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  • Suicide ganking - too much - solution in EVE Communication Center

    Andski wrote:
    Xen Solarus wrote:
    Keep your eyes pealed for Andski's follow up post, in which he explains how highsec ganking isn't EvE on easy-mode. How, in fact, it's extremely difficult to sit at a gate in an expendable ship blowing up targets with high value cargo. Shocked

    How exactly do you plan on sitting at that gate once you've hit -5? Keep in mind that you can't biomass and create a new ganking alt, because CCP will **** you. Sec status requires much more effort to grind up than in the past and it costs a pretty large amount of ISK to go from -5 to 0.

    A suicide ganker doesn't simply sit on a gate and engage whatever pops up. When ganking something like a Tengu, they have to decide in a very small amount of time whether or not they will successfully destroy it - a failed gank doesn't just cost a few destroyers, it takes every aggressor out of play for 15 minutes and they take the same penalties as if they had blown it up.

    It's pretty obvious that you've only ever been the target and never the one shooting it.

    LOL typical of a Goon, This is exactly what you guys do. Make recyclable Catalyst alts and gank freighters in high sec. You just don't get caught as CCP supports ganking in a major way. They needed assets removed fro the game. If massively increased ganking wasn't part of there recent business model Tier 3 BC and tags for sec status would not exist.

    And BTW for the people in this thread talking about you only die if you AP. Fly a freighter. Scouts, webbing alts etc. it doesn't matter if a gank crew sets there sites on you your dead. they will push you around with a Mach/Tempest in till there crew lands on grid in less than 60 mill worth of destroyers and pop your billion isk freighter.

    Nothing will change CCP wants it this way. Assets destroyed in space are removed from the game. It puts money in there pocket.

  • ISK / hour nerf in anomalies in EVE Gameplay Center

    BrutalButFair wrote:
    Annunaki soldier wrote:
    its not the end of the world you know. Even with 30m/h you are doing pretty good compared to incursions because you are solo the other one requires team work .

    Most ratters where doing hubs on pirate ships but they added frigates inside and ofc they reduce the income per tick.
    But people that where doing sanctums - heavens they probably will see an increase as more bs spawn there now.

    He actually said per tick.

    Warp, Ask yourself this:

    "Is 55 mil a tick on par with the rest of isk making in eve solo, or is it waaaay to much?" I mean thats like 150-160 mil an hour in the completly safety of your sov home, which is actually safer than highsec. So there making 3 times the isk an hour compared to highsec mission runners in complete safety. Seems unfair to me.

    Now it's still approx. 120 mill an hour which is still a lot more than highsec mission runners or even incursion runners.

    What brutal said. You perfectly safe solo grinding out more ISK per hour then 40 man high sec incursion fleet. If your doing that solo vs the "End game" of PVE high sec I don't see what the complaint is. Everyone knows Null is a ISK faucet tho many cry on the forums that High sec is where ISK is made.

  • CCP please keep the jump animation! in EVE Communication Center

    Ace Uoweme wrote:
    blood spine wrote:
    The jump animation is actually quite excellent keep the flow of the game as you jump. I will admit that it was quite annoying at first but after the "OMG CHANG DONT LIKE CHANGE" wore off I noticed how it kept the game going instead of the horrible immersion breaker of a black screen and loading bar. Its the same with the Wormhole transition

    Thing is those of us with good computers didn't even see a load bar. Just that black blip changing to a new black blip, like a flicker.

    It now is at least 3 black blips (where the animations begin) and takes even longer to get through a gate...all for eye candy, not function.

    Function before form is a basic build consideration. If the animation had a purpose, fine. This doesn't even qualify for that as it doesn't even flow with it's purpose. If you are at the rear of the gate by 10 clicks, it's perfect. Warp to 0, the animation shoots you to the rear of the gate (leap frog effect) and that's not kewl. It's disjointed and off.

