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  • Crius Feedback in EVE Information Center

    I think the sorting on jobs needs a little work. Why are jobs that are ready to deliver placed next to the jobs the longest from being finished? (Sample order: Job 1 second from being done --> job 29d from being done --> Finished jobs, or vice versa). Shouldn't they be with the jobs that are almost done considering that they are... done?

  • Crius Feedback in EVE Information Center

    Jacabon Mere wrote:
    Yongtau Naskingar wrote:
    Jacabon Mere wrote:
    To research a Naglfar BPO from ML 8 to ML 9 is 22.7bil is it really intended to be this high. the 108 days part is understandable, but 22bil? 22 BILLION!!!!!!

    Thanatos to ME 9 in station: 19B. In POS: 102M (Both in pretty high indexed system)

    If yer going to do the crazy thing for high ME on caps, you need a POS.

    Yeah i checked again and it dropped to between 400 and 800 mil in station.

    I think the algorithms are still settling since they don't have any real background information on which to average the number of jobs in a system. They can't see oh this system receives 300 jobs every 24 hours. Right now they're just like oh there's 200 jobs in the 3 hours I've been logging so that must mean this system has 1.6k jobs per 24 hours.

  • Crius Feedback in EVE Information Center

    Shaax MacGruber wrote:
    Veruca d'Artan wrote:
    Celor Ma'fer wrote:
    Veruca d'Artan wrote:
    Installation costs are way out of proportion. They would be between 2 and 15% of basecosts as promised.

    I'm tryint to install a job of ONE tristan (valued at 481K isk at the moment)

    The install costs are 406K (in gelfiven)

    That is 84% of base value!

    That's insane. I was just quoted 114k for manufacturing 20 Rifters in Illuin. Have you tried closing and re-opening the UI, that has to be a glitch

    after clicking around more I got a quote below 10k, but sill some POS assembly arrays are sometimes quoting around 400k for a single frigate run

    are we charged after the job is completed? I installed a ton of jobs and haven't been charged anything from POS.

    It charges your corporate wallet now for production in a POS

  • Crius Feedback in EVE Information Center

    KIller Wabbit wrote:
    Industry interface takes up way too much pixel space. Also, pretty much frickin' intimidating. Good luck with people new to industry. You did finally lower the click count.

    Click count yes, but I have so many bpos/bpcs that the scroll bar is such a tiny sliver I have trouble click on it so they REALLY increased the wear on my mouse wheel :)

    CCP Claymore wrote:
    iwannadig wrote:
    We need skill points respect for Material Efficiency (Advanced Industry), because it changed behaviour.

    The behavior was changed but the skill was not removed. We are NOT refunding skill points for this. We are looking into a better solution for the skill though.

    Would also like to comment that I really hope you do something with it because as it stands now I would barely consider training the skill to 3 and definitely wouldn't have taken it to 5 with its current benefits. This really feels like you took a skill that was comparable to the armor compensation skills in usefulness for pvp and turned it into Armor Layering

  • Crius Feedback in EVE Information Center

    This is a Post about production in POSes

    I know there has always been a mechanic whereby production services could be charged for and that a corporation wallet access was required to make the payment. However, if a corp didn't want to charge its other wallets it could set access to 0 isk. This still required users to "technically" have a wallet access (while in fact a corp wallet access at any time in that pilots history seemed to qualify). What did this result in? An individual could use facilities in a corporation pos without actually having wallet access as long as those services didn't cost anything.

    New change: there is now an arbitrary price that must be paid due to "taxes". Because corporations own these modules the corporation wallet must be used to pay for the jobs. Result? Nobody can do manufacturing out of a pos unless they have access to a corporation wallet which is incredibly insecure...

    I feel I must protest this. Although I have access to a corporate wallet as a director many of the other industrialists in my corporation do not and with this change they will no longer be able to do any sort of production in our wormhole because they won't be getting access to a corporate wallet. Is the only real solution to require every player who wants to do POS based production to start their own corporation so they can then use a corporate wallet to pay for their jobs?

  • [Kronos] Pirate Faction Cruisers in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Just putting it out there that the Gila will be doing less dps with its 2 hammerheads than the Ishtar with sentries on top of the fact that the gila is now limited to not being able to field a full flight of any drones.

  • FYI Pilot cklm and alt CAndrey888 is a corp thief in EVE Gameplay Center

    Richouse Gallentry wrote:

    For the few days that cklm was in corp, he was well liked by Blue-Fire, specifically because of his enthusiastic pursuit for PvP. He was fitting in well and finding targets. I just want to clarify to those reading this thread that the dislike is coming from "Hard Knocks" corpies not from Blue Fire.

    Cklm is most definately enthusiastic about pvp. That was never our problem with him, in fact it was the reason he wasn't kicked a lot sooner. Our primary issue was that on no level could he function with other people. Probably one of the best examples of Cklm in a fleet was one time when we went on a roam with about 8-10 people. We get into a fight with another roughly equal sized gang and in the middle of the engagement Cklm says hes tackled something and we should come back him up. Not only was the thing he tackled a group of 5 tech 3s, which he swore he could keep tackled until we got there, BECAUSE HE WAS 6j FROM THE FLEET, while we were already in the midst of a fight that we made no secret about on coms, but he chose to ignore. And guess what happened to his 5 tech 3s? Well Cklm was dead a few seconds later, much less the several minutes it would take us to make 6j.

    Richouse Gallentry wrote:

    OR maybe... cklm got some advice and encouragement. Come to think of it, cklm was speaking about it in chat just before he was booted from corp. He said something to the effect that "his friends put him up to it"... thread is posted... a bunch of friends instantly respond to the post in the thread?! Are you the friends he was speaking of?

    Ya.... pretty sure he doesn't have any friends in HK, his antics may amuse people and his stupidity may make others laugh but thats about the extent of it.

