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Stacked Jump Fatigue

ASDIC 2029
BlueStar Mining and Hauling Operations
#1 - 2017-07-09 23:22:30 UTC
Ok everyone is frustrated since the Jump Fatigue changes but this just go out of hand.

Was in Redeemer waiting to drop on a target for 3 hours, when the time comes, i uncloak and hit jump to.

Got the Jump fatigue, ship didnt jump, got traffic control of 4 minutes. Thought i missclikced or server issues, tried to jump another 2 times.
Ship didnt jump at all still traffic control, got 10+ hours of jump fatigue, missed the kill, got 1 day 3 hours total, cause after the "issue" resolved i had to jump back to base.

I did petition this but with CCCPs responce times on petitions i am gona miss a capital Op tomorrrow.

Anyone else had similar issues liek this ? I mean, the jump fatigue i got wasnte even calculated fora Black Ops either..... wtf happened ? EvilEvilEvilEvilEvilEvilEvilEvilEvil