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  • Star Trek bubble-style shields in EVE Technology and Research Center

    How about something of a compromise? Now, hear me out for a bit. In the Macross series, the space folding field came in two types - spherical and conformal. You see the spherical type when the restored Macross folds space and take the island with it. How about about having both types, but varying them between the races and between T1 and T2 ships?

    With the premise that a conformal shield is more advanced than a spherical one, the Caldari are the perfect choice for conformal shields. It aligns with the lore as well. The Caldari have been mentioned to be the most high tech of the four empires. Further, their shield tanking ability could easily be imagined to have reached such a refined state that they can manipulate their shields to conform to the hulls of their ships. On the other end of the tech level, the Minmatar are the perfect choice for spherical shields, since they are the least technologically developed of the four empires. However, their more recent ships - I'm thinking of the Maelstrom and the Hurricane, for example - could have conformal shields as a sign of their technological development. The Amarr, being armor tankers would go with spherical shields. They just wouldn't bother with that kind of shield tech refinement, I think. The Gallente I imagine would go with conformal shields. I think their pride - in themselves and in their ships - would prefer to show off those ships as best as possible and a conformal shield would do that much better than a spherical one.

    And since T2 ships are more advanced than T1 ships, maybe just give all the T2 conformal shields. Though, I could easily see all the Khanid ships with conformal shields while the Sarum and Viziam ships have spherical shields, on account of the Khanid Kingdom's ties with the Caldari.

    Technical limitations aside, I think it'd be a nice touch to have both kinds of shields. It could be a neat, visual way to distinguish the empires and their ships from each other.

  • Nightmare and Sansha V3? in EVE Communication Center

    Freezehunter wrote:
    When is the Nightmare and the other Sansha's Nation ships getting the v3 treatment?

    Someone told me they already got it, but the thruster effects on the Nightmare don't have the cool heat deformation and glow effect, and it is missing Sansha's logos.

    Any word on this, CCP?

    The Phantasm has the Sansha's Nation logo, towards the rear and near the base of those protruding arms. The Succubus and the Nightmare don't have the logo. Unless I missed it. (I've spent more time than anyone should looking for the logos.)

  • [Winter] New destroyers in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Lili Lu wrote:
    Mordecai Heller wrote:
    Although I can't test that on this character so I could easily be wrong.

    My derp you are right. But the 7 turrets has always been annoying. It would be awesome to have 8 turrets.Big smile

    I think there are some other examples of this, even if the missing hardpoint is not so noticeable, for instance the Harbinger. Such a symmetircal beauty until you notice the one gun on one side of the undercarriage. It becomes damn annoying if you focus on it long enough. I'm sure there are others but that is what's coming to mind atm.

    Anyawy, not having seen the actual model with launchers on it for this new destroyer, it may not be as irritating as the Harbinger's asymmetrical irritant. Regardless, that mid it got in exchange has lots of potential.

    The turret placement on the Harbinger has always annoyed me too. But if you move one of the guns around, you can have that undercarriage hardpoint filled up. The flip side is that you now have a gun missing on the wings. But even then, with the right placement, you can get those five wing guns somewhat symmetrical. I have the top row filled up and and the first and third on the bottom row filled up.

    Of course, CCP could always spare us the grief and give the Harbinger eight turrets. (A guy can dream, can't he?)

  • [Winter] New destroyers in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Mordecai Heller wrote:
    CCP Ytterbium wrote:

  • Removed one high slot and launcher slot, gained one mid slot - thus layout now is 7 / 4 / 2, 7 launchers

Oh great so a model that already has spaces for 8 launchers will have an annoying blank space just like the drake. Ugh

Couldn't you balance it by cutting back on tank or its bonuses? Why'd you have to go and ruin the beauty of a row of 8 launchers?

Anyway isn't missile damage supposed to compensate for the fact that they are useless at long range?

