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Head up all Mac users!

Midge Mo'yb
State War Academy
Caldari State
#21 - 2012-02-27 12:48:18 UTC
Im playing right now on parallels desktop 7 with decent performance
Trion Roles
Sons of Bistot
Intaki-Business Logistics Union
#22 - 2012-02-29 18:34:00 UTC
The solution is a native client rather than this Cider nonsense.
#23 - 2012-03-01 00:32:08 UTC
Trion Roles wrote:
The solution is a native client rather than this Cider nonsense.

If we insist on that, we'll get no client, rather than this Cider nonsense.

CCP has trouble enough keeping up with one client codebase, let alone two.

"It's easy to speak for the silent majority. They rarely object to what you put into their mouths." -Abrazzar "the risk of having your day ruined by other people is the cornerstone with which EVE was built" -CCP Solomon

Noir Elsuno
#24 - 2012-03-05 08:36:47 UTC
Its always funny to browse the Mac-section of this forum. Sure there are some major problem with the MacClient for Eve, but tbh, sometimes I got the feeling MacUsers never stick their nose outside this section and look what other platform users have for problems. It looks mostly similar for me and CCP is still working on it. The time that eve is running in low FPS and poor grafic is long away - for me.

I switched early 2008 from Windows to Mac because of the working performance a MS PC wouldn't give me (I worked with mac a long time before) and I didn't just followed the trend "I bought a MAC because its cool" - all these fashion trackers tztztztz...

Sure, in the beginning it was annoying to play Eve and after they brought the Trinity graphics to the Mac its was terror - 2 weeks of nothing no solution no comment or ever form CCP side - that was the time of the 5 -15 FPS.

I still use the same machine to play Eve (just changed the HD) and I am fine with it. It its a super Mac just a standard 24" IMac ´08
2GB RAM - 256MB GPU ATI 2600

And I don't have all these problems and I guess the most Mac Client users also not. It runs fine for me in OS X (Dual Boxed) with medium settings - yeah thats not the maximum of EVE beauty but it looks still great.
No reason for Bootcamp or any other Windows trash on my Mac. Also no MacKeeper sh** and other google.spyware.nwo.failware required.

People just should think why they are going to buy a mac. In the todays worlds economy "Cool" isn't anymore an argument. And a Mac is a working machine not, for games and stuff like this.
Goran Konjich
#25 - 2012-03-07 12:44:07 UTC
RubyPorto wrote:

CCP has trouble enough keeping up with one client codebase, let alone two.

im quite sure its only one code base, considering its a cider mashup

I'm a diplomat. Sometimes i throw 425mm wide briefcases at enemy. Such is EVE.

Enrick Frostbite
The Scope
Gallente Federation
#26 - 2012-03-13 17:28:48 UTC
Never had crashing or freezing issues, I run eve on my 2011 macbook 10.5.8. I run it on the native resolution 1280x800 mostly on medium, textures on high and everything was smooth albeit some occasional 2-3second hiccups. But after the latest patch crucible 1.5, everything just went to crap. Slow and choppy even tried switching settings to low, reset the client, and the computer, it didn't help. Slow and choppy. And to think I just paid for the 3month subscription. Patch killed it for me.
Sons Of 0din
Commonwealth Vanguard
#27 - 2012-03-13 17:35:48 UTC
RubyPorto wrote:
E Wan wrote:
Beh, guys no one pushes you to play this game at all. OS X client NEVER worked as good as Winblows one. So it is either start enjoying this game and every detail of it, or keep on strugling and molesting your self with Mac client, unprovoced lag, low graphic, low frame rates, loosing ships due some crashes that doesn't log anywhere, no reimbusement because game "works", and so on... No one said it's not PITA or annoying to reboot but it's about pleasure and something that you are all paying. Lunux users end up without client, I see same thing happening to us in some future. This game simply does not work on OS X. Try it, you will be amazed, and know again that your computer is not crap!

This is the Macintosh forum, not the Windows-Is-Better forum.

My computer (for some unknown reason) shits itself when I try to set up BootCamp. So that's not really an option.

I daren't bootcamp my Mac, the last time I did it decided to melt the HDD and I was without a computer for around a week. Would've cost me £170 but luckily was still under Apple Care...
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