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Station-Free Trading

NanDe YaNen
#1 - 2017-04-30 05:24:07 UTC
Liberal Universalists aims to be the top corporation at being rich and consequent diplomatic meta-game, which will, as Eve does from time to time, devolve into shooting and anime.

I have formulated the essential elements of a plan to change how people play the game. That is the most exciting thing to accomplish in a community like this. I came back to the game after a long break to test the theory and I'm here to stay because I've proven to myself the basic elements.

Signs you will really enjoy the trip:

  • You understand market elasticity and can enjoy the meta-game of putting capital where it should be
  • You really hate logging into alts just to 0.1-up people's orders and also hate attempting to engage with such irrational markets rationally
  • You wish to fly ships for shooting rather than hauling
  • Because my trade techniques do not go faster with lots of manual intervention, you are willing to rely on exploration or other ISK-ing strategies (but Exploration is the most fun so far to me) to capitalize yourself. Going on gangs in WH space sounds great, and I hope you get a big pile of ISK, but I'm not going to hand out capital yet.
  • You are excited about spending free time you gain doing PVP roams and do not want to ever wait on someone else's POS timer

I have been dipping my toes into exploration and FW (Gallante) to help stay busy while the liberal ratchet tighten's its grip in preparation for the vast liberal conspiracy.

I know what I'm doing at working markets:

Carrying loot into rens after a lot of playing games in nullsec: