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  • CSM X - What are you voting for? in Council of Stellar Management

    Many are banging on about having more BoB on the old CSM..

    I really should not have to educate people as to the emergence and truth behind James and code.

    Code HC = Shills, or at the very least they are guided by Shills.

    Remember James came from Goonwaffe and they are part of Bob Bob = CCP and CCP make money on every plex bought on every high sec gank.

  • CSM X - What are you voting for? in Council of Stellar Management

    Black Pedro wrote:
    Jenshae Chiroptera wrote:
    Have one of those AFK hot droppers in my home system now. So, I am either going to do something else in EVE, such as join a PVP fleet, (not really in the mood) or I will just go play another game. I would rather completely deny *) people like that a kill.
    You can argue that players should find a solution, then you will argue about how many people a null sec system can support .... and who the heck wants to keep many people on standby just to deal with one little *) child?

    If I have enough days like this, I simply suspend my account.
    I can not believe that CCP haven't found a solution to this in all these years. Roll

    Before one of those children says it; yes I am mad, mad as a hatter. Roll

    *) *Snip* Please refrain from personal attacks. ISD Ezwal.

    I understand you are frustrated *) They are after all just using a mechanic that has been in the game for many, many years.

    If you make the CSM but CCP fails to change AFK cloaking, how long will it be until you "suspend your account" and have to resign from the CSM?

    *) *Snip* Removed a reply to an edited out part of the quoted post. ISD Ezwal.

    That is indeed the best form of protest, mass account suspension.

  • CSM X - What are you voting for? in Council of Stellar Management

    Did I miss the memo ..??

    Eve is still run by BoB last time I checked..

    Nothing ever changes, balance is something you do on a bike.

    That is all.

  • corebloodbrothers made csm 9 "we did it, thank u voters & believers" in Council of Stellar Management

    With CFC buying up the entire stock of KY Jelly in Iceland....

    Core would have to take it dry....

    Brave man..

    Mucho support

  • EVE Online: Rubicon 1.2 Issues Thread in EVE Information Center

    Since download, one of my corp members has been unable to successfully log on, it appears the patch broke his launcher, he has tried to run repair, however repair reports incorrect version, granted this could be just an unrelated coincidence of file corruption that happened on the same day as patch... but call me a cynic, as such am posting here, in case others experience this issue, and or to see if our "wonderful" hamsters at CCP have a equally wonderful solution?

    Ok I think I have resolved for him....

    And yes bingo he logged in...

    Cheers Shocked

    Steps taken.

    Run repair tool = fail
    Restart PC
    Run repair tool = win

  • EVE Online: Rubicon 1.1 Issues Thread in EVE Information Center

    CCP Tuxford wrote:
    tigger digger wrote:
    [quote=Jacksol Darnson]
    But you'd think they'd notice something like "Hey, why are my POS's guns shooting me?"

    Me and another dev both had a go at reproing this and were unable to. There is some weirdness about what standings are relevant and the standings being cached and sentries having this weird tendancy to hold a grudge even though you've given people high enough standing but that isn't really new.

    There was however a display error where standings icon are no longer shown in chat but that is being fixed (has already been fixed actually) and probably created this confusion that standings were broken.

    Boot.ini ?

    So lets look at above, the grammar I think should be, "Another dev and I" we established there where two of you so no need to iterate the "Both".

    Lets start again...

    Another dev and I, had a go at reproing... "Omg" shall we start again?

    Another developer and I, had a got at repairing this "oh the above quoted"..?

    Shall we start again.

    Boot.ini ?

    Yes so sorry I am bored been bored all day, no eve... Sorry Tuxford, you replied I flamed..

  • EVE Online: Rubicon 1.1 Issues Thread in EVE Information Center

    Thomas DePOD wrote:
    Sorry but who cares about null

    they just want all the attention at the min first they have several large battles that crash or nearly crash the server.

    now they want standings fixed just so they can do it again

    leave the standings alone let them kill each other then new ppl can moving in down there

    Who cares?

    Maybe the players who like you pay to play a game, just like you...

    Or maybe your one of those special carebears who through hiding in high sec can plex his many macro'd accounts and willl never know what it is like to step foot into the real world.? Evil

  • EVE Online: Rubicon 1.1 Issues Thread in EVE Information Center

    Dear CCP,

    For various reasons most already mentioned some still filtering through, you have made the environment impossible to operate in for the time being.

    I am sure others feel the same way, we all recognize that on update there will always be teething issues, and bugs that you could not have anticipated.

    But as with any service that your customers pay for, there should be a catch all in place to at least make a gesture of goodwill to all players, also and possibly more importantly have a one post thread, by a dev or community manager that we can access that keeps us posted on the time scale we are looking at for resolution.

    Sincerely me. Sad

  • EVE Online: Rubicon 1.1 Issues Thread in EVE Information Center

    If it ain't broke don't fix it..

