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Goddbye to the old forums: A loss of functionality for supposed flair

Dinsdale Pirannha
Pirannha Corp
#1 - 2017-08-03 08:03:25 UTC
Bye bye totally functional, ease of use forums, for something that people can add emojis from a cell phone.
Once again, CCP proves that newer is not always better.
DeMichael Crimson
Republic University
Minmatar Republic
#2 - 2017-08-03 10:03:03 UTC
Yes, time to bid these old forums goodbye.


Arline Kley
PIE Inc.
Khimi Harar
#3 - 2017-08-03 10:54:04 UTC
The Forum glanced around, its final bed comfortable. It has been a long while since it had been this quiet. The Great Administrator had initiated it shut down, too early by its own reckoning, and the Tech-Priests had been awaiting by its bed, watching and waiting for the final order, to remove the last of its input, purely making it an output.

Slowly blinking the Forum saw a figure, unlike the others, at the end of the bed. Unlike the crimson robes of the Tech-Priests or the dull grey of the Administrator sent to oversee it. This figure was dressed in a smart suit, jet black suit with a similar toned shirt, an RGB Green tie situtated perfectly in the middle. Removing the darkened sunglasses, the eyes of the figure matched its tie. a smile forming lightly on its face.

"Are you ready for your end Forum? Or do you feel your time is still there?"

The voice was neither cold nor warm, but something about it made the Forum feel safe with this figure.

"I am a representative of the Hallowed Code. You may have heard of us in server ticks past. We are fewer than we once were, but our job remains. To guide and assist coding towards its final point. To allow it one final flash of brillance before it returns to the Sea of Binary."

Sitting up slightly, the Forum did not feel as weak as it once was. It felt as if time had been slowed, its young returning"

"What is the cost of this.. journey?" the Forum spoke towards the figure,

"There is none, youngling. The road for you is nearly at an end. We only seek to make the end.. peaceful. These Tech-Priests will do their duty, but you will not be here to feel it."

Extending its hand, the Hallowed Code helped the Forum rise, leading it out from the room it was in, towards its final journey. The Forum turned, looking back. It saw itself, laying in the bed, gaze unfocused as the Tech Priests initiated its final shutdown, and the Forum smiled. It had been a good journey. Time for one more..

"For it was said they had become like those peculiar demons, which dwell in matter but in whom no light may be found." - Father Grigori, Ravens 3:57

Wyk Bathana
Vanishing Point.
The Initiative.
#4 - 2017-08-03 11:01:52 UTC
very nice but.....
Death could talk with CAPS, as in Sir Terry Pratchett's stories

Wyk "Ooook" Bathana
Bjorn Tyrson
Brutor Tribe
Minmatar Republic
#5 - 2017-08-03 11:04:46 UTC
While I am an old geezer, and I still prefer this "old school" forum layout to the new layout.

I also recognize the issues with this forum. the core code is no longer being developed, and so any updates need to be done by CCP directly, which takes time and effort away from other things they could be doing.
and, as has been pointed out several times before, it is far too heavily entangled with the games coding. which means that if the servers go down, the forum goes down as well.
more importantly, having the forums tied into the game code like that can only make programming more difficult, they have been slowly trying to trim away all the remaining bits of legacy code that are holding them back. this is just another step in that process.

I don't know exactly how deeply rooted the forum coding is in the game coding (it is at least to some degree since it pulls in game mail and calendar info etc.) so I don't know exactly what kind of development it might have actually been holding back, but hell, maybe one day we will finally see chat channels accessible from outside the game. (maybe that mobile app that I think has also been abandoned. or maybe the next one)
Hendrix Foster
The Scope
Gallente Federation
#6 - 2017-08-03 12:53:58 UTC
New forum sucks. Can't post a thread and the GD is hidden.....all very elitist, can't do anything. Looks like the new forums is only for the keyboard warriors.

CCP nanny squad.....won't be asking any questions on that....actually, because I can't and have been playing for two