There might be enough time for the art department to remove that eighth hardpoint. And CCP Ytterbium has been pretty attentive to this thread, so hopefully he'll see what you pointed out and will relay it to the art department.

For what it's worth, I'd have loved a destroyer decked out with eight launchers.

  • Megathron redesign in EVE Communication Center

    Solhild wrote:
    Aaron Barton wrote:
    The redesign is nice. Though I will agree with the previous sentiment that the Megathron has been streamlined a bit too much.

    My biggest gripe though is the eighth hardpoint. I'd have liked to have seen the structure on which the seventh hardpoint is placed to have been expanded just enough to fit the eighth hardpoint. I think the visual of a 4-2-2 clustered setup is pretty cool. It looks more focused, you know?

    How about 5-3?

    I'd be perfectly happy with 5-3 if the Kronos weren't around. My reasoning is that the four hardpoints at the front of the Kronos are the perfect place for the four guns.

    A nice compromise would be to have a 5-3 setup for the Megathron (and the Navy Megathron and the Vindicator perhaps) and a 4-2-2 or 4-whatever setup for the Kronos. It isn't that bad an idea since T2 ships often do have visual differences from their T1 base.

  • Megathron redesign in EVE Communication Center

    The redesign is nice. Though I will agree with the previous sentiment that the Megathron has been streamlined a bit too much.

    My biggest gripe though is the eighth hardpoint. I'd have liked to have seen the structure on which the seventh hardpoint is placed to have been expanded just enough to fit the eighth hardpoint. I think the visual of a 4-2-2 clustered setup is pretty cool. It looks more focused, you know?

  • New (incomplete) Tempest model on Duality in EVE Communication Center

    I like this new model. What I like the most about it is the thickness given to the frame of the solar sails/wingy bits. Always bothered me that the frame was so insubstantial.

    Kudos to the art department. A fine makeover to an already fine ship.

  • EVE Community Spotlight #1 - Chribba in EVE Information Center

    A statue in honor of Chribba is a wonderful idea. A system full of sweet sweet veldspar is cool too. Chribba really does deserve all the love and praise.

  • Angle ships in EVE Technology and Research Center

    nat longshot wrote:
    Aaron Barton wrote:
    CCP Zorba wrote:
    Yup, those 'other' factions are on our list and I suspect they'll get done for the winter expansion. Unfortunately we only have so many artists, fortunately our tools are getting better and better and make this whole process much, much easier.

    That's good to hear. Will the Daredevil get the same paintjob as the Vigilant and the Vindicator? It's been kinda bothering me ever since the Caldari and Gallente V3.

    it should have Angel paint given is a Angels ship not SERP. ship.

    True that the Daredevil is a Guardian Angels ship and therefore an Angel Cartel ship, but the Vigilant and the Vindicator are also Guardian Angel ships - if their description is to be believed. Yet the Vigilant and the Vindicator sport the same color scheme and they both have the Serpentis logo. And were that not enough, the Daredevil shares very similar bonuses to the Vigilant and Vindicator.

    I just want visual consistency within the pirate ships. Guristas has this. Blood Raiders has this. Sansha's Nation sorta has this - the Succubus and the Nightmare lack their logo and the oily sheen effect isn't so pronounced on them as on the Phantasm. The Dramiel, Cynabal, and Machariel will get it. The Daredevil, Vigilant, and Vindicator should get it as well.

  • Angle ships in EVE Technology and Research Center

    CCP Zorba wrote:
    Yup, those 'other' factions are on our list and I suspect they'll get done for the winter expansion. Unfortunately we only have so many artists, fortunately our tools are getting better and better and make this whole process much, much easier.

    That's good to hear. Will the Daredevil get the same paintjob as the Vigilant and the Vindicator? It's been kinda bothering me ever since the Caldari and Gallente V3.

  • Minmatar V3 on SISI. in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Ganthrithor wrote:
    Vaga needs its dragon ears back.

    Angel ships still need to be v3'ed.

