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10B Loan 8%, 2 Months, Detailed Spreadsheet of Payments & Strategy

Nyght Jester
The Scope
Gallente Federation
#1 - 2017-07-03 18:39:55 UTC
Hello folks, finally came back to the game after a long 6 years. Made a fresh character, and over the course of the couple weeks, I have made a fair profit mining and playing the trade hub on an alternative account. That being said, I have found a niche in the market that has worked in favor for me so I am looking into making a large scale investment into this market, however lack the funds to startup this operation.

I'm looking for an investment of 10B. Unfortunately I have no true collateral to put up, due to I need the few ships I have to make the profit flip.

Loan will only last only 2 months. (Possible shorter)

Loan Amount : 10B Isk
First Payment : 5.8B - August 5th
Last Payment : 5.4B - September 5th

What Is My Market Strategy?

I am in the Ice Market. Without giving too much detail, I have a full spreadsheet on how I make this money. Costs, Profit Margins, The whole nine yadrs. I would prefer not to post the spreadsheet public, but I can provide the outlook in game if you message me.

What is my goal in this?

My Goal is over the course of the 2 months is to net my own ISK profit to continue to do this, as well as venture into other niche markets that are currently in the favorable profit margins.


My market strategy has a few rules however that I implement to not risk the loaners investment.

*I don't fly LowSec unless I can secure and save arrival, Currently have NOT had to do this
*I don't flood the market to drive prices down
*I don't make crazy Warp jumps that out-value my time cost.

My Background on In-Game Markets

I have played multiple games with markets. Eve has been one of my more enjoyable markets to play with due to the fact there is such a wide spread of items, and niches in the market that can be found to make a good profit. Plus they also have a lot of tools for people who play the market.

I of course used to play World of Warcraft which the Market was stupid simple to manipulate. (When I quit I was told the market became wacky and unstable)

I also have experience in Anarchy Online Market, which even though I didn't control the market like WoW, I was able to net quadruple my amount investment in a short few days to a niche no one had thought about.


I know with the risk of no collateral to put forward this may be a long shot. Also being unknown does not help either. I'll leave investors time to decide for 48 hours before I close this thread. I am not too worried if rejected, however I figured I would make an attempt to show my detailed method, with the hope someone would be willing to invest. I have read multiple posts on this forum, with everything leading towards collateral being required, however the biggest thing I have noticed with most players is the lack of planning they have shown, or willing to shown. Hopefully this may alter someones mind for the investment.

Thank you.

Star Killer14
Core World Imperium
#2 - 2017-07-04 04:35:17 UTC
Nyght Jester,

You did seem to put a decent amount of effort into righting this post, this is a good start as it at least shows some effort was put into the idea.

My first comment would be the interest rate is on the low side for a first time no collateral loan. Most of the time a 10% - 15% interest rate is usual for the first time, I would recommend closer to 15% since it is a larger first time offering and thus a larger risk that you will run.

Also there is a new forum as well that is located at,, so you may want to make a post there.

As to the loan itself here are a few questions:
1) How many assets do you currently have? Used in investing, total, liquid?
2) How much do you currently make with your current capital?
3) How much do you plan to make with the loan?
4) Why should we trust you? What is keeping you from just running away with the money? This is probably the most important question here.
5) Would you take less than 10 billion, say 5 billion or 1 billion?
6) Would you be willing to give us an API key?

I am not too interested in loaning you the isk but these are some questions that can help you get the loan.

Good luck
Nyght Jester
The Scope
Gallente Federation
#3 - 2017-07-04 17:20:55 UTC
I do appreciate the input! I will post there. I will also take consideration for all those you have mentioned, which is not an issue to supply. Including my transaction details, and further information that shows what I do. Again thank you!
Strelok Holmes
Shiptoasting In Local
#4 - 2017-07-04 19:05:33 UTC
You are less than a month old. I'd suggest moving to the Rattlesnake dualboxing business.
Nyght Jester
The Scope
Gallente Federation
#5 - 2017-07-04 20:43:16 UTC
This is an alternative account. Set up more my business side of things. D0rb is my main character.