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Creating more mystery

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#21 - 2017-06-17 14:45:27 UTC  |  Edited by: hmskrecik
Deaths Phoenix wrote:
Scipio Artelius wrote:
If someone wants to be able to go and explore, then surely the sense of "mystery" is totally controllable by them?

There's no requirement to look at Dotlan, zkillboard, uni-wiki (now EVE survival is gone), etc. They are tools available for people that want them, but if someone is looking to explore, then don't use them.

Edit: spelling and grammar. My post was a mystery. Thanks Apple.

Very true, however the use and knowledge of it gives one an extreme advantage. Which is why I also suggest the creation of new space that way there are advantages all around.

Look, you got it backwards. These services have been created, by players not by CCP, with the sole purpose of giving an advantage. So even if pixie fairy gave CCP a crapload of unallocated man-hours, and CCP in turn spent them to increase the EVE universe tenfold, that space would be chartered, documented and available too. And I'm sure that the time by when it would have happend would be counted in weeks, maybe months. So much for mystery.

I think I know what you want. The thrill of being the first one to be there. Sorry, not in the game with thousands of people poking around for years.
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