    The Core Complexion shaders need to be tweaked a bit. I like the black / bluepurple colors but most of the time it makes the hulls look like silhouettes, which is kind of unfortunate. Maybe a nice titanium grey would be better? Personally I think Ti grey with lighter grey accents and blue-white (or maybe orange-white) lights would look bad ass.

    Might get flayed alive for this, but if the Vagabond does get its dragon ears back, they should be changed to the rectangular ones the other Thukker Mix ships.

    Or just make all the Thukker Mix ships Boundless Creation and vice versa and match up the solar panels.

  • Minmatar V3 on SISI. in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Morwen Lagann wrote:
    CCP Huskarl wrote:
    Hey Rust lovers

    I just wanted to let you know that I agree with those of you who think that the new Minmatar color looks too "tan" and not the nice deep rust tone that most of us like. We can however not fix this before Inferno 1.1

    The color of the ships is done mostly in our engine .This give us more options and control over variations but it also tends make colors a little more monotone. We are aware of this and looking into ways to improve on it

    I'm going to assume (possibly incorrectly) that you're part of the group doing the V3ing of ships - if so, could you please explain why the Amarr and Minmatar T2 ships departed from the scheme used by the Gallente and Caldari T2 ships?

    Caldari and Gallente T2 ships are colored and marked by the R&D corporation that invented the original (Ishukone, Kaalakiota, and Lai Dai for Caldari; CreoDron, DuVolle and Roden for Gallente), but the Amarrian and Minmatar T2 ships use other entities instead - Sarum and Ardishapur Families instead of Carthum and Viziam for the Amarr, and Brutor and Sebiestor Tribes instead of Boundless Creatiion and Core Complexion for the Minmatar.

    What gives?

    I've noticed this too. And I'm still kinda wavering if I like this different scheme.

    But from a lore perspective, it makes a good bit of sense. A very basic social organizational unit for the Caldari is the corporation so it would make sense that the T2 ships reflect this. With the Amarr, you have the holders and their houses. I've read that House Sarum is the patron of Carthum Conglomerate and House Ardishapur is the patron of Viziam. And the Khanid Kingdom for Khanid Innovation. With the Minmatar, you have the tribe. And similar to the Amarr, a tribe is associated with a corporation. It's not so clear-cut with the Gallente, but since theirs is a capitalistic society - and not feudal like the Amarr or tribal like the Minmatar - it makes more sense they follow the Caldari in the T2 scheme.

    But the Quantum Rise trailer throws a kink into the mix. The Amarr ships were of House Kador. While I realize the trailer was made before the introduction of logos, the pics from CCP of different Amarr ships with different logos and matching color schemes makes me think that were the Quantum Rise trailer made today, the Amarr ships in it would sport the Kador logo and have the Kador color scheme.

    Now, as far as I could tell, all the Amarr ships in the trailer were T1. And given CCP's plans/hopes for different ship skins, we might have a situation of conflicting/incompatible ship skins. T1, T2, house. Right now, the T2 and house are the same. But lore wise, not every house ship is a T2 ship while every T2 ship is a house ship. What if a player wants a Sarum ship skin but not a Carthum Conglomerate one? A Carthum ship skin but not a Sarum? Or a Kor-Azor ship skin, that doesn't have an associated T2 ship skin? To those interested in role playing - or just playing a bit with the lore - via ship skins, their options are reduced with the Amarr and the Minmatar. They'll have every T2 ship skin available but not a distinct ship skin for some houses and tribes.

    On the one hand, I can understand a corporation's pride in a patron or associate such that it'll sport the corresponding logo and color scheme. But on the other hand, player choice is potentially reduced. So I'm still iffy on the subject. All I ask is that CCP is aware of this and gives it due consideration.

  • Minmatar ship size changes in EVE Technology and Research Center

    PinkKnife wrote:
    I like the changes. The rifter looked silly with guns on it before, now they look a bit more to scale.

