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  • concerns answered.. now just nonsense fun thread in EVE Gameplay Center

    *snip* Quoted troll/deleted post. ~ ISD Decoy

    Little null boy will get yours the have 0.0 on the cards.

    In the mean time...

    Ok, if additional it could be ok but I like whom ever's idea it is to make frig holes more like a crack in space. And I would like frig holes removed all together even more :-)[/quote]
    You'd be surprised how many people might have lived in wormholes previously and still care about their development.

  • R.I.P. Vile Rat in EVE Communication Center

    Gamers, some of whom may or may not have autism, still do a better job remembering and commemorating those who die around them than most politicians, talking news heads, and humans in general.

    I'm proud of this little community, and peace be with you Vile Rat, wherever you may be.

  • RE changes, Paging Corbexx and the new guy. in EVE Gameplay Center

    I better see some fantastic developments on the side of CCP come this summit, because the CSM reps already have the points and suggestions to be made that would make for vast improvements in the game in many respects.

    Put shortly, I have confidence in the CSM because they too are players and get to deal with the effects of the changes CCP makes. But CCP has to put stock in what the CSM says and act on it.

    T3 subsystems and their limited practical variety are a big factor in their market value. Most important is the combat meta in k-space, which now revolves heavily around drone boats, ability to disengage at a moment's notice, and in particular, Ishtars. T3s have never really been effective as kiting ships and are something used when getting into a nitty-gritty fight. This has to change first if demand for T3s is going to increase, and it is going to happen through changing of current subsystems and diluting of drone boat abilities to the point where for most fights you HAVE to commit and lose a ship.

  • Can a 2nd wormhole CSM member help? in EVE Gameplay Center

    It has become more apparent over time that the CSM has been used increasingly less and less by CCP for monitoring the wishes of the EVE playerbase. I truly feel sorry for CSM and ex-CSM members because I'm sure that those who read this may acknowledge it with a begrudging sigh of approval.

    And I'm not just talking about Hyperion, of which corbexx has repeatedly supported those who have vehemently spoken out against CCP and its brazen ignoring of feedback. Things that have meant a lot to the playerbase at large in terms of quality of play such as the "fixing" of sov mechanics in null, POS changes, and new unique content that have been requested many times over have been largely ignored by CCP in favor of adding "content" that is a rehashing of existing elements and mechanics with a new skin and name. CSM members in the past have also forwarded these bigger projects that we truly want and need, now look where we are. Nothing is really different from the way the game was when I started playing a few years ago.

    I have all the warmest wishes for Dei, and sincerely hope I am proven wrong, but I do not forsee anything changing because of CCP's method of operating.

  • graph of activity pre and post-hyperion? in EVE Gameplay Center

    umnikar wrote:
    Winthorp, you might consider joining ccp to gather all that data.

    Oh please please please..let me work for CCP. I'll pack my Baseball Bat of Justiceā„¢ and sort things out for Eve while single-handedly doubling their population there in Iceland. It needs more tax revenue doesn't it?

  • graph of activity pre and post-hyperion? in EVE Gameplay Center

    AgentFiftySix wrote:
    Where is Proc to politely tell this gentleman to post with his main.

    Poast with main fgt.

  • Actual versus perceived risk in EVE Gameplay Center

    This is a loaded request because too many people have already left to really gather data that actually scales to when the community really was alive in w-space and cap ganks were commonplace.

  • graph of activity pre and post-hyperion? in EVE Gameplay Center

    Billy Hardcore wrote:
    I would like to point out that hyp launched at almost the exact same time ALOT of ppl started to go back to school as summer was ending. These "numbers" are most likely affected by this.

    While that certainly could be a factor (as it was for myself) there is entirely too much negative feedback on the forums to not say that this had a negative effect on active numbers in w-space.

  • graph of activity pre and post-hyperion? in EVE Gameplay Center

    Meytal wrote:
    umnikar wrote:
    Where's the point to look at comperative graphs on differnt kind of NPC kills?

    Food chain.

    PvP oriented players hunt each other, but more frequently hunt those running PvE sites. As the quantity and quality of PvE sites diminish, so do the numbers of those running them, and so do the numbers of PvP oriented players to feed on them.

    You don't see this kind of thing in Hisec, for obvious reasons. And you really don't see it in Null as much as you'd think. Lowsec has long claimed PvP starvation. It seems to be happening in W-space as well.

    If there is a strong correlation between increasing incursion or nullsec NPC kills and a simultaneous decline in W-space NPC kills, that might indicate that Corbexx's W-space income numbers need to be looked at far more seriously than I expect they'll look at them. Maybe, just maybe, it might mean they don't give incursions yet another buff, if the data indicates they are a problem, and instead buff W-space.

    Fozzie said income potential in (high-class) W-space is the highest in the game. But if numbers there are declining in favour of elsewhere, it's not just raw numbers that need to be looked at. The income NEEDS to be high to provide incentive to be here after offsetting any costs to replace losses. Even if you have high income, if you're losing more and having to replace enough such that either you lose in time or ISK, you will leave. Too many people doing this hurts the rest of us.

