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[YC119 New Eden Capsuleer's Writing Contest] Reachblades

Alexylva Paradox
#1 - 2017-07-18 01:37:56 UTC  |  Edited by: Ninavask
Hello Pilots!

I have something that will, hopefully, help occupy your times as you ply trade across the cluster we all inhabit. I have a story to present to you all that I will be submitting to the YC 119 New Eden Capsuleer's Writing Contest.

That said, the submission is not quite complete. In the coming week before the contests submission date is closed I am going to be finishing the last rounds of editing to this story. However as I am an impatient man, I decided I would submit each chapter to be read as I release it.

Think of it as a serial novella that you can enjoy at your leisure as you do whatever it is you do in this cluster of ours. The link below this message will take you to where Reachblades of Chandeille will be published and I will post daily updates in this forum to notify readers of the projects unending march towards completion.

A short summary of my submission -

Reachblades of Chandeille is a story that takes place in the ancient past of the Jin-Mei people of the Gallente Federation. The story takes place on Chandeille, or Tei-Su. Though you may know the planet better as simply, Lirsautton V, the ancestral home of the Jin-Mei people.

Reachblades tells the story of a young man, and his friends, caught up in a great war that will uproot them from the lives they know and force them into conflict with foreign invaders. The Holy Kingdom of the Chantu has declared war in the name of their God-Emperor, and has descended on their neighbors to the south in a bid to purge them from the continent. Sanyu lives in the Kal-Tung Kingdom to the direct south, and his home of Chandao is directly in the line of fire as the Chantu war machine grinds into action. The world finds itself plunged into a perilous war that could decide the fate of all who live on Chandeille, and there is no telling who will even survive to see what comes of it.

Join Sanyu and his friends on their journey, and witness the perils of life in the ancient past of one of New Edens many cradles of civilization.

I hope you all enjoy my submission, check back daily for updates!

Reachblades of Chandeille on Fictionpress

Completion Status

  • Chapter 1 is Finished
  • Chapter 2 is Finished!
  • Chapter 3 is Finished!
  • Chapter 4 is Finished!
  • Chapter 5 is Finished!
  • Chapter 6 is Finished!
  • Chapter 7 is Finished!
  • Chapter 8 is Finished!
  • Chapter 9 is Finished!
  • Epilogue is Finished!

Story finished!
Final word count : 30,000

Dr. Ninavask Revan


Alexylva Paradox

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