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CSM Statement regarding CCP refocusing

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The Scope
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#500 - 2011-09-25 00:22:06 UTC

Trebor Daehdoow wrote:
While CSM is pleased that CCP is refocusing their development efforts, we have grave concerns about how CCP development will be reprioritized.

The following is our statement of position. If you agree with it, please both "like" this post and reply in this thread with a "+1". To keep the thread clear, please use this companion thread for discussions about this statement.

The CSM believes that:

* CCP should significantly increase the development resources being dedicated to Flying-in-Space (FiS).

* CCP should strongly favor iteration of existing game content over shiny new content.

* Any new content should be directly related to providing support for iteration of existing content. For example (this is not a proposal, just an example for illustration purposes), an expansion of space could be used to provide opportunities for small sovholding, and materials for new POS structures and manufacturing.

* The "little things" and Team Gridlock initiatives should receive additional resources.

* CCP should listen to the wishes of the community, who have repeatedly indicated which issues are most important to them via crowdsourcing.

It is the strong belief of the CSM that if CCP refocuses their efforts on delivering what the community wants, they will be able to regain the faith and trust of the community, and subscriber numbers will resume their steady growth.

The members of the 6th Council of Stellar Management

Again, if you are in general agreement with this position statement, please both "like" this post and reply in this thread with a "+1". To keep the thread clear, please use this companion thread for discussions about this statement.

Also, please forward a link to this post to your friends, corp- and alliance-mates.