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CAL - Cold Atom Lab and Quantum Freezing

Eagle's Talon's
#1 - 2017-03-08 21:15:14 UTC

CAL Video -

The International Space Station (ISS) will soon host the coldest spot in the entire universe, if everything goes according to plan.

This August, NASA plans to launch to the ISS an experiment that will freeze atoms to only 1 billionth of a degree above absolute zero — more than 100 million times colder than the far reaches of deep space, agency officials said.

The instrument suite, which is about the size of an ice chest, is called the Cold Atom Laboratory (CAL). It consists of lasers, a vacuum chamber and an electromagnetic "knife" that together will slow down gas particles until they are almost motionless. (Remember that temperature is just a measurement of how fast atoms and molecules are moving.)

Is Quantum Freezing able to stop the gravitational influences of a Black Hole on objects that are pulled into the Event Horizon of a Black Hole?
Quantum Freezing is the ability to "freeze" atoms at the Quantum level or close to Quantum level to reduce gravitational influences between two or more atoms.
Based on the Theory of CAL a probe could be shrouded in a CAL field that would limit or cancel out the gravity of a black hole allowing the probe to pass through the Event Horizon to investigate what is on the other side.
How can the CAL Field be inverted to quantumly freeze the processes generating the immense gravitational pull of a black hole?

If CAL can be used to freeze atoms then CAL can be used to super atoms as well. Super heating atoms would allow atmosphere on planets such as Enceladus to be passed through the CAL chamber and then heated to habitable temperatures and then introduced into man made caves drilled into Enceladus to allow microbes to have a more pleasant environment in which to thrive.

If CAL is able to freeze atoms which reduces their ability to move and interact with other atoms then science might be able to re-arrange the atom that on a larger scale could fold and manipulate space itself allowing for faster travel of ships.

CAL might also be able to be used to generate focal points on the perimeter of New Eden that would allow ships computers to lock onto the focal point and then warp to.

Basically CAL would be launched into the perimeter around New Eden and would quantum freeze atoms causing and area in space to basically become a solid. The beacon impregnated inside of the solid beacon would then be used as warp to locking beacon.

CAL would have a mini-Jump drive that would allow it to Jump to 100km from its current location to establish another CAL Warp Beacon and so forth until millions of beacons had been seeded allowing for ships to jump around in the unknowns of the perimeter space around New Eden.