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a Nebie friendly Gallente Corp in Sinq Laison?

Clucker Milani
Center for Advanced Studies
Gallente Federation
#1 - 2017-07-28 14:36:20 UTC
Gallente newbie here.
Is there a Newbie friendly gallente corp in Sinq Laison area?
I started her in Verge Vendor and in viewing the maps I find that I'd like
to do my time and settle in Sinq Laison.

Looking for Distribution, business, Industry, R&D Agent Missions to begin with
while realistically skill training for higher degrees of ships/systems/fittings/drones.
Weeks and months of course on that.

I'm old and slower than most, methodical.. but I'll get there.
Of course I'll do some combat while learning to get better at that. But I don't aspire
to Fleet wars or anything.

Most of all during my first 6 months I'd need to sit back and listen to pick up as much
info as possible from corp channel, and of course I'd need a lot of questions answered
in my guppy swimmin.

I wish you well.
Stranger = enemy.