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PVE Upgrades and Content Generation

Sharnhorst von Deathwish
STK Scientific
The Initiative.
#1 - 2017-07-01 17:56:51 UTC  |  Edited by: Sharnhorst von Deathwish
Good day everyone. So, this began as some bullet points and notes. As I continued with the ideas that have been conversation pieces over the years, things that we have all said or hear or thought would be great additions. I have tried to flesh out some of the ideas for a more concise idea process – something to just put out there for people to think on or CCP to say, yea.. we could do that.

The intent here is to have more content drivers while revamping a lot of the PVE in game. Without trying to change or break anom ratting and what it is, and what it could become by altering it.. a rather different approach. Something new and more engaging. If it’s more fun, people will do it.

Also, there is no TL;DR - because laziness need not be enabled.

Lastly, I apologize for the format. It was a lot cleaner when done through Office.. but did not translate well.

Concept Idea 1: Introduction of interactive NPC entities that interact not only with players/corporations but with other NPC entities based on player input through mission success/failure.

1) Introduction of new Trading Consortium and a new organization, Trading Consortium Alliance.

a) NPC corporations that vie for commerce routes, mining, and trade opportunities.

b) Purpose: Interaction between NPC corporations that will drive both small scale and large scale fleet opportunities. Content both in terms of PVE events and activities as well as PVP opportunities when these events require players to travel rather than remain entrenched in one system.

c) Rough draft idea: Addition of mechanic that allows a corporation to align themselves with a single trading NPC corporation, creating opportunities to work with that entity as well as against competitor corporations.
i) This concept would need 4-6 NPC corporations to align with, selecting one per upwell structure.
ii) This concept would also have an additional alignment option for military citadels. (astra/fort/keepstar).

d) Advanced concept idea: New organization like ORE, Trading Consortium Alliance (TCA) with eventual release of some new industry oriented implants, modules, and ships that are a blend of industry and combat.
i) Implant to reduce Jump Fuel usage.
ii) Implant to increase range of mining lasers.
iii) Modules to increase warp speed

iv) T2-T3 haulers – Armed Convoy
(1) Like T3 destroyers – Cannot cloak, haul 10-50k
(a) Mode 1: Bonus to damage / tracking
(b) Mode 2: Bonus to hitpoints / resistance
(c) Mode 3: Bonus to warp speed / agility

v) Utility Combat ships
(1) Destroyer / Cruiser size ships.
(a) Less effective in damage than comparible T1-T2 ships.
(b) More armor / resists.
(c) Slow / bulky.
(d) Two types of weapons.
(i) Both weapon types do less damage because they are meant to improve profitability of the kill.
(ii) One type applies heat slowly to a target. Not all modules, just one module at a time. This does not destroy the module, it would just shut it down for 30-60 seconds when it overheats to 100 %.
(iii) The other type is meant to improve salvage. Meaning – more drops on the loot table.
vi) Empire module outposts would allow for LP usage.
Sharnhorst von Deathwish
STK Scientific
The Initiative.
#2 - 2017-07-01 17:57:34 UTC  |  Edited by: Sharnhorst von Deathwish
Implementation: Corporation owned citadels have the option to deploy a faction module for one of the selected merchant corporations or empire military outposts.
(1) Citadel or Upwell structure availability.
(a) Size of structure will determine benefits / events.

2) Examples of Benefits of a trade consortium module.
a) Small module (Raitaru)
i) Limited opportunity for a mission to present itself. The more small modules in system for this faction/consortium the more likely it will appear.

(1) Something like a 4-8 hour chance for it to appear.

(2) All corporations in system will have it appear in a que window, maybe like a daily mission item.

(3) Manager+ can accept. Once accepted, the timer for a new mission is down for 4-8 hours regardless of the outcome of the mission.

ii) Once mission is accepted, a limited NPC engagement will begin within 15 minutes.
(1) Example: Haulers leaving random upwell structure. No defense.
(a) They may travel 2-8 jumps out. They will announce it.
(b) Objective to keep them alive while they travel to destination.
(c) Random NPCs will spawn from rival consortiums to intercept.
(d) Obviously PVP content will happen.

(2) Participation: Systemwide fleet invite sent by NPC corporation to corporation that accepted. That corporation can invite anyone they want.

