2,999 ships needs to be sent to 2,999 other people (we assume you don't need the server to tell you about your own state (as often)).

    That's 8,994,001 sets of data (at least) to package up and send out to everyone. Every tick. That's a lot of data. You also need to include things like physics calculations, animations for missiles and guns, killmail generation, etc. It's a lot to process - especially since the Eve server code is still, as far as I know, single threaded.

    And that's the reason. It's just a LOT of data to process and move around. Hamsters can only run so fast.

  • Your Eve Online Bucket List? in EVE Communication Center

    > Log in.

  • Beer - What could be better?!!??! in EVE Communication Center

    Anything made with JD can't really be any good. It's so damn harsh.

    Much prefer that aged single malt scotch, especially the really peaty stuff. Nice and smooth, wonderful flavor, aroma, colors.

  • Player Profile, Cannibal Kane in EVE Gameplay Center

    Good concept, but it would be great to have an "article" format instead of a very vanilla "question / response" format. It feels very sterile and lifeless once you get past the stuff about his hair (which is fabulous, I wish I had hair like that).

    Looking forward to Bigger and Better articles in the future.

  • Are Goons Wearing BOB's Necropants in EVE Communication Center

    I learn something new every day - just not always something I expected to learn.

  • Beer - What could be better?!!??! in EVE Communication Center

    Just don't put it through a SodaStream.

    I used to home brew at home, haven't done it in a while but I have been thinking of getting back into it again.

    On top of that, I have 10 pounds of honey (5 wildflower, 5 buckwheat) waiting to be turned into mead. Yum yum.

  • Dev Blog: No Honor Among Thieves - Siphon Units in Rubicon in EVE Information Center

    CCP, if you're making Goonswarm this angry, you must be doing something right. Please continue.

    These Siphons should encourage people who run moon mining operations to be active in their space. I hope to see more capabilities against passive income streams in the future. Will I be able to deploy a hacker module and steal researching BPOs next?

  • Come to low/null sec, we have candy! in EVE Communication Center

    Speaking of lowsec and candy, I would like to recount an experience of mine from many years ago.

    I had a problem. The problem was the old Prophecy sitting in my hangar. It was old, it was gathering dust, and nobody really wanted to buy it. Couldn't blame them; not only had the paint started to peel off from a lack of maintenance, but the damn thing was worthless as a combat ship.

    I was just about to send the whole thing to the reprocessing facility, but then I paused. Why not take the thing into lowsec and get it blown up? This seemed like as good an idea as any (at least I would get some insurance money out of it) and would offer more amusement, so I decided to do that.

    I took my Prophecy, named it "The Candy Van", filled the lows with nanofibers, istabs, and overdrives, the mids with shields and a MWD, and the highs with civilian gatling lasers. Comedy fit through and through. The Prophecy wasn't good for combat so why even pretend, right?

    Well, I jump into lowsec. Nobody is at the gate, so I warp to the first belt of whatever system it was and wait. After a few minutes of nothing, I decide to tell the locals, "I am in the first belt and I am full of candy."

    I wait. And wait. Nothing. Odd. Maybe they're all away at the moment, or busy using Somer to launder ISK. "I'm warping to the X gate, and I'm full of candy. Come kill this ship, it is worthless!"

    And so I do exactly that; I warped to the said gate, jumped, and entered a new lowsec system. I repeated this stunt for nearly half an hour, until I run into a gate camp. A half dozen guys maybe. "Hey guys! This is a terrible ship and it needs to die! Plus, it's full of candy! Please shoot me!"

    They leave.

    Now, having gone on roams throughout lowsec before, and having been involved in multiple pirate operations in the past, I knew full well that the cesspit of Eve was a rather dangerous place. Bored pirates desperate to fill their holds with loot and tears should be crawling all over me for the killmail generating money shot. But it was not to be.

    Had I found the secret of safe lowsec travel? It seemed so. I couldn't believe it.

    So I set course for Amamake, all the while telling local exactly where I was going, that I had a poor comedy fit, my ship needed to die, and that it was full of candy. All the way to Amamake I was not accosted, not once, although a few people did seem to laugh at me. How rude.

    Eventually I make it to Amamake. I warp to the first belt, declaring my honest intentions. I wait. Nobody comes.

    But then someone in local started to talk to me. They wanted to know if I was a bait ship. After all the Prophecy was a well known bait ship - really its only use - but I swore upon what little honor was left in my cargohold (the rest was full of candy, you see) that I was indeed not bait, and that I really just wanted to see the ship explode.

    It took several minutes of promises and questions, but I was instructed to warp to one of the gates; I did. I was greeted by the fine fellows of Heretic Nation and my Prophecy's fate was finally delivered.

    The lesson of the story is this: When you want to move through lowsec, don't try to hide and dodge the locals. Just tell them you're full of candy and beg to be shot.

  • [MERC] The Vikings of Valhalla - Available for Hire! in EVE Gameplay Center

    Bump and a Good Luck for a mercenary outfit that is willing to enter lowsec. Most won't.

  • New Exploration Content - Pirate Ship Logs in EVE Technology and Research Center

    I would like to thank everyone for their continued support. This is my own personal bump of the month.

    "Blood Raider Log 114019732" wrote:
    The Sani Sabik ritual is soon coming up and I fear I haven't reached the quota. I've already deposited 600 liters to my storeroom in the outpost at Gasavak. If our raiding party can drain 80 more pilots in the coming week, we should be able to make it.

  • Dev Blog: A Time Capsule full of Memorabilia in EVE Information Center

    This is really neat stuff, thank you for thinking about us. : >

  • Eve without killmails. in EVE Communication Center

    I find that kill mails do the opposite - they actually discourage conflict in Eve. Too many people are concerned about kill / death ratios and isk efficiency. This leads to pilots being more risk averse, as they only want to engage if they know that they can win.

    If killmails were removed from the game I bet you'd see people more interested in taking chances, since if they do die there wouldn't be some kind of automatic tally that haunts their egos until the end of time.

  • NFL Themed Eve Ship Backgrounds! in EVE Communication Center

    Lugalbandak wrote:
    wy is it called football? i see them alwways carry/catching the ball with their hands.
    It's really called Hand Egg.

  • NFL Themed Eve Ship Backgrounds! in EVE Communication Center

    As usual, Cleveland ignored. But that's okay, they've been rebuilding since 1964 and aren't finished yet, so there's no ship to display.

  • 9/11 A moment of your time. in EVE Communication Center

    Tron 3K wrote:
    Krixtal Icefluxor wrote:
    Not to be snarky, but this is the one thing I don't believe anybody is ever going to forget.
    We may never forget the people lost and how tragic this was but can't go around pissing in everyone's cheerios and not expect terrible things to happen.
    Which is at odds with the founders of the country. They were quite adamant that we mind our own business and keep our noses out of everyone else's.

  • GM clarification on rewording of the Terms of Service in EVE Communication Center

    I'd just like to add two isk and note that I am as confused as I was yesterday. The clarification didn't really seem to help me.

    I understand that I am not the brightest person in the world and that legal language is sometimes purposefully vague or obtuse, but better clarification would be nice. Handling things on a "case by case basis" doesn't really help clarify what types of gameplay are no longer allowed.

    Perhaps some examples on what is allowed and what is not allowed could be helpful to us.

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