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Get Sell Orders in a Station?

Fantasia Freelance
Fiorina Aerospace
#1 - 2017-03-26 22:39:33 UTC
This is an API question. Is there any way to get all sell orders in a station?

I know you can get the lowest 5% of sell orders like this, but how do I get all sell orders? Thanks!
Fantasia Freelance
Fiorina Aerospace
#2 - 2017-03-30 21:31:17 UTC
I found this, which gives all sell orders in a region, including those in a station...

...but it's only updated every hour or so. How do I get station data real time please?
#3 - 2017-03-31 00:03:15 UTC

Cached 5min. Best you're going to get.
Cor'El Dahken
Unicorn Fatale
#4 - 2017-03-31 03:08:10 UTC
Tried sending mail but was going to cost me isk for some reason.