    Richouse Gallentry wrote:

    One thing most in EVE know is that Blue-Fire is an active corp.

    Not gonna lie, can't ever recall having encountered your corp in the two years ive lived in wormholes (although ill be honest the first 6 months was a rather sheltered wh life)

    Richouse Gallentry wrote:

    [...] he speaks awesome Canadian French, he's personally good company on coms and loves to bastardize the English language, but in a good way like Chekov. He also has sticky fingers.

    Not to bash on non-native English speakers (i know my spanish isn't nearly up to par), but Cklm is not even on the same level of Chekov. Chekov makes some funny mistakes but his English is 100% understandable. Cklm when he bother to stop muttering leaves me asking, "uh... what did he just say?"

  • Chart is confusing, please correct the chart. in EVE Communication Center

    Tippia wrote:
    ElQuirko wrote:
    The hull and subs on your average T3 is going to set you back around 500-700mil.
    …and a HAC, HIC, Force Recon, Combat Recon, Logi and Fleet Command ship is going to set you back just over one billion. That means the T3 costs 0.5–0.7× what the T2 equivalent would do — not 4–5× as much. You're off by almost an order of magnitude. If you stupidly choose to ignore the versatility — the neat trick you actually pay for — and thus disqualify yourself from making any kind of sensible comparison, it's still only maybe 2× for a single function, as Riot Girl points out…

    If you want to add the 500M worth of vanity fittings that people put onto their T3s, then we'll have to do the same to the T2 cruisers to maintain a reliable point of comparison, at which point they will close in on 1.5–2bn.

    That's the number you need to compare against. And we haven't even gotten to the ridiculously short training path and the vastly simplified logistics the much cheaper price of a T3 buys you.

    Just gotta say, what are you smoking? You pay 4-600m for the tech 3 HULL AND SUBSYSTEMS. a Tech 2 cruiser HULL will not cost you 1b. You can certainly achieve 1b with fittings added, but then again so can a tech3 and in fact my arazu is my only tech 2 cruiser that even comes within 500m of my typical tech 3 fits.

    And what do you mean ridiculously short training path? For both tech 2 and tech 3s you need to get the cruiser V skill, and then for tech 2s you need a speciailized skill such as hac or hic etc. But for a tech 3 you have 6 skills. 1 for the ship and then 1 more for each of the 5 subsystems.
    And although strategic cruiser is only 5x to the Heavy assault ships 6x, the additional 5 1x skills ends up taking you much longer to get everything to 5.

  • CSM8 Elections Dates and Wright STV Voting Code in Council of Stellar Management

    Bantara wrote:
    Mireidor wrote:
    Unforgiven Storm wrote:
    and you just gave me something to do this next weekend, implement this in a proper programming language: java
    so we can have a shadow program calculating things in parallel... just to make sure Big smile

    Your first sentence has a contradiction. Everyone knows the only proper programming language is COBOL.

    Lowkey Asgaurd wrote:
    Real Programmer's code in binary :P
    See URL for details:

    I was about to say...
    pfft...assembly or gtfo

    I couldnt agree more, binary you end up spending more time on conversions and typo checking than coding. But assembly is real coding.

  • POSes: I am a small portion of the community in Council of Stellar Management

    And my Axe.

  • ►►Crotikus' Third Party Service◄◄ 70+ Trillion isk secured. in EVE Marketplace

    Just had some time and thought id correct your spelling errors :)


    Check my OLD thread here in this link, for other references.

    The Crotikus Hub
    The Crotikus Market

    aprox.12.9 Trillion ISK in assets handled to date


    Titans: 71
    Supercarriers: 181
    Wormholes: 20


    Titans: 1
    Supercarriers: 9 (+3 Personal)
    Other: 51 (+7 Personal)


    What I offer as 3rd party:
    I offer security and the safe transfer of large amount of ISK, Supercaps and other assets.
    My biggest priority is YOU, and as such i will only be a middle man for the ISK or ship.
    YOU decide on how things will work and ill make sure its safe.
    So with that said, i can asure you that your ISK and/or assets are safe with me.
    To make sure that everything goes according to my normal standards and the trade will be handled in a smooth manor. (this sentence is a fragment and wasnt sure what you wanted it to be but i would recommend the following: So with that said, i can asure you that your ISK and/or assets are safe with me and I will make sure that everything occurs smoothly and is up to my normal standards.)
    With every supercap trade i will have one of my alts or main to watch over EVERY transaction.

    Why Trust Me?
    I have been a 3rd party for many alliances. People have been paying me upfront for a Titan, and my job was then to get them one.
    I have done multiple trades around New Eden, and on top of that im also securing my own lotteries with supercaps as prizes.
    Every transaction i have done has gone smoothly and with great feedback.
    All the deals i have made in the past, if they so choose to, will post here on this topic.
    So with that said, all the references in this thread should speak for themselves.
    If you how ever feel unsafe about me, dont hesitate to contact me either by in-game mail or convo, and i will do what i can to help you with any concern you might have.

    Titan/Supercarrier - 250m
    Titan/Supercarrier third party sales (I make a salesthread and arrangements with buyer/seller) - 400m
    Securring of Lottery - SUSPENDED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE! 50m (I will hold the ticket amount in isk, or the prize(s) for you to create a Secure Lottery)
    Wormholes - Case by case basis. DONT DO THESE ATM

    If you wish to use my service or have any questions please contact me.

    - Wirox Crotikus

  • SOMER Blink - Microlotteries that Finish in Minutes! 1 QUADRILLION ISK Won! in EVE Gameplay Center

    Great fun whether you have 20m or 2b to spend and personally im up almost 300% (although winning one of their awsome promos certainly didnt hurt :D)

    Definately recommend