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unable to simulate T3 cruisers

Gustav Mannfred
Summer of Mumuit
Remember Mumuit
#1 - 2017-06-25 15:52:46 UTC
does anyone else have issues when trying to simulate T3 cruiser subsystems? When I drag it into the fitting window, it says that this subsystem can^t be fitted on that ship even though it is the correct one

i'm REALY miss the old stuff.

Adrick Celestes
Angels of the Corp
#2 - 2017-06-26 01:31:02 UTC
Same issue
Wombat65Au Egdald
#3 - 2017-06-26 07:17:16 UTC  |  Edited by: Wombat65Au Egdald
This has been happening the whole weekend from what I have personally seen and it isn't happening only for T3 ships.

I don't have the skills for any T3's but I have a bunch of T2 ships unlocked. Every single ship I have tried, T1, faction and T2, I get the same message in the fitting simulator, even for simple items like a basic afterburner or damage control. Clearing the client cache does not change this (I just tried that while writing this reply, I'm still getting the same result).

The actual fitting screen is working ok. I stripped a ship that was already fitted and was able to fit all the modules back onto the ship, but for the time being, the in-game fitting simulator is broken and will not allow fitting any modules to any hulls, based on what I have personally experienced.

EDIT: Sisi has been restarted and the fitting simulator is working correctly again from what I can see.