(3) Reward: Based on how many people are in fleet and in destination system upon completion.
(a) Could be ISK.
(b) Could be LP with that consortium and then can be turned in at any citadel with that faction.
(i) The bigger the citadel – the better the options.
(c) Could be random, rare modules / loot.
(d) The higher end events, requiring a module in a keepstar or sotiyo would be rare and unique items. Example: Rare blue print copies or originals for higher ships.
(i) 1-5 run copies of ME10 tech 2 ships.
(ii) 1 run copies of ME20-30 capital ship
(iii) BPO of new TCA (Trading Consortium Alliance) ships.
Sharnhorst von Deathwish
STK Scientific
The Initiative.
#3 - 2017-07-01 17:59:05 UTC  |  Edited by: Sharnhorst von Deathwish
High Sec PVE content upgrade: High End Empire modules can create incursion like events with a lot of risk and a lot of reward on the table.
i) Opportunity to ally and engage with and against capital on capital fights in High Sec (NPC).
ii) Opportunity for a Low or Null sec system to actually flip allegiance depending on outcome.
(1) Imagine 100-200 heavy combat NPCs of the Amarr (example) empire now patrolling your system and reacting to anyone with a difference standing with great hostility.
(2) A bit of a step up on standings meaning something.
iii) Opportunity for empire borders to become fluid – meaning.. PLAYERS really can impact the game.
iv) Opportunity for an invasion – Think about a raid level event (term in any other MMO) where you set the EVE time for it to kick off and over the next 3-5 days each day the invasion renews at that time and it could move through multiple systems and all of a sudden.. you have Minmatar and Amarr combat stations deployed in Jita and they aren’t very friendly.

c) Security Status – Depending on certain wars, because these could be seen as war events, the status on a system could fluctuate up or down by 0.1 or so. Perhaps changing some boundary high sec to low sec, or vice versa. This could also make some low sec into null sec areas – meaning.. change!

d) Scaling
i) Obviously opportunities get bigger with bigger citadels/upwell facilities.
ii) The more structures in system with the same faction, the higher the chance a FLEET mission will appear.
iii) The bigger the tier of fleet mission, the more dangerous it is. The more NPCs. The better the reward.

e) Additional content.
i) Potential daily mission within 1-3 systems for corporation members.
(1) Completable by 1-2 people.

(2) Mining missions.

(3) (rough idea) Bounty Office – Bounty pay outs now come with an LP award.
(a) Upgrade to bounty system in system would increase damage towards players of opposing or unaligned factions (empire) the higher the bounty is on them.
(b) This LP can be used to have a live report stating when someone is on and in what system.
(c) Using this LP might be a cooldown item and last for a few hours of that player being online.

(4) Defend local structure.
ii) Increase in NPC traffic.
(1) NPC haulers moving back and forth.

(2) Frigates and cruisers patrolling in small fleets.

(3) Small mining fleets in the belts.

(4) Occasionally freighters (opportunity to travel to someone elses system and gank their TCA freighter = PVP content)
Sharnhorst von Deathwish
STK Scientific
The Initiative.
#4 - 2017-07-01 18:00:47 UTC
Additional content DRIVER.
i) Combat missions offered to defend your space. Hostile roaming traffic or embargo.

(1) Example: 20-30 hostile NPCs for a competing empire module camp your gate with warp and scrap. Spawn rate rare and varies?
ii) Corporation Mission: Defend citadel from NPC attack wave. Think: Incursion.

(1) You would have a timer, say 72-100 hours until attack arrives.

(2) You can muster your fleet within that time and then escalate it and fleet arrives. This is more like other MMOs in it would be a raid level event.

(3) Additionally, this could also be an assault mission in which you would have to go attack someone else’s citadel with a convoy of NPC ships.
(a) Yes, it would give a timer to the attack target corporation.
(b) Yes, they would be notified when the convoy leaves (20-40 minute arrival time depending on gates).
(c) No control over what target the mission picks beforehand.

Additional Rewards of one faction being the largest presence in system
Minor benefits to the citadel depending on what empire or consortium module is installed, one only.

