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BroHamo for CSM XII

Un4seen Development
#1 - 2017-02-17 23:54:35 UTC
Hello My fellow EVE Lovers,

Its that time of the year again where a Handful of Pilots run for a chance to hold a seat and be the voice of Players all over New Eden through the CSM. Yours truly has decided to Step up to the Plate and be a guide for the Voices wanting to be heard to try to Improve the game that they love so much.

For those of you who don't know how I am, let me Introduce Myself. I'm BroHamo, Member of IronPig part of Sev3rance and Provibloc. 2ND Generation player to the Mach Empire. I Started out in EVE as a child 8 years ago Hauling for my father. After some time from the game I came back and took Refuge in the region of Providence Where I studied under some of the Best pilots in the art of Null-sec warfare, Industry, and beholding the NRDS banner.

EVE is an amazing game and there is nothing that can stand up to the Adventures and interactions that you will experience. It has many Unique layers that take time and skill to pull back and master and the Chain reactions, Pure coincidences, Perfectly executed Strategic moves that players can create and cause Just makes EVE a Truly worth wild experience. My friends, I ask that you join me as we embark on the adventure to Breath Fresh air into EVE and keep the Fresh air circulating as if we were taking Nose Sips from our cans of Perri-air ;)

I promise that I won't be overshadowed by my Fellow big time CSM members. If elected i'll be your voice of reasoning and take time to hear your experiences from all over New Eden and try to Preserve the things that have your heart driven and stuck on this game But in a responsible manner as I respect and hear out the needs of the other members as we coordinate to improve and incorporate New mechanics.

I plan to dive into the following:

  • Alpha Clones and the New Player Experience
  • Push for a Better balance with Auto Cannons
  • Maintaining a Fair-Minded Unbiased Point of View on all Events and discussions that will transpire

I ask you once more to join me as I push for your voices to be heard and really listen to your feedback and maintain a connection between all parties In and around EVE. We all love this game, even if we choose to admit it or not we all really have a love for this game that drives us to log on every day or so and endure the hardships or the stellar times. Please let me Show That our love for this game is very similar as I hear you Pleads and concerns to keep you logged in and loving EVE.

Thank you-

Via EVE mail
Email, [email protected]
Un4seen Development
#2 - 2017-02-18 02:49:13 UTC
Bump. Most Mediums AC's :)