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  • Clone States UI Changes in EVE Technology and Research Center

    13kr1d1 wrote:

    I think at some level, due to UI clutter and gameplay and immersion, the training wheels need to come off. I don't really like the whole yellow round stuff thing altogether. We already have a dot. if you can't glance at the colored dot to make sure your safety is on, then you should risk being shot by the owner.

    Remember when safety dot wasn't even a thing? Those were good days. People were self-reliant.

    I think CCP is bending to the spoonfeed/hold-my-hand subgenre of gamers and that's actually awful for gameplay.

    I wholeheartedly agree. The UI should be clear and concise. The point is for the user to take responsibility. We're asking them to pilot a very expensive ship through space, doing all kinds of dangerous and extralegal things.

    The pilot is responsible for their actions.

    They should have the freedom to make their own mistakes and learn why it was a mistake in the first place. It's EVE Online for a reason. Sometimes you have to point out the arcana of what it means to fly a ship, sometimes you have to allow newbie to take a daring stab at a Concord Captain orbiting a star gate all by himself. It's a great teaching moment.

    Don't make it into My Friendly Pony land. Nothing gets better by turning the place into a safe space full of marshmallows and soft cushions.

    Make those changes to the UI that help us do what needs to be done in an intuitive and visually pleasing manner. Don't make it a colouring book for the risk averse.

  • Clone States UI Changes in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Kopaka Newton wrote:

    I feel the colors and icons in the old requirement tab a lot easier to read with red, yellow and blue.

    Agreed. The current system is very clear and at-a-glance. Those new colours... not working for me.

    As someone who's been an 'Omega Clone State' for over 8 years now, I hope you have a system that does not force me to deal with the Alpha state.

    Also: constantly 'reminding' your user they should upgrade is reminiscent of Microsoft Windows. It is terrifically annoying to be enthusiastically reminded to upgrade 50 times per day.

    What you really want is a softly pulsing "Alpha Clone" icon that briefly lights up every time the user wants something the Alpha Clone cannot have / do.

    The customer should not be reminded time and again that they really need to upgrade. The environment and content should be compelling enough, by itself, that it inspires people who only thought they'd get their toes wet, to suck up a great bunch of air and take the plunge in this the most wondrous online experience in MMO history, of their own accord.

  • [September] Mining Barge and Exhumer tweaks in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Morn Hylund wrote:

    No wonder Eve subscriptions are dropping - and people are jumping ship for more entertaining games like Star Citizen, No Man's Sky, Elite Dangerous etc.

    I wouldn't put Star Citizen in the same league as EVE. Also, NMS is 'a tad less' than what the developers promised. And when I say 'a tad less' I mean: it sucks balls. Big ones.

    However, I do understand and agree with your concern and these changes are rather baffling.

    Any change should reflect a necessary change for the improvement of the dynamic in the system and I don't see how removing one mining pylon on a Hulk is going to make it a better activity.

    The last pass was uncomfortable at first but then I saw the sense behind it and those changes were actually quite good. It made the barges something you wanted to have instead of having ship like the Procurer that was essentially worthless.

    Now we get a different set of changes, the use of which does not make a lot of sense to me.

    CCP Fozzie, friend, why is this happening?

    Why did you not do something that would propagate throughout the New Eden demesne in the way minerals were added to the ship-building experience as described, by myself, here: Ore acle

    I support innovations, I want to support good innovations.

  • 8 Golden Rules for EVE Online in EVE Communication Center

    I have never subscribed to the idea that clicking 'undock' is consenting to PvP.

    I do accept that it can be a consequence but I don't accept that it constitutes consent.

    Having said that I don't have a problem with the consequence of choices, that's what the whole point of the place is.

    This New Citizens Q&A post is a great reminder that you didn't join My Friendly Pony land.

    Yes, newbie friend, it was grossly unfair that you got tackled and killed on your first outing in low-sec. But: you know their names AND: you get to shoot back.

  • Goodbye my friends! in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Thank you for all your contributions to EVE and CCP!



  • Mining Help in EVE Communication Center

    I quite liked the Hulkageddon initiative although I would be more on the receiving end of it. I have expressed some thoughts on the event at the time. I have not lost a single ship to Hulkageddon.

