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Focus Fire Mitigation and Alpha discussion thread

Ines Tegator
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#41 - 2012-03-14 21:13:38 UTC  |  Edited by: Ines Tegator
Blatant Forum Alt wrote:
Ines Tegator wrote:
Hopefully I've proven (tear it apart and prove me wrong! this is SCIENCE!) that a fair mitigation formula is popular, the other question is whether it will have the intended result.

And now, my troll minions, I command thee to begin thy art.

You are the reason we cant have nice things.

You propose a stupid idea, wrap it up in long words and formulae, and then ignore the dozens of people telling you (as they have done to countless other people on other threads on this topic) that this is a stupid idea. You then claim to have 'proven' that this is popular, despite the sheer number of people telling you that this idea is stupid.

Its a stupid idea, it is not popular. Knowing this does not make me a troll, it means I have an IQ above my shoe size.

It was a typo. I have corrected it. It should have said "possible." Also, the past proofs that it's a stupid idea have tended to revolve around it being impossible and exploitable. Since I've addressed that part, you now have to prove that it's actually stupid and not simply that it won't work.

Ines Tegator wrote:
None of this as I have it here would affect fleets where the alpha is enough to destroy the ship in a single shot. That, I think, is a lost cause due to the nature of EVE, and can only be addressed by changing Artillery. In smaller engagements, it would start to take effect and alter the way fleet fights play out. My hope is this system or one like it would make gang warfare more engaging from the individual pilot's perspective. Whether it will work or not will depend on both mechanics and psychology, knowing that people will always take the easiest path.

Highlighting my change in position -gasp! that can happen? Yes, your input has convinced that alpha fleets can't be fixed. Amazing what actual dialogue can do, yes?- for the reading comprehension impaired.
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