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Xantarus Xeres
Godless Horizon.
Project Gungnir.
#1 - 2017-05-21 18:06:41 UTC


VOLT(The Volition Cult)は日本企業を募集しています。



を探しています :
- 戦う準備ができている企業、
- CEO、ディプロおよび企業組織(すべての取締役ではない)と組織された企業
- ラッピング、産業および他の活動が可能であり、
- 少なくとも20人の企業(正会員)。






I'm sorry i do not speak Japonese, so i will use Google Translation to help us make contact with Japonese corporations and explain our proposal to Japan corps.

VOLT (The Volition Cult) is recruiting Japonese Corporations.

VOLT is a 0.0 nullsec alliance living in Querious where we own 15 systems. We are mainly a European alliance, and this is the reason why we are posting here : we are looking to increase our numbers in the APAC timezone. This is why we are specifically looking for Japonese corporations.

We have all infrastructure that is needed to live in 0.0. Our space is good. We have pvp actions, and we are looking for more.
We are mature and stable. We try to meet each others by organizing events and restaurants from time to time.

We are looking for :
- corporations ready to fight,
- organized corporations, with ceo, diplo and a corp organization (not everybody directors ;)
- Ratting, industry and other activities are possible,
- corporations of 20 members at least (active members).

We understand that language can be an issue, but as long as your ceo or diplo can understand english, it can be solved. We have french corps (i am french), hungarian corps, german corps, etc and everybody does not speak english. It works.

Ideally we are looking for a Japonese corporation (or several) that would be able to do pvp operations.

Corporations that would be interested can contact me by eve-mail.