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PI , looking for insight

Garick Stout
Caldari Provisions
Caldari State
#1 - 2017-06-04 08:33:44 UTC
So, not to waste time.

I am looking for an advice if my setup is reasonable. I`ve trained both IPC to V and also CCU to V so I have full set of planets and maxed CC.Basically my goal was (and is) to produce t3 products (SC to be exact). I`ve set each resource planet to extract basic PI materials and convert them to t1 product that I require, then I ship each t1 product to the factory planet and convert it to t2 and then t3. In any case, I would like to share the factory setup so someone with more experience can give me some insight how to improve (if possible) or point out mistakes I`ve made.

One of the problems I face is that my extraction planets produce way too much t1 now for just one factory planet so I am considering setting up another char just for an additional factory planet.I`ll share the factory planet setup below but it is the following:

t1 is dropped to the launchpad and then it goes into 3x6 factory clusters , then goes to a storage space before being accepted by the 3 t3 factories. This setup however requires refiling every 17hrs or so. Assuming no wasted time for the factory planet I am averaging 25mil / 24hrs.

Factory planet setup
The Red Sequence
#2 - 2017-06-04 09:56:43 UTC
Well, except that your setup make my OCD side complety nuts. I wonder where are you extracting ? Because depending if your extractors planets are in HS NS or wormhole, you can go from not having enough to producing way too much P1 for one factory planet.

Dont forget your other characters on your account to help, PI is the first use you can make of them easily, since you're going up to P3 you should be able to do factory planet on a character with the command center ugrade skill to IV only. For P4 I need to have 28 structures on a planet so the skill at V is mandatory here.

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Garick Stout
Caldari Provisions
Caldari State
#3 - 2017-06-04 11:59:52 UTC
It is a low sec setup. I use 3 neighbouring systems to cover all resources I need.Indeed, it seems I`ll have to use another char for another factory planet setup. As i read your comment, I realized that links towards processors can be used to transfer stuff to the other processors so I`ll be fixing that ridiculous links I`ve made.
Laphroaig Inc.
#4 - 2017-06-05 01:19:14 UTC
Herewith my standard PI CopyPasta......

The top one is a six P1 input -> P3 factory planet (Gel Matrix Biopaste in this instance). Put ~13k of each required P1 into launchpads in pairs. Route out and back for P2, then the centre three factories make the P3. Can run for two days with full hoppers.
The bottom two are P1-P2 factories. These run for about a day before needing feeding again.
This is a four P1 input -> P3 factory planet.
The Red and Yellow sections draw from the launchpads to produce a P2, which routes back evenly to the launchpads. The blue factories down the centre draw P2 and spit out P3. Runs for two days.

With all of these, build from the centre out. They require CCU V.
Extraction -> P1 facility, can be built with CCU IV.

Two other tips:
1: Always route to and from a buffer.
2: Try to minimise time spent gamboling around in an Epithal.

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Bjorn Tyrson
Brutor Tribe
Minmatar Republic
#5 - 2017-06-05 05:03:31 UTC
I am lazy with my PI. Don't like to touch it more than once every 2-3 days.
Operating out of some rather poor npc nullsec with CCU4 and PC4 (and 5% tax on planets) I started out running 4 extraction-p2 planets and a p3-p4 factory planet. (Organic mortar applicators so my factory planet extracted and processed the bacteria on site) with the one character it was netting me about 18 mil a day, not great compared to other setups. But the extractors only needed to be cycled every two days and material was moved around once per week. Not great compared to some setups. But the point is that with even poor quality planets I could pull out enough from my p0-p2 planets to keep 3 advanced factories chugging 24/7 with far less fiddling around.

(I have since added 10 more extraction planets and am now pulling down closer to 50m a day. But am looking at ways to optimize my setup since organic mortar applicators are crap)
Garick Stout
Caldari Provisions
Caldari State
#6 - 2017-06-05 05:32:44 UTC
Mephiztopheleze , thanks for sharing, but what is the benefit of having several launch pads ?
Laphroaig Inc.
#7 - 2017-06-05 11:57:54 UTC
Garick Stout wrote:
Mephiztopheleze , thanks for sharing, but what is the benefit of having several launch pads ?

Extending out the time between visits to the POCO.

Extraction planets run for about a week between trips, the P1-P3 factories run for two days on a full load. you can also stash spare P1 materials in the POCO if you like.

I really mean it when I advise people to take a little time to think when setting up, to try and minimise time spent in an Epithal later on. Ideally, setup so everything is in one system.

Occasional Resident Newbie Correspondent for TMC:

This is my Forum Main. My Combat Alt is sambo Inkura

Saints Of Havoc
#8 - 2017-06-05 18:33:26 UTC
That screenshot is making me twitch just looking at it. You should NEVER have links like that. They should be a single link to it's closest neighbor, and repeat until everything is connected. Links are two-way roads basically. Additionally, the physical layout itself is blah. Cluster them. One of the ways I've described it to other people is that you want to cluster them in much the same way the tiles in the Civ games are laid out- adjacent, but offset in such a way to maximize contact with neighbors. With CCU5, you can potentially set up a factory planet with 2 storage facilities (one intermediate, one final product), 21 adv factories, and 3 launchpads (each serving a cluster of 7).
Zarek Kree
Lunatic Legion Holdings
#9 - 2017-06-06 21:33:57 UTC
Definitely reduce your links and use the extra power for additional storage and/or launchpads. Storage is the key to reducing the amount of time you have to devote to PI.
Garick Stout
Caldari Provisions
Caldari State
#10 - 2017-06-07 13:19:16 UTC
Thank you for the replies. I realized that I don`t have to have separate link from each facility to the storage and launch pad. I optimized the setup so it is much better now.
Shiloh Templeton
Cheyenne HET Co
#11 - 2017-06-08 14:35:44 UTC
Unless you are really tied to that LS space think hard about moving into a WH for PI. You are going to get better yield and most likely a better tax rate.

But the big reason is you're going to burn out quickly trying to haul P1 across multiple systems.

A good WH will allow you to build P3/P4 in a single system.

p.s. Also make sure your factory planet is on the smallest diameter planet you can find if you need more factories.
Tau Cabalander
Retirement Retreat
Working Stiffs
#12 - 2017-06-08 18:46:14 UTC  |  Edited by: Tau Cabalander
I find it really strange that you are finding it hard to keep-up with extraction.

In nulsec, I have a planet that is full-bar rich in a PI material. A 4-day cycle with 10 extractor heads keeps 6 BIFs busy, producing 5760 P1 per day.

By any chance are you using short extraction cycles? Not a great idea, as you'll quickly deplete an area.

Oh, and keep everything closer together to avoid long links. Also avoid large planets (read their info). You also have too many links; you only need one from a BIF to the spaceport. Shouldn't need extra storage.

Example of factory planets: