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Current State of Lowsec Mining

TheGuy Akachi
Maniacal Miners INC
The Legends In The Game
#1 - 2017-04-26 18:27:54 UTC
I’m not here to request a buff to low sec mining, or provide suggestions to fix them. I’m just stating some of the current issues I see with lowsec mining, at least before they add the new moon mining refineries (which may or may not help).


Mining in low sec isn’t as dangerous as most people think. As long as you stay aligned (Higgs Anchor Rigs help!) and warp out whenever a neutral or red enters belt you will be pretty untouchable unless the enemy ships have fast locking.

Ores are also on paper more valuable than high sec ores. So why isn’t it profitable? Well compared to highsec and nullsec mining, you are likely to be off grid more often when mining in low sec. You will be warping from belts a lot more often from enemy players than in high sec (occasional ganker) or null sec (occasional reds in system, plus you also have intel channels).

So the reason why mining in lowsec isn’t profitable is because the the ISK per time in belt isn’t good enough than the alternatives.

The market isn’t great for buying ores from miners (because no one is mining) and hauling in and out of lowsec isn’t worth the risk (better to mine the ores in an anomaly elsewhere).

No reason to protect miners (because not profitable enough, and miners not unlike other EVE players are selfish and probably won’t share the gained profit of more valuable ores). Players can do more valuable and fun activities than babysitting miners.

Hopefully this will be considered when the CSM works on stuff involving mining and industry in lowsec.

TL;DR points:

  • Time spent in belt isn't worth it
  • Local market incentive not there
  • No reason to protect miners [My suggestion]