    Exactly. People say this is faster but it isn't, I would hit a gate and insta load. bar was instant. takes longer to move now.

    Even if its 3 seconds longer that's 3 seconds X how many accounts x how many jumps a day.

    Lets do some rough math. Lets say 50k players make 1 jump a day @ 3 extra seconds per jump. That's is a total of 41.66 hours a day of extra time needed to travel total across those 50k accounts. This may sound moot but when your a accountant cruching numbers small gain time sinks like these turn into huge numbers. More time sinks = More money

  • CCP please keep the jump animation! in EVE Communication Center

    Its not about removing it. Its about giving us the option to turn it off. I have a feeling that most people that "love" the new gate effect only make a handful of jumps a day. When you are making 50+ jumps a day on multiple accounts you come to hate it very quickly.

    There are so many things in the game that need tuning and rebalancing it seems that this was just resources wasted for a useless effect.

  • Odyssey max breast size change. in EVE Communication Center

    Well at least one good thing came out of this expansion. Lol

  • That's a HELL of a divide in EVE Communication Center

    Himnos Altar wrote:
    Alexa Coates wrote:
    I have 2 really flashy ships and i'm a k spacer. A tengu and a sleipnir. Both have completely different roles. I use my sleip for exploration, and my tengu for missions (a weird twist huh?). Anyway, point being is that they're both incredibly flashy for one reason- they work. and they work very good.

    that doesn't really bug me, but these guys didn't intend to fly their flashy ships at all.

    You have to understand some EVE players are like "Car Guys" in real life. They buy things they rarely use just to know they own it and can talk about. Also there are players out there who do use there multi billion isk ships in High sec for Missioning, incursioning ect. Funny thing is to here you rant about a 3 billion isk rattler. Some of the people I know have single modules on there ship worth more than that.

  • This is unfair. You have cheated me, CCP :( in EVE Communication Center

    I trained 3 freighter pilots when I heard about the changes 4 months ago. You screw up man it happens.

  • "dear" CCCP, YET ANOTHER caldari nerf? in EVE Communication Center

    Alex Sinai wrote:
    It's because they love Minmatar and hate Caldari. Although lately i think they fallen victims to Amarr. But anyway, why not to kick Caldari ass if such a nice opportunity as expansion presents itself. WHY CCP.

    This statement is so off its sad. Minnie boats have taken a steady nerf in every patch for the last 3 years. The latest one has buffed caldari boats once again and hit Minnie with a nerf (See TE nerf) They rebalanced the tengu because it could do most everything better than a T1 Battleship. Your CNR is now one of the best battleships in the game pretty much the equal to a pirate hull for less than 1/2 the cost. Have you see the cruise changes btw? Now they are almost what torps where pre patch with sniper range.

  • Can we turn off the new jump animation? in EVE Communication Center

    With all the things that need tuning and fixing in EvE I feel this was a massive waste of resources. How about spending your time on something we need. Assisting drones from the watch list, better drop down menu's as the new radial ones are awful and glitchy ect ect. These kinda of flashy effects waste dev time and system resources. I have a great machine and when running multiple clients I can tell there is some lag with the new gate mechanic. It nice to see it once or twice but honestly its a worthless feature and it shows your priorities are way off.

    Btw You borked the shield/armor/hull alerts with this new patch. This needs to be fixed ASAP. These are the things you start to see when a gaming company is out of ideas for content. Just another feature like WIS that brings nothing to game but more client side lag and wasted Dev time.

  • THE CAREBEARIANS in EVE Communication Center

    Andski wrote:
    if you want to actually put overwhelming force into nullsec you'll need FCs, tight fleet compositions, a logistics crew to drop POS, keep them fueled and deal with sov structures, a proper chain of command and, most importantly, pilots

    it's a bit more complicated than running a mission, it seems

    Sounds like you would need the incursion community (Real high sec combat pilots). Sadly most of them are Null pilots who would jump down to be on the null side Lol

  • Discussion of Emergent Gameplay for Carebears and the interdependence of PvPers and their Prey. in EVE Communication Center

    Lady Areola Fappington wrote:
    Ahvram wrote:

    Lets talk about all this Expert planning required to gank a freighter.

