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Out-of-sight interface attention-callers (SFX Interface)

Switch Ventress
#1 - 2017-04-15 11:36:10 UTC
My suggestion:

  1. Optional chat beeps, like turning on/off blink for chat, a small, Morse code-like 'dit' sound when a message appears in chat
  2. Optional sound effect when someone enters local - I realise this may actually be game changing in some way, however my justifications are below.

My Justifications:

My situation is quite unique, since I am visually impaired (blind in left eye, severely impaired right eye). I get by with my own accessibility features and adjustments I make, however, I can only see a portion of the screen at any given time, for example, when I look at the HUD (health etc) that is ALL I can see, or looking at hte overview, I can only see X amount of lines of the overview due to using a magnification program that blows up a portion of the screen to fullscreen.

Because of this, I miss the following:
- Duel invites, fleet invites, conversation invites - I often have to ask my FC to invite me several time sbefore I can reach the fleet invite window in time before the timeout.
- I miss chat, although chat isn't entirely crucial to the game, fleet chat is, and it would be useful to hear when a message appears - I realise that many players would hate the game beeping all over hte place, so I suggested it so that you can turn it on/off like you can right-click a chat tab and turn blink on/off - and have it OFF by default - can you imagine Jita, so I empathise with others why this would be incredibly annoying.

There are other UI elements that could benefit from a small notification sound, but these 2 in particular are of particular interest to mje.

As I mentioend before, I get by with my accessibility products, if I could somehow script the UI with my accessibility product, then I wouldn't be here, however games just don't work well with accesibility products and can't be scripted like other programs - and please don't confuse an accessibility script with a mod/bot script. It is completely different. How an accessibility script works is by the mangifier or other program 'scanning' the screen like OBS/XSplit does to record and doesn't actually interact witht eh game itself, and when a certain portion of the screen is activated/moved/other means of detection, then the accessibility product would zoom in there or make a sound or something - so it actually has no actual code injection or anything to interact with the game itself.
Although I promote accessibility, I am not one of those that ask the impossible, I wouldn't ask CCP to make an API to work with accessibility software, though if they did, I'd be one of the first to liaise with them to make it fair and not give dissabled players any kind of advantage over 'normal players'. If you understand how a headmouse works, you understand what I mean by scripting accessibility software to detect changes. it works similarly to a light gun back on the old consoles - except purely in software.

I look forward to seeing what people think of this suggestion, as I'm sure some players wouldn't mind this feature despite being able to see the whole screen.

(Normally, I use the 3rd party warp audio volume to let me know if anybody has warped in, however this is bound to grid, and not by local entirely, so although this is useful, it's not a full view)