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Were Anomic Mission drop rates shadow-nerfed around Feb/Jan?

Brutor Tribe
Minmatar Republic
#1 - 2017-06-30 15:42:51 UTC
I ran a lot of Anomic Missions over the past year. And I mean a LOT. This is how many I ran between two characters:

Here's the thing: I kept track of the drops as well as keeping every location saved, mostly for bragging to my friends. I wasn't around in February or March but somewhere in that time frame the drop rates were drastically lowered.

Beforehand, I had a pretty steady drop rate of 5% chance of faction loot (ammo and/or module) from Anomic Agents, and 10% chance (modules only) from Anomic Teams. I did not run nearly enough of these, but the Serpentis Base had something crazy like 30-35% chance of faction loot from each of the three Burner Talos (usually just ammo, but still).

Now, the chance of faction drops is slightly less than half of what they were before the mysterious February/March event that knocked the drop rates down: 2% from Agents, 4% from Teams, and just 15% from Burner Talos in the Serpentis Base.

Faction drops can make up a significant portion of your income with these missions, especially in high-sec, so having drastically lowered drop rates like this is not very enjoyable. I would be fine with it if it was mentioned anywhere, ever, in any patch notes so far in 2017, but it hasn't been mentioned anywhere as far as I know.

So what gives CCP? Did you nerf drop rates? And if so, why?