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Dedaf's industrial tool

Argentum Holdings
#81 - 2012-02-18 11:14:43 UTC
I have found a small bug in the spreadsheet (version 14.2.5)

In the Planet Production: It is missing the requirement for synthetic synapses for the recursive computing module.
Goonswarm Federation
#82 - 2012-02-19 12:03:11 UTC  |  Edited by: Progray
ICU Andshutup wrote:
With v14 I am getting an XML Parse Error when I try to add my characters into the data sheet. Runtime Error '-2147217376 (80041020)'

Tis odd as I am doing it the same way that previous sheets took it

Looks like it has something to do with the macro. Permissions are on, but its blocked/broke somehow. 12.8.1 works fine so will wait till next version is out (I hates troubleshooting Excel)

Getting the same thing, except it happens when i try to update anything at all, not just character, for example mineral prices. Anyone know how to fix it?
G2 Armaments
#83 - 2012-02-19 15:58:35 UTC
Is there a way to modify the names of items, specifically the missiles? I haven't seen an new version drop for this awesome spreadsheet to accommodate the changes to make the missile types have the same beginning name. It is a rather small change and would like to do it myself if that is possible.

Thanks in advance.
Arpad Elo
#84 - 2012-02-28 22:32:14 UTC
I set my chars up in the data sheet, but then when I went to the T1 mfg sheet, once I selected a category (ships) it didn't populate a list of ships in the other section of that item.

Any idea what's going on?
Gallente Federation
#85 - 2012-03-01 10:48:14 UTC
Just wondering when/will there be an update for the fuel blocks in the pos section?

awesome sheet by the way :)
United Brothers Of Eve
#86 - 2012-03-04 08:31:09 UTC  |  Edited by: Dedaf
Hi guys, that for all the feedback, im sorry i have been a bit away, thats why it has been some time since last update.
But now i think i have managed to correct most of the issues you have reported.

i will try to give a short answer some of the questions you have here.

Lady Vici : you asked about import of station items. This i have tried to do, but its a total mess up unless you only have material in a few stations. There are so many things i need to do for it to be simple to sort trough, so i gave up on that one. Too much work for the benefit. So i agree with Zifrian that this function isn't very useful.

Human Friend: I do not see the bug you report about silo's, However when i was looking in to it, i found another issue with the Silos and the PI material, so that is corrected now. Thanks.

Hellenn: T1 gang modules has been moved to T2 production sheet, due to the advance material need.

solardave: The material use for the "Recursive computing module" has been corrected.

Blasfemy: T1 & T2 missile names has been corrected.

Arpad Elo: i think you might be using a none excel version or the excel you are using are not compatible with excel 2010

bomb1911: Fuel blocks in the POS production sheet is next on my list. Ii just wanted to upload this new version now, since it has been a few month since the last one.

Thanks again, i hope you will like the new version 14.3

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Tal Jestar
Caldari Provisions
Caldari State
#87 - 2012-03-05 00:32:51 UTC  |  Edited by: Tal Jestar

I'm running Office 2011 on a Mac, and when ever I hit the 'Update Skill Data' button, I get a Run-Time error '438'. Anyone have a fix for that? Thanks!

Vengance Inc.
#88 - 2012-03-31 20:14:26 UTC  |  Edited by: Maktheros
I am using Office for Mac for 2004 and can't seem to get the sheet to work. I thought i had all the necessary converters. The buttons will not do any updating and return errors when pressed. Additionally, I cannot input my own mineral prices to get an accurate costing. It seems as if all I can do is just look at it.

Dedaf, what you've done here is magnificent at the least. I'm truly impressed with what you have put together here. Thank you for doing so, and putting it out here for all of us to use. It's an immense resource.

I just hope to get it working soon so that I can reap it's full benefits.
Adolar Askiras
Gallien Space Corp
#89 - 2012-04-02 20:57:47 UTC
I use this tool also at my Mac.

When i press the "Update" at the DATA-Site, there come's an Runtime-Error Line 438...
I use Excel:mac 2011.

Can anyone help?
Gallien Space Corp
#90 - 2012-04-04 02:12:50 UTC
Ok, again with another question.

Is it possible to insert a 3th Char? I play with two Miner-Chars (Retriver and Hulk) and one Refiner-Char (Orca) but i can calculate only with one Miner and one Refiner...
The Scope
Gallente Federation
#91 - 2012-04-09 13:29:01 UTC
Hi Dedaf,

Thanks for the excellent tools.
I have a question for you.

Would it be possible, on the ore mining tab, to add lines in the ore section.
Right now, it's not possible to have a line for each type of ore available in game and since the worksheet is protected, I can't add them myself.

It's missing 6 lines in the empire ore section, 3 in the low sec ore section and 12 in the 0.0 ore section.

Thank you
Lord Callous
Into the Abyss
#92 - 2012-04-16 08:18:58 UTC  |  Edited by: Lord Callous
Seems like a considerable amount of time and effort put into this. Well functioning and even looking good. Thanks a lot.

