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Price Checks

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Price check on BPOs

Luc Chastot
#1 - 2017-06-03 22:19:31 UTC
What's the average ISK per day of research, considering perfect skills and facility bonuses?

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Debuff Please
School of Applied Knowledge
Caldari State
#2 - 2017-06-07 21:20:02 UTC
It depends on your planning and research.

The text under was written as I did some research and learned how it works, so its a bit long and tedious.

I used the crunker blueprint database, ingame contracts and fuzzwork blueprint calculator.

I am a newbie to this myself so I appreciate being corrected and learning from my mistakes.

The short answer from what I found:

Frigate BPOs around 0.5 million per day per slot.
Ammunition BPO around 2 million per day per slot.
Ammunition BPC as low as 200k per day per slot.
Cruiser BPC around 3 million per day.

Find high priced items and sell them individually with long expiry dates for max profits.
Sell in bulk directly in contracts or to BPO corporations for less work and lower profit per day for a % of the price.
Unless I have done something wrong in my calculations/research you could expect at least 1 million per slot per day if you go for bulk sale of perfect cruiser BPOs. The only way to find out is to contact the potential buyers, set up bulk contracts on auction or direct sale and learn from experience.

My gut feeling would be that moderate research/preparation and minimal contract work you could expect at least 1 million per day per slot when selling. The lowest profit margins I found was 250k per day per slot, but it is easy to lose money on expensive blueprints in systems with high system costs.

The cheapest fully researched Frigate BPOs goes for around 20 million in the contracts, most are between 25-35 million.

To get a frigate to max ME/TE.

No Skills, No Bonus, No implants: 116 days

Perfects skills: 74 days
Perfect skills +5 Implant: 70 days.
Perfect skills +5 implant and 30% bonus rig: 50 days

The BPO cost 3 million +/- and research time cost is system price index times around 800% of the BPO cost.

So an generic frigate BPO researched at a system with 10% price index and 5% tax

BPO cost + (Research Cost x Price Index x Taxrate) = Total cost before Transportation and Contract

3 million + (3 million x 8 x 0.1 x 1.05) = 5.5 million

Profits - Costs = 15 million per 50 days per slot.

0.3 million per day per slot

If you have 11 slots you could expect around 3.3 million per day in Frigate BPO research profits with minimal research.

Three maxed character slots around 10 million per day.

If you pick the right frigates and having contracts up for a long time you could double it.

But there are some extra considerations, the citadel could be unanchored or destroyed, delaying and undoing research and there is risk/cost associated with moving the BPOs.

For larger ships and modules the importance of the job costs is more important, the time longer and the margins compared to the cost of the BPO is slimmer.

Another quick example would be small ammunition.

The cheapest fully researched rocket BPO in Jita is around 8 million.

A rocket BPO costs 40k and takes 2.5 days to fully research, 3 million per slot per day.

It is more likely to get between 3-5 million per ammunition blueprint, so 1-2 million per slot per day is a more likely average.

And there is opportunity cost associated with setting up contracts, easiest would be to create and dedicated corporation for blueprint sales. You can create ammunition packs and sell in bulk and get more isk per contract at the cost of lower unit price.

You could also research more expensive BPOs and make copies of them for profit.

Cheap battleship BPOs copies go for 300k per single copy/run, 5-10 run copies vary but seem to be around 200k per run.

Takes around 2 hours 30 minutes before rig/implant, 1 hour 45 minutes with 30% rig. Raven Blueprint Example:

Sell on contract: 300k
Base cost raven: 108 million
2% of that value: 2.16 million
System Price Index Example: 10%

108 x 0.02 x 0.1 = 216,000 isk cost.

For each % reduction in System Price Index the cost is reduced by 21,600 isk for this example.
A moderate 5% system the cost would be 108,000 isk profit per run.

Profits would be around 100k-300k isk for a cheap battleship copy depending on the sysem cost index.

So a perfectly researched BPO in a low system cost index system with a 30% rig at cheapest battleship BPOs price would net you 4-5 million isk per slot per day if you put them up individual or around 3 million if you put them up as 10 run copies.

Cruisers seem to be around 200k+ per maxed copy, and with 1/20 of the base cost of battleships, system cost will be less important.

Takes about 1 hour for a maxed character with 30% rigs to complete a copy, so around 5 million per day per slot for individual contracts and about 2-3 million for 10 run copies.

There are dedicated BPO/BPC corporations that buy in bulk as well, so if you want to have the absolute minimum of work and you are not interested in setting up contracts you could probably copy cruisers in bulk and sell them either as large pack auctions or to BPO corps with 1-2 million per day per slot.

There is also examples of fantastically low profit items on the market, like a single maxed ME/TE 600 run light missile BPCs for under 200k isk, takes around 17 hours to copy with perfect skills, 30% rig and implants. I can only assume that the people who make those products enjoy providing high quality items to the marked for a very low price.

I hope something here has been useful, the best way to learn is by experience which I have zero, but this is my best guess.
Luc Chastot
#3 - 2017-06-08 02:08:31 UTC
Thank you! There was a lot in there I found useful. One thing I would like to know is if there is an easy way to sell fully researched BPOs that you're having a hard time selling by normal means (BPO corps maybe?); I have 4 medium shield resistance rig BPOs that people just seem to not be interested in.

Again, thank you for the time you put into that reply, I really appreciate it.

Make it idiot-proof and someone will make a better idiot.