    1. Sit scout on one side of gate and wait for and easy target

    2. Send disposable newb character (Even tho this is against the Eula you all do it) in a noob ship to the farthest side of the system you plan to gank in. As soon as your target takes the gate you pop something with it to pull concord there.

    3. Target jumps through gate With all your precision planning your 7-8 sebo/gyro fitted tornados pop target.

    Man this sound so difficult.... So much skill timing and planning involved. And average group of pilots could set this up in less than 15 minutes.

    And I guess faction/shiny modules are only for you Null bears since your much safer than you average high sec player... I love the logic here.

    Never ganked, have you?

    Number two is wrong, my friend. You can't use a disposable newb char to pull concord. You pull concord by going GCC in a newb ship with the char you plan on ganking.

    Also, we've checked, pulling concord is legal. If you think someone is breaking EULA while ganking, petition it.

    Right because they pilot that just got podded has the ability to check and see if you pulled concord to the other side of the system. The gank target is usally spamming like hell to warp off because the gank crew tends to have a pod popping frig or destroyer sitting there for some lol.

    I love the innocence that ganker imply on the forums. Ive been playing eve for years im not ignorant to what happens. And no you don't need the noob to GCC the target. All it takes to lock a freighter down is a BS with a MWD. Again another free tool gankers have to lock you down just long enough to make it happen.

  • Discussion of Emergent Gameplay for Carebears and the interdependence of PvPers and their Prey. in EVE Communication Center

    Jonah Gravenstein wrote:
    Calgrissom Torvec wrote:
    Carebears are the one who actually take the risk in this game. Undocking in ship fitting that are unable to perform PVP and PVE to an acceptable level put them in a place where they cannot defend themselves from pvp pilots and perform PVE combat.
    As a pretty much dyed in the wool "carebear", you're wrong. Don't want your PvE ship to explode? don't tank solely for the rats you're fighting, don't be afk, know about game mechanics that let others gain legitimate aggro timers on you, don't fit overly shiny modules, be aware of who the ganking groups are and set them to bad or terribad standings so that they show up differently in local and on the overview, don't cry in chat when you die, ask your opponent where you went wrong and above all don't fly what you can't afford to lose.

    Ganking is most of the pvp in the game outside of Null and the carebear is always at a disadvantage. Own a freighter or pve BS? 6 trash fit sebo/T2 Gyro tornadoes can pop you with little trouble they don't need tank or acceptable combat fittings . The ganker fleet will be out much less ISK than the lone carebear who has no chance to fight back.
    Once again you're wrong, if you're hauling an excessive ISK value in a ship that is made of paper mache then it's entirely on you when you get ganked, the gankers don't determine if a gank is profitable or not, the person being ganked does. I carry no more than 10,000 isk per EHP of my hauler (200,000,000 isk in a 20,000 EHP ship for example) usually less, anything more than that is the equivalent to having a neon sign on the back inviting people to 'splode my arse. Your PvE BS will be fine, as long as you don't fit it with all sorts of shiny crap, attract attention to yourself, do something excessively stupid or undock it during a war.

    Miner / mission/ freighter ganking has proven this time and time again as if it wasn't profitable and easy to perform it would not happen multiple times every day.
    Don't call it easy until you've tried it, a gank squad of destroyers or tier 3 battlecruisers requires organisation, planning, pre planned undocks, concord baiting, scouts who ship scan and a good knowledge of game mechanics, teamwork is pretty much always going to triumph over a solo effort. It happens multiple times per day purely because people take no precautions against it.

    Attacking commercial and industrial shipping is the very definition of piracy throughout history, why should it be any different in the future?

