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Loading fits needs some love. (Bug and improvements)

The Larold
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#1 - 2017-06-15 15:24:11 UTC
Three things I'd like to bring up on loading fits. One is a definite bug, and I've filed a support request ticket on this. Two are what I consider definite needed improvements, but don't _quite_ make it to the bug category. Here goes.

I am a mission runner. I have a fit saved for every mission that comes up from my agent. In between each mission, I'll load a fit.

About 80% of the time, the load fails because Eve thinks one or two of my shield hardeners are not available, when in fact they are right there in my item hangar.

Attempting to equip the fit a second time always fills in the missing module, BUT:

It brings up an error dialogue with a long list of modules and items it thinks it couldn't fit, * because these things were already successfully fit / loaded on the first attempt *. Example: If the first equip places 160 Nova Rage torpedoes in my cargo hold successfully, attempting this fit again will produce an error saying that it could not load 160x Nova Rage torpedoes.

This should not be an error, and I would argue that it should not be mentioned at all. If I have X in my cargo hold, and I equip a fit that requires X in my cargo hold, I do not care that X is already there. Fine. That's great. * Don't error / warn and force me to click a button dismissing the error*.

I would argue the logic should go like this, and that the Devs have INTENDED for this, but it is not quite working:

- Compare current fit to requested fit-to-load.
- Leave any modules that are the same in place.
- Remove any modules currently loaded that are not required for new fit.
- ** Wait until those unloaded modules are properly appearing in Item Hangar ** (I suspect this may be the problem, perhaps some sort of race condition, hence not occurring 100% of the time?)
- Load any modules required for new fit not already present, including items to cargo hold.
- Do not error or warn if required items are already present.

There's one more consideration. Usually, but not always, a temporary rectangular warning window pops up toward the top of the screen stating that the rigs were not changed. Honestly, I feel this is also unnecessary. Rigs almost always stay the same on a given ship. Perhaps, instead, the load should stop with a confirmation dialogue if it would CHANGE the rigs currently loaded on a ship.

Thanks for your consideration! I've filed a support request on the intermittent inability to load modules that are available.