    People ranting against it fundamentally don't understand the nature of EVE.

    By creating Hulkageddon Helicity Boson became a name in EVE. That is one of the main points of the place. To become 'a somebody', to be mentioned and recognised. It is not by making clicks in the interface alone.

    In EVE it pays to pay attention. All the people who got caught while Hulkageddon was on were not paying attention.

    And that nagging about losing a ship. Wow... I stopped counting after Hulk #10. Not to Hulkageddon but through various other mishaps and calamities. You know what you do? You get another ship and you carry on.

    CODE blew up my Mackinaw somewhere in The Citadel. 20 minutes later I was back in the same place with the same ship [and a better fit :-) ].

    It's attitude. EVE is rife with risk. Ask yourself what's going on in your life if you can't handle a bit of risk in a wonderful space game. A miner is not poor. They don't get rich quick but they'll get there like the tide comes in. Ore accumulates over time. Get enough ore and you'll make plenty money [but: not quick]. A bit of a miner will lose their ship, get another one and carry on.

    Mining is the easiest [and most leisurely] thing you can do in EVE. If you can't even get that right without throwing a conniption fit, you're embarrassing yourself and you're frankly in the way of people who want to move on.

    Thanks, Helicity, for making Hulkageddon an occasion. I couldn't make it to the blap fest but I was there in spirit.

  • Titanic quarters in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Lugh Crow-Slave wrote:
    there are just better things for devs to be doing

    Name 3.

  • Titanic quarters in EVE Technology and Research Center

    TigerXtrm wrote:

    I hope they're going to reconsider this, honestly. Since Outposts and even NPC stations are on the nomination list to be phased out entirely, it would mean that in a year or two docking as we know it today will no longer exist. And that makes me sad. How will I spin my ship?

    It makes no sense to me that you would be able to build a gigantonormous structure in space and that the titan pilot would not be able to leave their pod [which I think lore even says is possible in a ship of that size because it's a gosh darn tootin' titan!.

    The Commodore's Suite could be a vanity item fan fair. A room festooned with everything you have achieved in New Eden:

    - Certificates of qualification for your favourite ship

    - your Faction Warfare rank

    - your medals in a frame

    - a screenshot of your first solo kill (if you made one)

    - the corpses of your slain enemies

    - Certificates of successful actions against Sansha incursions

    - the most beautiful screen shot you ever took in New Eden

    - your unique, customised uniforms in a wardrobe

    There is no end to the amount of vanity items you could put in there that would help immersion, generate revenue, give yourself an actual home in space.

    Apparently, going by some comments, it is insane to expect a suspension of disbelief when docked inside a citadel. Internal consistency of the environment must be secondary to the holy grail of the engineering effort to keep this shaky fortress of fantastic fantasy afloat.

    CCP Seagull forbid New Eden should become a place one wants to spend more time in than the real world. And because it turns out I have to take people by the hand when I write here: that last bit was sarcasm.

  • Titanic quarters in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Nevyn Auscent wrote:

    1. Why does the ship you fly matter when you dock. Docking is GETTING OUT OF YOUR SHIP.
    2. As mentioned Citadels will not have the CQ anyway.
    3. I am not against the CQ, but any Dev time should be about meaningful features. Skins were a meaningful feature in massively reducing DB clutter. The art department are not Devs so making new skins now the system is in is different. So, meaningful features, not fluff.

    Lugh Crow-Slave wrote:

    eve is a game about subs in space not barbie in a station

    go back to second life

    Sometimes I feel like I'm in bizarro world when I discuss EVE and all the things I said before simply don't register with my audience.

    Did you actually get to the parts where I discuss why I want the Commodore's Suite or was it just too many syllables all in one go for you? Because that would be an argument.

  • Do me a favor and put that sh** in my boat! in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Apollo Roe wrote:

    As a pilot when I purchase anything off of the market I want to be able to indicate that I'd like my purchase placed in my active ship's hanger.

    If there is no active ship the buy window should not allow me to select a ship as the destination for my purchase and it should just default to going back to my Item Hanger.

    Just a simple check box in the buy window with the text reading "Deliver goods to active ship cargo bay". If there's not enough room in the boat throw an error and abort the sale.

    Do me a favor and put that **** in my boat!

