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Pursuit of Justice - public event

Stoseph Stuarts
Chest Bumpers
The Tribesmen
#1 - 2017-06-13 08:50:51 UTC
Over the almost 5 years that I've been playing eve I've read and taken part in a lot of stories, my most notable stint being late 2014 when I opposed, later worked with, Phoebe Freeport Republic and their movement in Etherium Reach. Having now spent 5 years in eve I'm ready to move on and find something else to occupy my time with. Over the years I've met many wonderful people who've taught me much about the game and have shared stories of their own content creation with me, the most notable pilot being Marlona Sky. In co-ordination with Marika Sunji from Spectre Fleet I'll be putting together an event to honour not only my time in eve but Marlona's also.

This public event is being organised for the 5th of July at 22:00 eve time, for more details please check out the spectre fleet in-game public channel. I'll also be taking any donations and forwarding them onto a charity or two of my choosing on the night of the event, the charity will be picked and forwarded the donations once my Nyx has finally been brought to justice.

If you have any questions please either message below or send me a DM.