    But thanks CCP we needed it harder in 0.0, now we have no standing markers to go with the Ti-di to go with the lag to go with the grids not loading, to go with reduced bounty's, to go with a module that scrams you on access..


  • EVE Online: Rubicon - Issues in EVE Information Center

    Wibble, whinge, and indignation. What?

  • Unscheduled Downtime - Monday September 2nd, 2013. in EVE Communication Center

    Why, why does this happen when I spank a few billion into my pleasure boat and go and take on a hardcore anom, when I know I was scrammed, webbed and just holding tank...

    Why can we not schedule unscheduled downtime to a more convenient and mutually agreeable time, I guess Tuxford survived the fall.


  • Tranquility Connectivity Issues - 23:15 UTC - June 15, 2013 in EVE Communication Center

    Wibble Wibble Wibble flamb, mibble mible moble plob.Big smile

  • EVE Online: Odyssey Issues in EVE Information Center

    1. I can no longer right click for sub menus in station, nor within the items window, right click would appear to have been disabled completely whilst in station, I/we are lucky to have a POS so I can still switch ships, I am guessing that this is a "rare" client issue, not affecting everyone.

    2. I have experienced completely black space,

    GPU Nvidia GeForce 460 GTX
    Windows 7 (64)
    Phenom II x4 955 3.2 Ghz

    In order to further test issue 1. I will clear cache, if that fails I will uninstall and reinstall client, if that fails please expect a slightly whinging and potentially bitchy petition and forum post, as for the Graphics issue is a pain, but so long as I can see the overview is a disappointment rather than a complete disaster.

  • Unexpected Dowtime Update - Tranquility Is Back Online in EVE Communication Center

    Maybe we could all club together and get CCP HQ one of these...?~

    Let me organize my Paypal Donate Button...

  • Unexpected Dowtime Update - Tranquility Is Back Online in EVE Communication Center

    Melissa Turner wrote:
    you know im really getting sick and tired of folks out there getting mad about folks wanting to know they'll get "compensated" for an unexpected service disruption... its called Customer Service and is a great policy to follow in order to make sure customers are happy. for those that dont know.. when sony was hit with the PSN attack. not only did they apologize to their 77 million effected gamers, they also gave 5 free full games, free playstation plus service, and a special msg at E3 about the entire situation. it was excellent customer service and ccp should rightfully follow that trend.

    In the PSN attack, tell me how any accounts where compromised, was it suspect 10 million..?

    So far as we know not one account has been compromised in the Tranquility attack, so yes I agree a token gift to say thank you to all would be a nice gesture, but I think getting 5 free games for my Playstaion and an access pass to the plus service is a little to much to expect.

    Let Odyssey roll out, if it arrives without issue then be happy if you get some sp, if it has issues I am confident some big bundle of gifts might be in order...

  • Unexpected Dowtime Update - Tranquility Is Back Online in EVE Communication Center

    baltec1 wrote:
    Popsikle wrote:

    While I do appreciate CCP and normally support them (fanboi) this situation was completely avoidable. They took all of the servers down because there was a patchable exploit in their infrastructure.

    It is impossible to lock all the back doors. Just last week China stole several top secret designs from the US military.

    If an organisation with a trillian $ budget cant stop these things from happening then what chance does a small icelandic gaming company have?

    Just be glad they fixed it.

    With the greatest of respect, CCP team are highly trained competent team of skilled software and hardware engineers, they should stand a better chance at protecting there networks than the poorly trained low skill operatives employed by a government.

  • Unexpected Dowtime Update - Tranquility Is Back Online in EVE Communication Center

    Knowing that the update is due to roll out tomorrow, I would like to suggest every player puts in a nice long skill to train...


  • Unexpected Dowtime Update - Tranquility Is Back Online in EVE Communication Center

    Was interesting, CCP receives a DDoS Attack.

    And 90% of the forum threads demand SP.


  • Unscheduled downtime - Sunday, June 2nd, 2013 in EVE Communication Center

    Firstly, if you have not got anything helpful to add, why add it.

    Secondly for all of you begging for SP, so far the server has been out of service for the majority for what 2 hours, so with the greatest of respect so far the most SP you could have lost is 2 hours worth.

    **** happens but until we know what the **** was, who created the **** and how long it will take to clean all the **** up, what is the fricking point in spamming this forum with bleeding heart sobs of how much you lost.

    Seriously my heart does not bleed, those who have been with EVE for more than a few months learned to harden the **** up.

    Most of us are able to accept that servers have blips, we do not cry our fricking eyes out and beg for compensation.

    Deal with it..

    Report any error messages, be constructive..

    I personally hope CCP does not compensate for this downtime.

  • EVE Launcher update on May 21, 2013 in EVE Information Center

    Do us a favor, make it so the launcher can save the passwords with the account names, also have on the launcher a drop down of accounts for fast client boot load.

    Do something really good with the launcher....