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Honor Above All Else - Indy Pilots Wanted Join Now

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#1 - 2017-08-01 13:40:50 UTC
Honor Above All Else is an industrial corporation , We are a tight knit group of pilots that have been flying together for quiet some time and are looking for both new and veteran pilots to join our ranks and push the corp to the next level. We have a mix of both US and EU pilots.

Quick facts about us
- value family and friends
- hate drama
- love to PvP and come up with amazing builds and gang fleet combos
- mine, manufacture, and trade but not always in that order

What we are looking for
-Friendly people who respect others
-Full API access for verification purposes but also for website features
-Leadership qualities. We have some roles we'd like filled and are looking for potential candidates.

We offer the very best environment for explorers, miners and industrialists at all levels, particularly those who wish to invent and set up their own production activities. Our experienced leadership team is new-bro friendly and always willing to help.

We primarily focus on the following :

-Mining both Ice and Ore.
- Research and invention.
- Manufacturing - Access to over 400 fully researched BP's.
- Combat sites

As a player you should

-be active in a EU-US-timezone
-be willing to help other corp members
-be curious and creative about what EVE has to offer
-be interested in working in a team
-not be bored easily when no one else is around since we cannot provide entertainment 24/7
-be able to use discord
-have a good (but not too vulgar) dose of humor

(haae pub) pop in for a chat

fly safe your 'honor above all else' will be tested