    Aye, the size increase serves the Rifter well I think. If you noticed the hardpoints on the rear wings, the base of projectiles were too large and would stick out. Not a problem now that the Rifter is bigger.

    Of course, this is a problem that isn't limited to just projectiles or to just the Rifter, but that's an entirely different issue.

  • Tier 3 BC and drones in EVE Technology and Research Center

    I'd kinda like to see the other tier 3 battlecruisers gain a limited dronebay. Generally, cruiser sized ships and up get a dronebay. The exceptions are some tech 2 ships. But, they're tech 2 and therefore represent a very specialized role. And while the tier 3 battlecruisers do have a role, they aren't tech 2 and therefore lack that high level of specialization. I find it kinda inconsistent with the other tech 1 ships. Now, were the tier 3 battlecruisers to be tech 2, I'd have no problem with their lack of dronebays. But, that's unlikely to happen since them being tech 1 and somewhat easily accessible is part of their original concept.

    Were the other tier 3 battlecruisers to get a dronebay, I think the Talos should be the upper limit, keeping its 25m3 dronebay. The Naga, being Caldari, should have the smallest dronebay. 10m3, maybe 15. The Oracle and the Tornado would be in the middle with 15 or 20m3.

  • What parts of ship models make you rage? in EVE Technology and Research Center

    The asymmetry Berendas mentions is worse on the Retribution and Vengeance. Here's to hoping that this will be corrected with the V3 of Amarr and Minmatar ships.

    It is a small and easily overlooked and barely noticeable thing, but little details do add up to polished and well-attended ship models.

  • How about a little buff for Marauders... in EVE Technology and Research Center

    I think a slight buff to marauders would be nice.

    I'd really like to see the class get a fourth utility high slot. The way I see it, that fourth would allow an even mix of tractors and salvagers which would help the class fulfill its on-the-fly salvaging role just a bit better. The class wouldn't encroach on the Noctis's ability, since it doesn't receive the tractor speed and the salvager reduction in cycle time bonus. (And also, that fourth slot would allow me to put the four guns on my Kronos at the front banks, instead of having to spread them out over the ship, in a glorious display of OCD visual cohesion. Seriously, those forward banks are the perfect place for the guns, yet one of those slots is the eighth and therefore missing slot?)

    The lacking T2 resists bother me as well, because it just conflicts with nearly every other T2 class out there. I feel it to be a precarious precedent. If the idea behind T2 ships includes heightened resists against the racial enemy, then why the discrepancy with marauder (and black ops) resists. Their resists don't quite live up to those T2 standards.

    The whole weak sensor strength and scan resolution thing I don't mind so much. Even though the reasoning - to discourage the use of marauders in PvP - seems kinda hollow. A determined pilot will fly any ship he damn well wants, regardless of price or stats.

    My 2 ISK.

  • Engine trails to missiles. in EVE Technology and Research Center

    I like this idea. Maybe even different colored smoke as a visual guide to the missile's damage type? The missile itself is kinda too small to see. Or, how about the explosion color as an indicator to the damage type?

    And, not to derail the thread, but what about trails for drones as well? With the option to turn those off as well.

  • Caldari and Gallente Visual and Textual Discrepancies in EVE Technology and Research Center

    I've looked over the newly V3'd Caldari and Gallente ships - and while I love the new look - I've noticed a few discrepancies.

    The color of the blinking lights on T2 ships doesn't match the color of the windows of the ships. They remain their respective Caldari blue and Gallente green. Also, the Guristas ships fall into this same category. The exception are the Ishukone ships which have retained the Caldari blue windows. I don't know if that is the intent, but I think it'd be nice if the blinking lights matched the windows on the ships.

    The Caldari shuttle, Badger, and Badger Mark II are missing the Caldari logo.

    The Gallente Navy ships (Comet, Exequror, Vexor, Dominix, Megathron) have the Gallente Federation logo, instead of the Federation Navy one. The former being the Gallente eagle upon a downward pointing pentagram background and the latter being the same eagle upon a square background. Would be nice to change it to the proper logo.