Now a request, something that I miss is the lack of a BPO/BPC inventory, where we can list the BPOs we own (or even better, be taken from API if that's possible), their ME and PE level. Using that inventory we could plan further ME and PE research, copying jobs, what BP to buy next, etc. Additionally, when we would install a job in the sheet (e.g. a T2 ship), the various component's BP ME level, would be auto-filled from the BP inventory.

With something like this added, which would be easy for someone with your knowledge (I don't have the knowledge to do anything but the simplest sheets), I believe that the sheet would be more complete, by covering R&D adequately (which interacts with industry anyway). I expect such an addition (should you choose to implement it) to be a useful addition to more people than just me.

That's just a humble request and not a demand of course. Once again, thanks for all the effort and time you have put in this.
Hitake Onren
Pator Tech School
Minmatar Republic
#93 - 2012-04-17 06:28:17 UTC
Great sheet, thanks for the effort!
Katherine Austen
Caldari Provisions
Caldari State
#94 - 2012-04-22 18:34:52 UTC
Hi, thanks a lot for the tool.

I just have one request:

could the user be able to edit the query to eve-central? I would need this to get more accurate prices: i would like to be able to get the price from a single system and to get the max buy order and min sell order.

Seniors Clan
#95 - 2012-04-23 14:16:47 UTC
Excellent sheet, great piece of work.

My only request would be an invention tab. I know there are tools and web pages out there that do this, but it'd be nice to have it on this sheet, so you can tell at a glance if you have the skills to invent specific things.
Mary Celest
#96 - 2012-05-02 02:24:55 UTC
hey m8, first off I have to give you props for crafting something as huge as this, the amount mathematical assistance when it comes to the elusive :spacehebrewery: in this single spreadsheet is amazing. However, I noticed that when I went into my downloaded version, my mineral prices were all mixed around; as in, it was showing Morphite's average sell price at 6.16 isk/unit while Tritanium was at roughly 8,800 isk/unit. Is my download corrupt by chance?
Red Teufel
Feign Disorder
#97 - 2012-05-16 16:47:54 UTC
can't adjust the prices for moon goo on the pos production sheet. shows tech is 1 isk?
Derus Grobb
Shifting Suns Industries
#98 - 2012-05-17 11:00:27 UTC
Great sheet, thanks for sharing!
AzAkiR NaLDa
Council of Exiles
#99 - 2012-05-28 00:03:25 UTC
found a small bug in the T1 production tab.

it switched megacyte and zydrine amounts when counting up all "to be build" runs.

Lone Star Warrior

United Brothers Of Eve
#100 - 2012-06-03 08:08:07 UTC
Hi Everyone

I have just uploaded a new version 14.3.4
In this you vill find the name change for launchers and some missiles, but also the POS productions sheet is now using fuel blocks.

Ill try to answer to some of the questions here.

Batholomeus: Is it possible to insert a 3th Char?
No at this time you can only upload 2 characters. I guess i could add another, but i'm sure someone will then as for 4. So for the time being 2 characters is the max you can upload.

Jattzie: Would it be possible, on the ore mining tab, to add lines in the ore section?
Other people have asked it as well. But i still like to try keep the sheet simple, i have never mined everything in a belt I only went for the most valuable ore, unless it was a corp mining. But then you should use the Corp mining sheets in this tool.

Lord Callous: A way to list all the BP you own?
In the T1 and rig sheets you have a list of similar to what you are asking, but of cause its only pr sheet, its doesn't show all you BP. Importing them with the API isnt an option. Its possible to some degree, but its doesn't show ME or PE. Also the item import from the API is a total mess, so tis doesnt really help much.
But thanks for your idea's i appreciate it.

Katherine Austen: i would like to be able to get the price from a single system
I dont think it will help much giving users right to change the import feeds, be cause they are very complex, so i doubt very many would be able to edit anything them self.
But i like the idea with adding the solar system, this is an idea i will look in to, to see what i can come up with.

Squeaks: My only request would be an invention tab
I would like to do an invention tab, but i have never done it myself ingame, so i do not know very much about the technical calculations. Therefore i cant really make anything useful tool at this time i think. But who knows maybe it finds my interest someday, then for sure i will make an invention tool.

Mary Celest: my mineral prices were all mixed around
I think you may have a bug in the file that you downloaded, i dont see this error, so try to download it again.

Red Teufe: can't adjust the prices for moon goo on the pos production sheet. shows tech is 1 isk?
There seem to be an issue with the statistic from Eve-central, it is not the sheet that are wrong, its the data its getting from the imported statistic file im afraid. What you can do is use your own prices for now.
This is the direct feed from eve-central, scroll down to item number 16649, here you will see that the Median price is totally off as you mention.

AzAkiR NaLDa: it switched megacyte and zydrine amounts
I dont see this issue, but it could be that you have a setup that make this error to show. Try to download the latest version and see if its the same. If it is, then feel free to contact me ingame, then we will have a look at it.

Thanks to all of you for the feed back, i hope you enjoy the latest version.

Want to know what is best to mine or build at which cost? then try out Dedaf's Industrial Tool