    Last but not least, consider your ship dead when you undock in it, if you get to dock back up in it, consider that a bonus.

    Lets talk about all this Expert planning required to gank a freighter.

    1. Sit scout on one side of gate and wait for and easy target

    2. Send disposable newb character (Even tho this is against the Eula you all do it) in a noob ship to the farthest side of the system you plan to gank in. As soon as your target takes the gate you pop something with it to pull concord there.

    3. Target jumps through gate With all your precision planning your 7-8 sebo/gyro fitted tornados pop target.

    Man this sound so difficult.... So much skill timing and planning involved. And average group of pilots could set this up in less than 15 minutes.

    And I guess faction/shiny modules are only for you Null bears since your much safer than you average high sec player... I love the logic here.

  • Does anyone else feel disappointed by fanfest? in EVE Communication Center

    What this upcoming patch brings us.

    Removing Ice from High to put more money in null fleets pockets who can support big mining ops in Low

    T1 battleship reworks that are not very impressive or well thought out.

    Adding tags to low to gain sec status to further support Null alliances who can man huge operations to secure them.

    Projectile weapons nerf by reducing effectiveness of TEs

    Ya this patch sound like a winner for sure....

  • GM Response On Bumping in EVE Gameplay Center

    Sulzer Wartzilla wrote:
    Kimo Khan wrote:
    You are missing my point. I know bumping is not a flaggable action in itself, but the scenario I mentioned is that it is combined with a flaggable action, just like Remote Repping is flagable only when you use it on a flagged person. So why would bumping when used with a criminal gank not be flaggable?

    It is not a question to players, it is a question to CCP to consider. Bumping to prevent warp is a circumvention to the warp scram mechanic which flags a person. An easy solution to this issue is to prevent bumping to a person trying to warp, just turn off the mechanic when a person initiates warp. Its not like you can get bumped when you are in warp, so why not turn it off when you initiate warp.

    Bumping ships to prevent warping (but mostly crashing back to stargates) has long been an integral and known part of PVP. It takes skill to actually bump someone trying to escape.

    It's been around for years. Of course, once this tactic found its way to the asteroid belts of hisec, the calls for nerfing it or utterly removing it from the game did not wait long to rear their ugly face. Predictable.

    To say bumping takes skills is just like saying going to the bathroom takes skill. Turn on MWD and press approach... That's all its requires to bump. Don't make it seem like its more than it is.

  • The new Tags system: Tag4Sec in EVE Communication Center

    Mayhaw Morgan wrote:
    Yet another free pass for gankers with a fist full of cash.

    A FREE pass is exactly what it is NOT. They'll need a fist full of cash (ISK, presumably), afterall. Even if they get that cash by selling a PLEX that they bought with out-of-game currency, it is another capsuleer providing them with the ISK. This system of sec status for tags, as it is described, is just another way for different types of players to collaborate. If you have a problem with some ganker trading you ISK for security status, then you must also have a problem with some ganker trading you gametime for ISK, or trading you deadspace modules for ISK, or trading you ISK for ammo/ships, or trading you faction battleship BPCs for ISK, etc., etc., etc. It's just another way for people who don't like certain activities in the game to collaborate with people who are more willing to engage in those activities, provided there is an incentive. Some people don't want to mine. Some people don't want to shoot red crosses. Some people don't want to haul massive cargos long distances for little profit. Some people don't want to go through the tremendous effort of securing technetium moons in null security space. If we couldn't all trade with eachother, you'd have go mine those high end ores or run those DED 8/10's or whatever it is that YOU don't like to do in the game.

    Ultimately, if you don't want gankers, pirates, space-terrorists, etc. to be able to buy security status, don't sell it to them. You could go even further by heading out to low sec to disrupt their tag-farming operations. But, I think that's where the real problem is . . . you don't want to have to interact with all the other parts of this system that we call EVE Online. If you did that, you might have to wonder what the actual difference is between you and a "pirate".

