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Need advise on training for PVP/WH

Switchblade Sally
Gallente Federation
#1 - 2017-03-07 17:36:56 UTC
Looking to head back to J-space soon and I'm curious of recommendations for training. -- 0987
Soel Reit
The Scope
Gallente Federation
#2 - 2017-03-10 10:00:46 UTC  |  Edited by: Soel Reit
my suggestion is to look for a WH corp first of all.
then talk with them, seeing what they fly, their doctrines, what they need etc

that could give you plenty of ideas of what to train!
just looking at your skills for example i've seen you have shield trained but not missiles yet... so yea maybe proteus for armor and tengu for shield and you are covered for both t3c type (armor/shield)

then you may start looking for battleships.
WHs fights are heavily based on neut power tipically so a bhaalgorn is always welcome i think!
shield WHs fleet may opt for rattlesnakes etc

rattlesnakes are even used to farm sleepers as support for dreads...
it's a very huge topic what to train for WH...
on the logistic part there are DTS and Blockade Runner to train! even freighter if your corp/alliance is big and need good logistic!

bla bla bla
it really depends :D start looking for a corp and see what they suggest you.

another matter is if you want to play WHs alone... then i would say small ships up to max t3c!
so covert ops, frigates, etc

hope this may help you :)
good luck m8
Kitty Bear
Deep Core Mining Inc.
Caldari State
#3 - 2017-03-18 20:53:52 UTC
Scanning Skills
Gas Mining


Depends on the WH corp you join

Be able to switch between Armour fleet & Shield fleet
Coz you really don't wanna be armour tanking in a Pulsar