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Deployment Issues - 2017/02/14

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Fountainhead Enterprises
#221 - 2017-02-14 17:04:18 UTC
Can't accept corp contracts in a citadel apparently.
Arthur Aihaken
#222 - 2017-02-14 17:29:30 UTC
Read this on Reddit earlier...

99 glitches and bugs to fix...
99 glitches and bugs...
Fix one bug, one more down...
184 more bugs and glitches now...

I am currently away, traveling through time and will be returning last week.

Signal Cartel
EvE-Scout Enclave
#223 - 2017-02-14 21:22:09 UTC
epicurus 2 wrote:

Agreed, but one doesn't need to have a written rule or spent effort blocking loopholes, for someone to know whether it is wrong. The credo is a jointly accepted guide for living and behaviour, the fact breaches have to be enforced, means the "player" has not engaged his conscience. no one should ever need to be "told"

enforcing the credo is simply a sign the player has failed to live by it.

It takes some of our pilots some time to adjust to a different sort of culture than they might have experienced before; our approach allows for some forgiveness in certain situations. However, maintaining a culture in a game environment does indeed require enforcement, typically in the form of saying goodbye to serial nonconformers. Something something about "One Credo to rule them all" and "The needs of our rep are greater than the needs of the few, or the one."

In other news, game's been up for awhile so I'm sure no one's even reading this thread anymore!

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Sylvia Kildare
Kinetic Fury
#224 - 2017-02-14 23:06:39 UTC
Atlas Durham wrote:
/r/outside. highly advise against it, 'tis a silly place

Sillier than Camelot, even?
Zansha Expansion
Brave Collective
#225 - 2017-02-15 14:46:12 UTC
From the latest patch notes:

...causing industry job costs to be too low...

That wasn't an issue dammit. All the things very broken for years now are issues. This one was not.

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