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  • Dev Blog: EULA Changes Coming With EVE Online: Ascension in EVE Information Center

    I hope CCP is planning to introduce their own version of EVEBet & this is just their way to get rid of the middleman.

    I've never gambled on any of the various gambling sites, but it seems that if people want to send CCP money to get their gambling fix, then CCP should let them, especially if that means cheaper PLEXes for me.

  • Dev Blog: Introducing Clone States & the Future of Access to EVE in EVE Information Center

    President Donald Trump will Make America Great Again.

    Yeah, this Alpha/Omega Clone idea. I really liked it when I heard it. Having read quite a few posts in here, I think there are some significant problems with it if it isn't tweaked. But I hardly login anymore so it really doesn't matter what I think.

  • Is EVE Dyeing? in EVE Communication Center

    Do they not lock threads anymore?

  • [118.6] Recurring Opportunity removal in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Moac Tor wrote:
    Ollie Hakaari wrote:
    Get your noob ship, remove the civilian gun, trash the ship. Undock, dock, get new noob ship, remove mining laser, fit 2nd civilian gun.
    Undock, fly to a belt in 0.8 system, target and kill 1 rat.
    Rinse & repeat final step each day and it's a nice thank you CCP.

    This kind of thing is exactly why dailies should have NEVER been released.

    Why anyone would actually want to login everyday to hunt a rat in a newbie ship is beyond me. It is a good thing that this type of gameplay is being removed.

    I've been doing it in a velator with lasers! Makes it 5% more exciting.

  • [118.6] Recurring Opportunity removal in EVE Technology and Research Center

    It definitely made me log in when I otherwise wouldn't. To me it's a decent 'catch-up' mechanic in that it lets you train ~15% faster than people who don't login without turning EVE into a quest/grind-based 'kill 50 wolves/orcs/boars/crabs/etc' game like WoW or LOTRO.

    That being said, I don't mind that it's going away.

  • Dev blog: Skill trading in New Eden in EVE Information Center

    The initial idea was too generous to veteran players.

    Now that you've TRIPLED the efficiency for veteran players, this idea has morphed to pants-on-headWTFBBQ. A bunch of rich bitter vets will buy up all the things & this will be pure pay-to-win (which is unacceptable to a ton of people) instead of pay-to-catch-up-a-bit (which is acceptable to almost everybody now that EVE is almost 13 years old.) So after EVE trillionaires buy up all the things & show off their shiny 300M SP toons will you still be saying it's NOT pay-to-win? In the one facet of the game you COULDN'T gain an advantage over other players these past 13 years due to the hard-cap on maximum skill training speed?

    Go back to 50k for 80M and this idea isn't terrible. Better yet, cap it completely at 80M or 100M.

    Alternatively (or in tandem with a cap) you could implement a diminishing returns PER INJECTION.

    CCP, you've been doing so well lately, you've won over a lot of bitter vets like me. Don't blow it all with another golden goose killing move like Greed is Good.

    Remember Mahanus' rule: If you ignore AkJon, you end up saying 'Ow, mah anus!'

  • Cerebral Accelerators Cause Hallucinations? in EVE Communication Center

    Yeah, I wondered if consuming these things would trigger something bad later on. But I just downed one anyway.

  • Dev Blog: Exploring The Character Bazaar & Skill Trading in EVE Information Center

    Just heard about this. I guess I'm a LITTLE late to the party.

    I'm not averse to giving newbros SOME way to skill faster, but this idea is way too extreme and game-breaking.

    I'd tepidly support (or at least could live with) something more like this:

    0 – 5 million skillpoints = 500,000 unallocated skillpoints added
    5 – 10 million skillpoints = 450,000 unallocated skillpoints added
    10-15 million skillpoints = 400,000 unallocated skillpoints added
    15-20 million skillpoints = 350,000 unallocated skillpoints added
    20-25 million skillpoints = 300,000 unallocated skillpoints added
    25-30 million skillpoints = 250,000 unallocated skillpoints added
    30-35 million skillpoints = 200,000 unallocated skillpoints added
    35-40 million skillpoints = 150,000 unallocated skillpoints added
    40-45 million skillpoints = 100,000 unallocated skillpoints added
    45-50 million skillpoints = 50,000 unallocated skillpoints added
    > 50 million skillpoints = not eligible for this program

    Give people an option to accelerate the development of a DECENT char, fine. But no pay 2 win for ELITE char development, please.