    Many people have accused incursions of hurting W-space. Is it true? This data that I'm asking about can be a potential indicator to help confirm or deny such accusations. We probably won't see this data, but hopefully the CSM (ie: Corbexx) can take it, mix it with the data he is generating regarding W-space income, and MAYBE guide CCP's hands a little bit so they stop playing with the food chain quite so flippantly, if that is what's happening.

    Well think about it, Incursions have a stupidly (and recently buffed -wtf-) high income and there is nowhere near the risk in running them. If incursions were completely neutered as an income source at this point, you'd have a ton of players leaving the game, so unfortunately this is not an option. To that end, you could say that the system was flawed from the start and now the meta for earning isk in incursion vs. wormhole space is so ingrained the problem can't be fixed without slashing a good chunk of the player community. I will point out again that the only way wormhole space will be competitive again is if the income from that space is increased again through blue loot being buffed.

    This could stymie and even reverse the hemorraging of players from w space, but only if the Hyperion changes are rolled back. Simply buffing blue loot income only changes part of the equation, and not enough to the point where the risk is worth the reward for most people. If you were farming sites with caps previous to the patch, you may have been vsited by Blood Union. Now with random holes that take forever to roll the risk is too high for small corps as evidenced by the exodus of such groups from w space in recent weeks.

    Oh wait, this has all been told to CCP before. No wonder why I feel like I am repeating what others have said.

  • so CCP lost 44 mil in the last 18 months on R&D? in EVE Communication Center

    Morganta wrote:
    there appear to be reports circulating stating a new game has been scraped and in the last 18 months eve lost 44 million bucks on R&D yet only makes about 6 million or less a year???

    is there an existing discussion about this? is there official news?
    what got scrapped?
    should I just "not worry, it will be all right?"

    is this just propaganda from the RSI people?

    By Jove you are fugly.

  • graph of activity pre and post-hyperion? in EVE Gameplay Center

    WH space was on the decline a year to two years before Hyperion. This is largely due to a lack of actual new content being put into that region of space. 80% of what CCP does are tweaks and balances and maybe 20% new content addition to the game. CCP needs to wake the hell up and actually add NEW **** to WH space if anybody is going to spend their time there, instead of just tweak numbers and formulas they already have and hope people like what is being regurgitated.

    Weren't some fantastic suggestions made during the roundtable CCP wanted to have to gather player input? And instead we recieve a mere set of tweaks we railed against for weeks. This is poor development in its prime.

  • [Suggestion] Cruiser wormholes in EVE Gameplay Center

    We need super only wormholes.

  • Oceanus Graphics Feedback in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Imagine how long the cloaking animation on a Titan would be.

    "Brb guize, taking a crap whike my ship decloaks. Will fire doomsday when I'm back."

  • [Hyperion Feedback Thread] Mass-Based Spawn Distance After WH Jumps in EVE Gameplay Center

    I have seen multiple people make this change about increased risk, however I'd like to break it down further and say that this change has brought about increased "effort". Rolling holes to find pew or a new chain now takes much longer. With small corps seeing that now things have gotten harder in terms of "effort" to simply make it worth their while in the great equation of (time investment vs reward), it is harder to find prey because almost all of them are leaving or unsubbing.

    And CCP, that's really what people are complaining about. The game already has a high base time investment vs reward ratio, and you just went and quadrupled it for one entire chunk of space.

  • [Hyperion Feedback Thread] Mass-Based Spawn Distance After WH Jumps in EVE Gameplay Center

    CCP Fozzie wrote:
    Hey everyone.
    I want to post to remind you guys that we're not ignoring this thread, we're continuing to follow all the feedback on the Hyperion changes, as well as watching metrics extremely closely.

    I understand that for some of you the fact that I'm posting in this thread without announcing something new may be frustrating, but we also don't want to give the impression that we've stopped reading.

    We can't promise that we'll always agree with each of you on every particular issue, but we will never stop accepting feedback and re-evaluating the state of the game.

    If you can, run some active statistics and see if the amount of jumps in w-space has declined since this update as people have left. Definitely will be interesting to see what destruction you have wrought.

  • CLOSED in EVE Communication Center

    The giant back wheels remind me of the Astero, though the color is nowhere near the same.

  • wormholes and concord in EVE Communication Center

    The one time I tried it, I was stopped by quite literally voodoo magic. Then I blew up.

    Theory debunked.

  • Frigate Sized Wormhole Doctrine in EVE Gameplay Center

    I would suggest an all Breacher doctrine with meta 1 rocket launchers and hull reppers. Make sure to forget your probe launchers too.

  • I think CCP is doing great, who else agrees. in EVE Communication Center

    I would have given CCP an 8/10 if it wasn't for this latest fiasco with w-space and how its denizens were treated. Being blatantly ignored tends to leave a deep wound within a player demographic that will fester for a long time.

  • Circling the Drain in EVE Communication Center

    Why wasn't Fozzie on this list?

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