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Eve Ship Models / Blueprint files

School of Applied Knowledge
Caldari State
#1 - 2017-06-09 13:13:13 UTC
Hi All,

I would like to enter the T-Shirt design contest. My idea revolved around using some ship models and the blueprint files. I thought "I know I'll go extract the files!"

Well it seems this is harder now with the shared cache on demand downloads. TriExporter and EVEGR2Tool have both failed me as they seem not to work in this new environment.

Is there a way to easily extract the meshes and files now-a-days. My Google-Foo only brings up the older methods.

Many thanks,

Katana Seiko
Made in Germany
#2 - 2017-06-17 19:49:22 UTC
I had a similar idea about half a year ago, only I wanted the models for a Corp website where I wanted to have a 3D model of the killed ship turn in the center of the killmail.

If there is any new exporter, I would be thrilled to get my hands on it.