  • Should EVE Online be reset? in EVE Communication Center

    Give all ships a 2-year max lifespan, starting the first time they're assembled.

    If players won't blow each other up, game mechanics need to take a bigger bite out of the existing stockpile.

  • Hub Zero - Invitation To 0.0 - A Blue Community In Stain in EVE Communication Center

    Aaron wrote:
    I've now revised my play style and for scouting I will use a cloaky nano rifter with a T1 fit worth under 5m. If I lose it no big deal, at least this way I'll lose less on gates.

    Perhaps you should scout in an inty. Fit it to align in <2s and you will be unlockable (for all intents and purposes.) Stick a shield tank on it in case of pipe bombs (your only vulnerability.)

    An inty is still very cheap and far safer than a rifter. It also scouts quicker. But remember the <2s part. Use EFT.

  • Hub Zero - Invitation To 0.0 - A Blue Community In Stain in EVE Communication Center

    Ah, the old thread. What ever happened to Celes Steele and chicksdigmagnets and Roosterton?

    This is the post that made me go check out the Hub the last time. But then Celes didn't really deliver and let Aaron continue to flail about so that was it for me.

    I moved on to wormholes, which is where Aaron's group has belonged for 5 years, he just doesn't realize it.

  • Hub Zero - Invitation To 0.0 - A Blue Community In Stain in EVE Communication Center

    Well, this is going nowhere fast. I don't think we're going to recapture the magic this time. Here's a suggestion:

    Aaron and jadecougar are two of the more dysfunctional/delusional famous (wannabe) 'leaders' in EVE's history. You should team up and share your adventures.

  • An open letter to CCP. in EVE Communication Center

    Be accountable for your bad decisions. Don't try to blame CCP for them.

  • Space Neocons Succesfully Scams 100billion from an Incursion Bear in EVE Gameplay Center

    I don't like sociopathic scammers but I like arbitrarily enforced ambiguous EULAs less.

  • A Message Regarding "Hyperdunking" in EVE Communication Center

    I don't agree with this decision at all. If it looks like an exploit and sounds like an exploit, it's an exploit.

    Hi sec ganks are supposed to have a single countdown before the PO-PO show up and if they aren't successful by then, they fail. This bump-lather-rinse-repeat nonsense is bad gameplay, requires multiple acts of cheese, is griefing by definition, and shouldn't be countenanced.

    And I'm all for suicide ganking, having enjoyed it a couple of times and been a good-sport victim a couple of times.

    I suspect it's been permitted because distinguishing it from a regular gank might take a modicum of :effort:.

  • Latest CSM notes : Rumours of attribute points/implants being removed. in EVE Communication Center

    Please just give us all the skills at V so that we never have to log in again and be done with it already! tia

  • [Proteus - January] Recon ships in EVE Technology and Research Center

    I'm late to this party but the directional immunity idea is terrible. It rewards/encourages bad gameplay and is a solution in search of a problem. CCP has been so great lately, it's a shame this colossally bad idea is being implemented.

    If it were instead a bonus to directional range (giving recons like 20 or 25 AU dscanner) or even prevented recons from being dscanned from >1AU away, that would be fine.

  • Are there any plans for players that wish to paly Solo/Stealth Bombers in EVE Communication Center

    I like the no corp idea. Or at least being able to close corp/alliance/local chat.

    It's certainly already possible to PVP solo extremely effectively if you are really good at the game (which I'm not.)

    I don't think it's realistic to expect CCP to create features catered to lone wolf players when the data shows that people who stick with the game overwhelmingly play with others. And I'm saying that as someone who owned a wormhole by myself for 3 years and who doesn't particularly enjoy being on comms with the majority of the sperglords and twats who play this game.

  • Update regarding Multiboxing and input automation in EVE Communication Center

    Great change, long overdue.

    Unlike many in here, I do feel bad for the folks who are negatively affected by this. They invested a considerable amount of their time and energy building their huge fleets of miners and bombers and sansha-murderers within the rules of the game. And now they're hosed.

    But it's for the greater good.

    I might actually have to start logging in again soon.

  • CCP Seagull is... in EVE Communication Center

    Considering that recruiters from other companies probably read EVE Forums ...

    CCP Seagull is terrible! With her at the helm EVE is sure to die and I've also heard that she has really bad BO.