    CCP will introduce a new form of livestock especially for this request: the grocery bagger. They will put all your purchases into the cargo hold of your ship and make sure it's neatly stowed.

    Next up: a receipt to go with the purchase of the goods, together with an itemised list of products purchased.

    Next next up: coupons if you buy frequently from the same manufacturer.

    Next next next up: raffle tickets: spend 1 million ISK, win a titan!

  • Titanic quarters in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Barrogh Habalu wrote:
    Lugh Crow-Slave wrote:
    There is no Staton interior for citadels when docked you see space

    This isn't getting enough notice.

    That's just not the point I'm making. This is a citadel. It is a physical place. It should have physicality.

    I want there to be something more to it than just 'a feature'. I want it to be a further expression of EVE. The Commodore's Suite is that further expression.

    I see people say 'CCP have better things to do'. They completely ignore my other points, they do not see, did not see or refuse to see, that my suggestion goes beyond merely presenting a bigger room. I want the room to be an aspiration.

    'CCP have better things to do'? I'm offering an opportunity at a new revenue stream full of vanity items that all you glory hounds would jump at to have if only they were available. Apparently some part of our demographic suffers from a severe imagination deficit and cannot possibly entertain the idea of a different future, a new and improved New Eden.

    Am I saddened by this imagination deficit? Yes I am.

    Am I surprised by it? Not at all.

    Do I want to inspire people to open their eyes and see the promise of a new day? I most certainly do.

    Who is with me? Who challenges my assumptions and offers a better expression of what I have in mind with the Commodore's Suite? Who shows me that what passes for imagination and ideas in my inner world is but a pale reflection of what it could truly be? Where is that valiant soul that will so enrich my universe? Who has the generosity to make me see how clumsy my view of the world is? Who wants to take a lead in this new paradigm that we can formulate of what it means to be a capsuleer in this grandiose space opera that unfolds before us?

  • Titanic quarters in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Poranius Fisc wrote:

    Nope. Same captains quarters for all.. but apparently there wont be a captains quarters in citadels.

    Why should someone in eve get special treatment for having a pilot flying a ship that everyone just wants to blow up more than other ships?

    A titan is not your every-day ship. It is a very large ship. It takes time, dedication and commitment to get there. Everybody eventually can get there, that's not the point.

    I could have gone that way, I've enjoyed flying the smaller ships, I didn't really feel like I'd want a titan. Maybe some day.

    At the same time, for immersion's sake if for nothing else, to tell a wider story, to paint a bigger canvas.

    New Eden is egalitarian in that everybody gets the same chance [and I truly love that] to get to where they want to go. We have agency. Other than that, not everybody 'is the same'. It never was, it never will be. We are the same kind. When I am at Fanfest I am among 'my people', the most blessed bunch of nerds in the history of nerddom, I love everyone of you blasted rascals! That doesn't mean we are all the same in ability, talent, ambition, aspiration. And we should not strive to be. It is the variety that adds spice to life.

    A titan pilot did not happen to find themselves sitting in this humongous ship, You have to want to get there. For that they should get the little perk of a nicer Commodore's Suite.

    The Commodore's Suite might be the prelude of a new New Eden. Imagine a screenshot you took hanging in a frame on the wall. You buy the frame for Aurum. Imagine a display of your medals in a frame. Both the frame and the medals you buy through the NES. Imagine the corpses you harvested in a display chamber, off to the left of the Commodore's Suite, where you display row upon row of your fallen foes. Or, maybe you're just an enthusiastic collector. Or: the alliance has a room to honour their comrades fallen in war, as well as the bodies of their foes collected when the dust settled. There's so many things that could be done there; you can display your GALMIL rank in a frame on the wall. The possibilities are legion if my tragically unaware friends in far and fair Reykjavik could just open their eyes to the promise of lasting glory in this, the most prized space simulator on the planet today.

    This adds a revenue stream for CCP, a company I love more than is sensible; it adds immersion to make EVE that extra bit more real. It opens opportunities for new ideas, for new game play, for displaying, with pride, ones accomplishments.

    For all these reasons and more I offer the Commodore's Suite as a first tentative page in a new chapter for EVE. Because I care about its well-being, because I want -you- to enjoy the glory, because by making it more real it gains that much more weight and makes us invest ourselves even more in this glorious expanse of stars we have come to call our second home.

