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  • Don't try this at home! in EVE Communication Center

    Who will WE be buying from this week?

    Poetic Stanziel?

  • Lazerhawk Down in EVE Gameplay Center

    My condolences to his family and everyone that knew him.


  • Psychotic Monk for CSM9 in Council of Stellar Management

    Your in my top 5 for sure.

    FYI Monk is like James315 without the empty delusional cult-leader overly-verbose rhetoric. Great communicator, well spoken, informed and educated in EvE.


  • [Odyssey 1.1] Jump Clone skills *Updated with Advanced Infomorph Psychology* in EVE Technology and Research Center

    I think this is great.

    Making it too short (via training) gives further advantages to the rich and the old by giving the option to be in the perfect clone too often.

    I agree with those saying 1.5 hours/lvl though, especially since you can't assume everyone will have it at V just for this kind of fix.

    +1 regardless, just enough fix to jump at the start or end of a play session.

  • [Odyssey 1.1] Nosferatu mechanic change in EVE Technology and Research Center

    I love the module in it's idea but I dont really like the limited potential of the module post-change.

    I have a suggestion, hopefully I can math:
    amount transferred = MIN(1, baserate*(theircap*(1/yourcap)))

    -where theircap and yourcap are decimals (i.e if you have 10% cap left, it's 0.1). Hopefully the math is right.

    This probably requires more tweaking with base rates and such (not to mention fitting requirements) but i think the idea should absolutely include:
    a) the less cap they have, the less it drains - so it can't keep someone capped except maybe on a bonused hull.
    b) the more cap you have, the less it drains.
    These do not need to be linear relationships, they could follow a similar curve to the stacking penalty curve for multiple modules - only playtesting and smarter people than myself could get the specifics right. If a proper curve was found, the condition making the base rate the maximum could be removed.
    c) i like absolute percentages rather than amounts, but I can see the appeal of creating a module which is better when up-fighting.

    The comment earlier regarding Amarr problems is pretty valid too. Larger base pool for us poor suckers really screws us out of NOSing.

    I pity the EFT warrior if something like this gets implemented.

    I would like to point out as well, damps have sort of a dual function (target speed and target range), both of which are useful in many different ship-class fights. Can't we have something the same for amarr bonuses? Neut/nos

  • POSes: I am a small portion of the community in Council of Stellar Management

    I currently co-run a smallish newbieish corp with my alt. We do a lot of indy, but not enough to warrant someone looking after a POS (according to many people, this is required with the current POS interface.

    After talking to many indy-vets, we have decided to wait for POS interface changes before setting one up.

    i.e. THIS EFFECTS NEW PLAYERS. Please enact some changes :)