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EVE New Citizens Q&A

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New Player Advice: your first ship

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Cathy Drall
Royal Amarr Institute
Amarr Empire
#21 - 2012-02-16 19:40:30 UTC  |  Edited by: Cathy Drall
After the rookie ship, I did the tutorials so the little mining Bantam was my 1st ship.

1. I only flew it for a short while and what I consider to be my 1st real ship was the Kestrel. A great little boat with a huge range, a perfect kiting ship. The only normal t1 frigate with 4 bonussed weapons I think, the only real downside was the horrible lack of powergrid to fit 4 standard missile launchers. And one extra slot (like the Merlin has, but I hate skill intensive dual weapon systems) wouldn't have hurt.

Then I cross trained a little to Amarr because I disliked all the Caldari cruiser hulls and tried it the Omen for a while. It was a bit underwhelming and I don´t think I used it for more than a few days. Later, the only Amarr ships I really used frequently were the Retribution (L3), Abbaddon (L4) and Malediction (for autopiloting around).

2. Next ship was the passive Drake. A tough workhorse, even with low skills and near to indestructable. I used for many months and it always served me pretty well. It's a bit of a pity though that with about the same skills, (especially tier 2) battlecruisers can do almost everything a T1 cruiser can do - but better.

3. Last ship I used a lot was the Tengu. It can do so many things, I think you can play most of EVE with just this one ship. Although it´s pretty ugly (and expensive) it´s still my favourite and most loved EVE ship, it´s just the best of its class.

Well, apparently I don't dislike missile boats. :) I also liked navy cruisers (my fav: Fleet Stabber) and assault frigates (my fav: Jaguar) a lot. Very versatile and fun ships with generous fitting options. Unfortunately a lot of EVE ships are subpar or very limited in their use, these ones are great and flexible additions to your fleet.
Devore Sekk
Ministry of War
Amarr Empire
#22 - 2012-02-17 00:11:37 UTC
I've found my destroyer that I got from the career mission to be useful. I can only speak from PvE experience ;) but destroyers are fast and small like frigates, so they're hard to track and hit, and pack A LOT of fire with very low skills. I still use a destroyer to clear out a level 3 mission that melts my cruiser, because the destroyer has the range, speed and DPS that my cruiser does not.

Maybe I fail at "cruisering", but I am training my char slowly "horizontally", with all support skills and side skills (like industry and PI) so my skills will NEVER be ahead of my wallet Straight I'm in no hurry to fly some particular ship or to hyper-specialize. Maybe when I'm a bittervet and start running a dozen alts.
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