    Is that enough of an answer for you or do you want me to bring in the fanfare and the cancan girls?

  • Titanic quarters in EVE Technology and Research Center

    O2 jayjay wrote:
    CCP was working on walking in stations. The player community complained that CCP was wasting time on pointless features when more important matters needed to be taken care of. Maybe one day they will revisit i but honestly i think they scraped the idea. The last year or so have had amazing updates! Im happy with 98% of the changes. Ao maybe one day you will get what you want.

    I don't think it's a waste of time. It's creating a few interiors, maybe with a bit more pizzaz than regular CQs. All the assets are there, except the art. I'm not asking for a humongous feat of engineering here. This is immersion. A titan driver has put in a lot of effort to get there, they should see a nod of appreciation for staying in the mad house long enough to buy a proper ship.

    This is a new feature, a citadel, something I am an outrageous fan of, by the way, it is specifically intended as a means to accommodate super capital pilots. An appropriate environment, with some new art, it really doesn't seem all that extravagant.

    Of course 'the door' stays closed. I'm a big fan of the idea of walking in stations. If anyone could explain to me what my added value for doing so is, I'll be all for it.

    CCP could not square that circle and these people are neither shy nor stupid and they couldn't square that circle, so I'm going to reserve judgement for when someone comes along who says "you could have done this fantastic thing all along, why didn't you? After which everybody says "Oh, but of course, why didn't we see that?!" Until that moment I'm going to reserve my opinion.

    Come on guys, an enhanced Captain's Quarters 'The Commodore's Suite, don't act all shocked and concerned, it's really not that much of a leap of the imagination.

  • Dev blog: Reworking Capital Ships: And thus it begins! in EVE Information Center

    I'm seriously pleased with these new initiatives to give more creative weapons technologies to super capital ships.

    I would want to see something that's designed to take out the small fry: frigates and cruisers.

    It would be an omni-directional short-range weapon for ships that are circling the super capital ship such that they can't be tracked by its weapons.

    It would be glass shards [abrasive nano-silicates], they serve to shred smaller ships.

    This would not be the old-style DDD burst that blew everything off of the grid. This is only to fend off the small fry. It seems rational to have that kind of ordnance intended for use against targets the main batteries cannot track.

    Obviously the module that fires these shards takes up a slot that is then not available for something else. As ever: no freebies in EVE.

    I want these technologies to be available and deployable in many different ways. In war having the weapon is not always the deciding factor in the outcome of the fight, it's how the weapon is used. It would be great to have weapons systems that are functional as separate entities but that augment each other when used in combination.

    These ideas are very creative. I like them a great deal. Keep doing more of that, but keep in mind that you don't have to balance the ordnance used by super capitals versus frigate / cruiser class ships. You build a bigger ship precisely so that it can do more damage.

  • Titanic quarters in EVE Technology and Research Center

    With the advent of citadels it stands to reason that pilots docking their titans are going to be presented with the kind of interface they see when docking in a regular station.

    Since these are titan pilots, docking in a citadel, I feel they should have much better looking Captain's Quarters than regular pilots. After all: a titan driver is not your every day pilot.

    I'm pretty sure you'll agree and if you do not agree I'm wearing the flame retardant gear, let it rip.

    /please note: I don't drive a titan and I don't think I will any time soon.

  • Drifters = The Afterlife in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Now that our gorgeous and fabulous overlords in fair Reykjavik have given us the Drifters as an entity to contend with some ideas are required to help us live in this new reality.

    For that reason it is proposed that a ship, the Styx, be created. The river Styx, in Greek mythology, is the river that separates Earth from the Underworld. So, let the Styx be a ship that fills that role. Capsuleers will be able to trade corpses they have acquired, through any means, with the Drifters, at a fair price obviously. The Styx is a ship specifically designed to keep the corpses fresh and in stasis while they are being prepared for The Afterlife.

    I believe that, as part of the preservation process, any module lodged into the skulls of capsuleers should be harvested and be given a new lease on life (bad pun most definitely intended). It should be made clear that these are 'repurposed' modules, to give that bit of extra dimension to the awkwardness of the process involved.

