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EVE New Citizens Q&A

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Good newbro story

Keno Skir
#1 - 2017-02-12 11:25:58 UTC
Was just over on Reddit and a guy called "Opfotm" has posted a great story about about abducting a new player from wormhole space Pirate. Thought some new folk here as well as some older might enjoy the read.

"Ok, so disclaimer, this story will be told from the perspective of someone who has been there for the entire thing, but is not the subject himself...

It was a pretty quiet day in our Corp's wormhole about a month ago, I myself had recently joined the corp and was enjoying the wormhole life. We had just started doing some ratting and some members were diving through the chain of holes from our statics looking for content. Praise bob, we see a lone venture on dscan! We quickly locate it, doing what it is best suited for, huffing gas. We rush the group there, happy to get to whore on a lone venture. It gets tackled, the player inside struggling, reminiscent of a mouse trying to escape the clutch of a cat. Looking at the player, we see just how new he is to New Eden! Less than 24 hours old, and already in a wormhole, some of the most dangerous territory in the game. Laughing, we decide we need to take him home with us. We quickly invite him to fleet, and start talking to him. Explaining that we will hold him there forever unless he comes with us. We slowly but surely start warping him to the entrances back to our home, trapping him anytime he tries to leave, all the while laughing and meme-ing on the way. Holesale Aggressive Recruitment Division
Finally we have him home, we give him docking rights and get him into our team speak. He docks up, and accepts our corp invite, then starts talking to us in TS. Kecht Olgidar Huffy, as he has since become affectionately known sounds like a pretty nice guy, but at the moment very confused and wondering why everyone is showering with isk and trying to help him understand wormholes. He decided to stay in the corp, and see how it worked out, much to our surprise. Many of us expected to see him gone within a day or two, but I mean, who wouldn't continue playing a game that in the first day of playing had you get abducted by a group of players?

Over the next month, with our guidance Huffy would go on to get on some pretty dank killmails, and some pretty nice little brawls, including many with capitals. He's seen and experienced a lot of the craziness of Eve that I myself never saw until many months or even years in. He's gotten ganked while ratting, and not only survived but managed to kill his attackers solo. He's bashed citadels. He made enough ISK to plex his account over multiple times if he wished, and many other smaller achievements. More importantly he found a place in Eve that many new players won't find for a long time. A home. It's been pretty awesome getting to see a newbro learn the game that my corpmates and myself have played and loved for years, and getting to give back to him, whether it be isk, mentoring or just advice on how to deal with certain situations has been a blast.
Its crazy to think just how long we've played this game, and getting to help newbros experience it in the most fun way possible is great. Don't let the newbros quit after a day or two because they never experienced the crazy content that Eve delivers!"

Again not my content but copied from HERE
DeMichael Crimson
Republic University
Minmatar Republic
#2 - 2017-02-12 12:58:48 UTC
Good story.

Gotta say in my 8+ years of playing this game this is the first time I've ever heard of players abducting someone, force him to travel back to their base of operations and then recruit him into their Corp.

+1 for an enjoyable read.

Iria Ahrens
Space Perverts and Forum Pirates
#3 - 2017-02-12 17:01:52 UTC  |  Edited by: Iria Ahrens
Same hear, totally new idea. Will there now be a surge in player abductions? Stay tuned to NCQ&A.

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