    Now lets be realistic here. For one Low sec systems are going to be over whelmed with PVP and Null alliances chasing these tags. There will be almost no chance in hell your average corp/solo player will even have a shot at these tags. All CCP has done is added another ISK faucet to the people with the most ships and biggest guns. And to top it off now they will be fueling there ganking Hi sec fleets with these tags allowing even more of it to happen. The government (CCP) isn't out for the little guy here. Its just another way to fill Null bear pockets under the guise of "More to do in low sec"

  • The Anti-pirate and the new sec system ( coming soon ) in EVE Gameplay Center

    Tarsas Phage wrote:
    Ahvram wrote:

    It should cost billions to repair your sec status

    Billions :dr evil: you say? So what you're really trying to say is that you're pretty mad over this and you want it so that people who want to repair their sec this way are essentially priced out of the market?

    Next up: witnessing you complain that Eve favors older players.

    Don't do the crime if you cant pay the fine? Gankers destroy and loot billions of isk a week from Hi sec ganks. This will just be another way to make that process easier for them to participate in. Yes it should have and extremely high cost associated with it especially since you now need to take no risk to improve status. People who think the lonely low sec pilot will have a chance at these tags are foolish. Big alliances will be streaming to these belts to fight for these tags and billions of ISK involved in the process.

  • The Anti-pirate and the new sec system ( coming soon ) in EVE Gameplay Center

    Lady Ayeipsia wrote:
    As we don't know the spawn rate for the new rats, it's hard to tell. For example, if they are in every belt, every time rats spawn, sec repair could be under 1 million isk, rendering sec status a useless trait. However, the rats could be as rare as officer spawns, leading to a billion isk to raise your sec to -4 even, making it a useless feature.

    It could also be an odd mix. As I recall, you need specific tags to reach certain numbers. For example, going -10 to -8 took tag x, -8 to -5 is tag y, -5 to -2 is tag z. If tag x and y are rare, but z common, you may see more flashy yellows and people watching their sec status not to dip too low into the rare tag range.

    Also, tags have to be turned in to a low sec concord station. You could see such stations camped beyond all belief by pirates or who knows. Imagine if one of the stations was in Rancer. Shocked

    The reality is, we know there will tags for secs. Until we know spawn rates we just can't tell if this will be balanced, broken from inception, or renders sec status as useless.

    It should cost billions to repair your sec status. Tags need to be on the same balance plain as ratting. Very rare and extremely expensive. To repair status takes many hours of ratting. Now with 2 ways to raise sec status the consideration of time vs ISK spent needs to be in the same ball park. Also tags are buyable meaning they should be even more rare as the player doesn't have to partake in any combat to improve his status.

  • possible new autocannon function in EVE Communication Center

    My Mach pilot has a 2.75 ROF on AC. AC rof is fine.

  • The new Tags system: Tag4Sec in EVE Communication Center

    Yet another free pass for gankers with a fist full of cash. CCP is going the way of the dodo with this one. After these tags are placed in game there will be nothing you cant buy to achieve. Its very sad CCP has caved to the pirate faction of players in EVE once again. Neg sec status will mean nothing soon.

    CCP stop removing consequences for bad actions. Eve is suppose to be a realistic sand box yet now unlike the real world you can murder and commit crime and all you need is some cash to get you off free and clear. For years CCP avoided this type of thing and I have no idea why you would add this feature now. If your a space ******* you should be punished by being forced to rat for hours for your sec status. Don't do the crime if you cant do the time so to speak.

  • any guides to incursions? in EVE Gameplay Center

    Join the channel The Valhalla project. Read the MOTD as it has a nice information page to help you get started on incursion. TVP is a training fleet. Just ask in channel about fits and what you need to get started. Let people know what you can fly and what weapon systems you can use and they will help you get started.

    To get started with TVP all you need is to be able to fly a T3 or BS and fit a T2 tank. Meta 4 guns are fine since you are just starting out.