    The Daredevil didn't receive the same treatment as the Vigilant and Vindicator. Would be nice if it had the same paintjob and logo as the two.

    The Helios in its description has the manufacturer as "Creodron". However, all the other references to the manufacturer are listed as "CreoDron". Please correct this.

    In contrast, the Nemesis is the only one to have in its description "Duvolle Laboratories" while all the other DL ships have "Duvolle Labs". I would've suggested changing the Nemesis's description to match the others, but since the logo itself says "Duvolle Laboratories" the others would have to follow suit.

    The Raven and its brethren are the only ships that have a logo on the left side that must be read from the right side. It's kinda odd, and I'd suggest moving the left side logo elsewhere, where it could be read from the left side. Also, if the Raven and its brethren could be aligned to the axis running from the nose to the main engine, that'd be awesome.

    (And now I feel like such an anal-retentive douche. And I totally mean to do this again when the Amarr and Minmatar ships get V3'd.)

  • A peek into our Art department and a look at upcoming features in EVE Communication Center

    I rather like the overall look of the Raven. My biggest gripes with the old model were that the wings were lobsided and that the model wasn't centered along its central axis (running from the cockpit to the main engine).

    I'd just absolutely love it if the new model had generally even wings. Same overall size, but different indentations and protrusions scattered about. Balanced asymmetry, as it were.

  • Ugly Ships that need a makeover. in EVE Communication Center

    I'd love to see some ships get a makeover. Just some ideas of mine:

    Raven - make the two wings the same size and shape, but transfer that protrusion on the right wing to the left; pull in those radial spikes under the right wing just a bit; breakup the windows on the cockpit to look like several levels instead of giant windows; get rid of the tubes; center the model along the cockpit-engine axis

    Moa - keep the off-center bridge part and lower right engine thing, they balance each other; either mirror the left engine pod on the left with the right, mirroring the body as well, or mirror the right side with the left; align the model to a central axis that runs between the two engines in the rear (currently feels like it's slightly off-center to those)

    Coercer - just make the body and engines symmetrical, mirror either side with the other, while keeping the side cockpit

    Imicus - straighten out the main body so it's freakin' vertical and then mirror the side wing

    Tempest - move the bottom leg to the center of the ship, maybe center that engine pod on the bottom of it as well

    Stabber - mirror that engine on the right with the left

    Typhoon - get rid of that thing on the bottom rear that looks like a lowered landing platform; remove that engine on the upper left; get rid of the giant tubes, or maybe makes them thinner and more numerous, like a bunch of smaller tubes instead of one giant one

    Omen - get rid of that side thing, the shield arm I've heard it commonly called

    Crucifier - maybe mirror the right side with the left, but keep the tower as well, just add something to that side so it doesn't look so unbalanced

    Kestral - pull in that right pod just a bit, so it's the same distance from the center as the left pod; mirror the rear of the right pod with the left; straighten out the angle of the right wing tip and make it symmetrical with the left

    Blackbird - generally mirror the right side with the left, make it kinda look like a flying wing, but keep the asymmetrical central structures

    Thorax - mirror the right side onto the left, that whole lower engine pod looks really cool

    Exequror - just balance and make even the engines

    Celestis - just mirror the left side, sans that cockpit, onto the right

    Machariel - get rid of that pod on the upper left, but keep that tower there

    Megathron - get rid of that pod on the upper left as well

    Atron - mirror the left side onto the right, minus that side cockpit

    Osprey - just mirror the right side onto the left

    Navitas - mirror the right side onto the left

    Bantam - just make it symmetrical

    Cormorant - make the rear wings symmetrical, but keep that cockpit like structure on the left side

    Aeon - make it symmetrical

    Phoenix - make those wings symmetrical

    Thanatos - just make the rear and engines symmetrical