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My first PvP

de Obliviator Preon
Gallente Federation
#1 - 2017-06-11 18:53:17 UTC
So, okay, it's not my first PvP engagement, technically, because my first one happened on my 2nd day of game play, when I thought to leave the introduction and got gate camped in Old Man Star.

So, it was the first time that I could have won, if I wouldn't been stupid. So, I do FW. I come to some Caldari System, searching for any players, because I've seem a lot of them on my D-Scan. And then, Raven comes. He starts shooting, I deploy drones, find turrets that I've installed, not there, etc. 10 sec., my shield is down (flying an Exequror). I have 5405 HP of armor on me. I already warp srambled the guy, trying to unlock myself. 20 seconds passed. I am halfway down my armor. My Mediums finally disabled his shield. Then, I find that he is no longer doing anything to me. 10 more seconds of thinking. He is half way down his armor, finally puts his missiles online. He did not turn on his warp scrambler yet. I have half my medium slots left, other half were destroyed. Then, I give in to my panic and scoop up my drones and run for the nearest warpable object. 5 more seconds, I understand how stupid my decision was. Ugh