(1) Examples:
(a) Faster rep/recharge time when tethered.
(b) Faster warp travel speed when leaving tether of the station for 60-180 seconds.
(c) Reduction of jump fuel consumption by 5 % when jumping within 50km proximity of station.
(d) Corporation: System wide +10 % respawn rate of ore belts.
(e) Empire: System wide +1 wave of pirates on anomalies
(f) Corporation: System wide +5 % asteroid volume in belts.
(g) Empire: System wide de-cloak usable once every 6 hours, lasts 5 minutes.
(h) Consortium: System wide jump fatigue = increasing countdown by 10 % to speed up recovery.
(i) Empire: System wide +2 % damage
(j) Empire: System wide +4 % armor or shield hp

h) Isk upkeep / Isk drain.
i) All modules would require ISK upkeep, like corporation offices.
(1) The bigger the citadel, the bigger the upkeep.
(2) All modules would require an additional purchase, obviously. Blueprints would require LP perhaps.
(3) Construction of the module itself would also consume LP. Preventing hording and stockpiling pre-launch.
(4) LP could be obtained through current legacy stations in most systems. Baseline missions for that empire and whatever consortiums were there. Missions would be pretty low end, but a starter point.
ii) Additional upkeep / money sink

(1) Repairs to the fleet / gathering materials for a convoy.
(a) BPCs available for parts to be built. Players build these and then submit to the empire/consortium office.
(b) When the amount reaches a certain amount – this will trigger a mission spawn.

(2) Hiring Officers.
(a) Straight up ISK cost to start a cooldown for an officer search.
(i) ISK cost does not gaurantee officer shows up, starts a 6-24 hour search.
(ii) Level of officer determines difficulty and reward of mission.

Sofia Ziyara
Imperial Academy
Amarr Empire
#5 - 2017-07-01 21:23:29 UTC
So... basically, an NPC Corp-based pseudo-Faction Warfare that revolves around convoys, and IHUB-like upgrades on Upwell structures? And all of this culminates into a top-tier pseudo-Incursion?

Maybe I'm overlooking them, but you may want to highlight a few things if you've thought about them

(1) What makes this unique and worth doing apart from Incursions and Factional Warfare? Shipyards challenge the players in taking down a specific doctrine, Incursions have well-designed stages which are designed to test fleet cohesion and planning, and factional warfare tests small-gang combat. This isn't adding an end-game to any specific playstyle that doesn't already exist.

(2) How is this going to keep Empire space stable? High-sec's calling card is its stability and a fairly balanced ecosystem. If you want unpredictability, you transition out. Why introduce what looks to be the ultimate un-stabilizer, when same endgoal could be experienced in low or null? You would be interrupting a lot of trading and general mining backbone, as well as destabilizing rookie experiences and people just getting their feet.

(3) Why do we need large-scale high-sec pve? FW does beautifully in low sec, no? Is this fulfilling a crucial need in high-sec that I'm not aware of? (And, please, "content drivers" abound in null and low. There's no reason to put them into high-sec)

So, basically (a) Why add them? (b) How are they going to be unobtrusive, and (c) Why high-sec?
grgjegb gergerg
School of Applied Knowledge
Caldari State
#6 - 2017-07-02 02:09:08 UTC
I stopped reading about a quarter of the way though, as it gets obnoxious and way too specific.

Still... giving players the ability to align with a PVE faction, the way FW aligns with Empires? Less risk, less reward? That could have potential. PVE stuff, as opposed to camping complexes in losec?

I still ain't reading that whole thing, though.
James Zimmer
Republic University
Minmatar Republic
#7 - 2017-07-02 19:13:44 UTC
This thread is ineffective communication. It gives the reader no incentive to read the long, detailed and what may be a well thought out idea because it lacks any sort of hook or summary to grab the reader's attention. I, like most others, will not read something this long without any indication that it will be worth my time. However, I have often thought it would be nice to have NPC on NPC conflict in order to make the Eve universe feel more alive and less static. Unfortunately, it would probably be a major programming time sink, and it that would have to balanced with all the other changes people want.
Tribal Liberation Force
Minmatar Republic
#8 - 2017-07-07 13:12:06 UTC
Sharnhorst von Deathwish wrote:

Also, there is no TL;DR - because laziness need not be enabled.


*activates thermal hardeners for incoming flame

Old Pervert
Caldari State
#9 - 2017-07-07 20:23:40 UTC
Sharnhorst von Deathwish wrote:
Also, there is no TL;DR - because laziness need not be enabled.

And yet you expect players to read through 4 long posts of your idea without any meaningful foreword of it?

I totally TL;DR'd. Started reading, realized that I had to scroll to keep reading, so I scrolled without reading, and scrolled some more, and scrolled some more.

Was hoping to see that someone else had read it, paraphrased it, and refuted or supported it based on some form of merit which would allow me to get the TLDR summary from them.

Sadly, everyone TLDR'd.

OP, I suggest next time you limit your OP to the bare minimum needed, and then allow constructive conversation on the topic to drive the rest.