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PVP-Industry-PvP-Industry-PvP Bros

Ethan Kel
The Merchant Marine's
#1 - 2017-07-26 21:40:32 UTC  |  Edited by: Ethan Kel
Hack, cut, kill and loot ( The name of our Law Firm)


We continue our voyage into the fray with only the strength of our convictions, fortitude, and steadfast perseverance as our only guides in the face of all adversity as we have done in times past and will continue to do in the times to come.

"Your success is our success and is what we as your leadership team strive to achieve."

We value our members as individuals first and attempt to ensure that their gameplay experience is fun by providing a positive environment through support and encouragement rather than these over demanding, sledgehammer leadership styles that humiliate and subjugate people.

We are seeking active, committed and dedicated team players to join our forces - players who share these same values and ideals in wanting to have fun, wanting to succeed in personal pursuits and finally, wanting to be part of and share in the success of the alliance in this teamwork without all the other BS.

Merchant, Looters, and Ghosts

We know and fully understand that joining a corp. is always a decision that we all attempt to make carefully so let me tell you a bit about us.

First, we welcome all players including new players who meet our requirements. Our core members are veteran players from all over the world including former and active duty military personnel.

Our management style reflects contemporary business practices in recognizing the team and its members and in seeking continual improvement through identifying and re-defining "Best Practices" as the need may arise.

We have re-created our corp. from the original corp, "The Merchant Marines." We are now, "The Merchant Marine's." The former corp. is almost as old as EVE itself. We are a 0.0 (Null Sec) corporation and have full access to 0.0 space.

We are a proud member of The Serenity Initiative alliance, part of the Phoenix Federation Coalition.

We understand that one of the greatest challenges for new players is the very wide learning curve between the veteran and the new players. This is where we can help you. We have much to offer and hopefully you something to offer us.

Our primary expectation is that our members strive to be a team player and team oriented. This is critical for the many OPS that we conduct. There is always plenty of time for individual pursuits apart from corp OPS.

Some of our activities include;

*PvP - PvP - PvP
*Industry, Mining, Exploration!
*Access to comprehensive knowledge base!
*Skilled and professional leadership committed to the success of our members!
*5 mil skill requirement(Contact Ethan Kel for exception)

We are an honorable corporation and value our reputation for being trustworthy.

It must be understood that not everyone has the qualities of character, maturity, honor, and strength to be a Marine, time and patience are your best friends and will prove your worth to us as and us to you in this team.


* Active participation
* Full Omega Account
* Voice Comms (We use Mumble)
* Character API Verification Required(We will help you with this)
* 5 million Skill Points

The skill point requirement may be exempted per discussion with Ethan Kel

We will provide any assistance in getting these requirements set up.

Our in-game recruitment channel is;

Marine's Pub

The offer is there . . . The decision is yours.

Contact Ethan Kel in-game.
Ethan Kel
The Merchant Marine's
#2 - 2017-08-03 10:09:52 UTC
Please bump recruitment still open. Thanks