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Test Server Feedback

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CCP Habakuk
C C P Alliance
#1 - 2017-06-26 15:39:47 UTC
Please head over to the new forums for all your test server needs. While we are still reading here, we are focusing all new threads (and also replies as much as applicable) in the test server feedback section of the new forums.

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Amak Boma
Dragon Factory
#2 - 2017-06-27 07:41:55 UTC
will old forums be replaced or shut down?
ISD Max Trix
ISD Community Communications Liaisons
ISD Alliance
#3 - 2017-06-29 15:36:24 UTC
Amak Boma wrote:
will old forums be replaced or shut down?

The url will be changed and they will be placed in a read only state

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Amak Boma
Dragon Factory
#4 - 2017-06-30 00:19:47 UTC
any ETTA for this to happen?