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F.i.S. + Factional warfare scenario

No Star Michellin but Chef Foundation
#1 - 2011-09-20 18:05:31 UTC
Every Empire faction could have operator s which try to hire players to elimate enemys for them. If u have accept a job, there is a chance, that the Target offers a job to get protected.
Other players could do this.

If the target is within space u will get in trouble on gates, because u have a bad standing with this faction, there should be a new ship type, which gives a chance that u will not be detected as an enemy.
( a script based module)

Before u can elimate the target u should find it on the station u had infiltrate. Probally it moves and u had to get in contact with spys working for your operator.

A hacking profession would be good around it, to open secured locked doors. Ransom Npcs to get informations, doing bad things. Hire exotic dancers, to get inforation s for u out of your enemys. ( a percantage chance to succed with it).

The reward could be start beeing step by step an own operator.
Give jobs to other players.

As better the rank, as better your enemys, and a higher chance to suceed in looking for them.