    The ship itself would require some modules and skills, to be determined, to fulfill its part in the developing story of New Eden. It is not the intention to create something stronger than an average industrial.

    This is different from the Sansha, who take live bodies and 'transform' them. The Drifters have the common courtesy of acquiring bodies no longer being used. It is a sorely-needed touch of civility in an otherwise brutal universe that is not naturally given to catering to personal sensitivities (a point I'm fairly certain you will prove shortly).

    We have been asking for years for a game mechanic with regards to the corpses harvested from the cold depths of space. I believe the Drifters are a great pretext to offer a new mechanic that will help us immerse ourselves even deeper in this, our favorite, morally murky online reverie. Those among us who like illicit trading should enjoy a new commodity to reap even more filthy lucre.

    I would not expect all corpses to be traded in this fashion. I have one that I'm never selling, at any price. You know who you are, buddy. I love you, man.

    Thoughts, comments?

  • Dev Blog: Announcing EVE Universe: The Art of New Eden in EVE Information Center

    Soleil Fournier wrote:
    Excited and disappointed.

    Really want a limited edition but there are just so few of them. 5000 should have been the target, especially when factoring in the ones reserved for the companies involved. Hope you consider a second printing because the current number is just far too low.

    Additionally, not having an open pre-order for the limited edition and selecting from those who sign up lottery style means that there's likely going to be a mass rush which makes it even more difficult if the site crashes or responds slowly. (Personally speaking, I work graves and being up at 8 am on a workday isn't feasible for me).

    Not sure I'll order the regular hard copy based off the low quality of the hard copy eve source book. (No dust jacket, flimsy hard cover, pages not cut consistently or evenly, etc)

    I feel the same. It's awesome, I'd buy it. There's about 1500+ left to purchase, that's nothing. I'm bummed out here.

  • Dev Blog: Announcing EVE Universe: The Art of New Eden in EVE Information Center

    I love the uber limited edition but I feel screwed out of that one.

    I'll be at Fanfest, I won't be able to order it from there and although I appreciate the idea of 'limited edition', could have made more than just 2000 of the book?


  • Devblog: Fanfest 2015 - Devs vs Players Football Match! in EVE Information Center

    Sign me up for a spot too.

    I'll take some pictures.

  • Dev blog: Politics by Other Means: Sovereignty Phase Two in EVE Information Center

    1. Kudos for the gumption of addressing a long-standing problem in nul-sec mechanics. This is going to be the thread naught to end all thread naughts :-)

    2. Your communication about it is nothing short of a thing of beauty. I understand where you're going with this on the first pass. Extremely exciting.

    3. Distributing the spawns throughout the constellation is definitely going to make sure not every fight is going to be in the same system.

    4. This change does favour larger entities because they will be able to keep a very large area of space covered by fleets to control the space. I honestly don't think you could ever devise a system that larger entities won't benefit from. Numeric superiority has historically proven to be the deciding factor.

    5. Although smaller entities will find it easier to attack some portion of a system it is going to take a lot of work to keep and maintain a nul-sec presence. This design demands dedicated presence for long periods of time. Which is the point of being there and having sov, it's still going to be a job doing that. This puts a floor under the kind of entity that can own space. It will require a minimum size for an entity to occupy sov and that minimum will tend to be fairly high. It will take dedicated man power to hold space.

    6. Smaller entities will be much easier to harass. If the present technique is to bore the opposition out of their sov, the new technique will be to bludgeon the smaller entity until they can't muster the will to show up anymore. I think they're both equally bad alternatives.

    7. Although this redesign effort is a great way to address some game play issues, I'm not sure whether sov is the thing we want to hold onto. Sov is 'a way' to address the grand scheme of being living deities in a space simulator. I'm not convinced it has to be the only way. From the point of view of ontology I'm not sure that sov should be the thing a capsuleer necessarily wants out of eternity. Ask yourself what that thing would be that you would want out of eternal life, how that would generate conflict and give us that to weave our web of deceit around. I'm not at all certain that sov would be the ultimate answer to that question.

    Other than that your work on EVE, your exemplary communication around it and all the exquisite hard work you put into making this a better place for everyone deserves nothing but our deepest respect and thanks.

    12 days to go. See you there.