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[Recruiting] International Group of Anthony Aerial Forces

Anthony Kung
International Group of Anthony Aerial Forces
#1 - 2017-07-28 16:02:13 UTC  |  Edited by: Anthony Kung
International Group of Anthony Aerial Forces Now Recruiting!

The IGAF is friendly to everyone. We are looking for friendly players too. For anyone interested in making ISKs without dying, this is the place for you.

FREE Venture for FIRST 10 Member of Active Duty who applied.

So Why Join Us?

1. Low Tax [5% forever]
2. Place to make ISKs
3. Well organised
4. Friendly to everyone
5. Protection
6. Discord
7. Salary included for Member of Active Duty [MAD]
8. The only corp in EVE Online with 37 established rules to protect its members
9. Well organised structure with 15 titles and lots of department [E.g. Personnel Affair Department, etc.]
10. Broadcasting channel and physical operation centres in Singapore and Malaysia
11. And more!

What Do We Do?

1. Mining
2. Ratting
3. PVE activities
4. PVP [If Applicable]
5. Expanding Corp
6. Fleet activities

HQ: Clellinon VI Moon 11

How To Apply?

1. Message Anthony Kung
2. Contact IGAF Personnel Affair Department
3. Click here

Please allow 24 hours processing time.

Best Wishes,
International Group of Anthony - Personnel Affair Department