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CTRL-Q - Low Sec PvP - EUTZ

Dreaded Vengance
The Congregation
#1 - 2017-02-03 19:35:48 UTC  |  Edited by: Dreaded Vengance
CTRL-Q is a long established PvP corporation which came into existence in January 2009. At the time of writing we've somehow managed to rack up 86 thousand kills across the breadth of low security space, which is a decent amount for what is a reasonably small, but reasonably active corp.

I could reel off a lengthy list of 'things wot we've dun' but internet spaceship achievements only matter to the people that were there. If you've been active in FW, you'll know us by now.

If you were to ask me what the corp means to me, it's simple; they're my mates. We hang out, we shoot stuff, we have fun. It's not an exclusive club, we're happy to welcome in new members anytime and once you fly under the CL-Q ticker, we've got your back.

We've members from the east coast of North America to the eastern fringes of Europe but we're an English speaking corp and expect you to be as well and we concentrate on EUTZ content.

We're a member of the No Handlebars. pirate alliance and we base in Metropolis.

What do we do? We shoot stuff. Have a look here and here or just google or something!

What to we want from you?

Well, we want you to be active and in our fleets, so here's a list:

AttentionYou apply with your main character
AttentionYou have some PvP experience (you don't have to be a solo god but just know the basics) and can talk us through that
AttentionYou have Logi cruiser trained to level 5 and the supporting skills
AttentionYou can fly HACs, Recons, T3C
AttentionYou have TS3, working headset, with a mic
AttentionYou're prepared to share your full API
AttentionYou're prepared to join as a trial member and will meet our conditions for passing that trial

What will you get from us?

  • Logi SRP
  • Gud fites
  • Space mates

Drop into our public channel for a chat ***CTRL-Q*** even if you don't meet the above requirements we might be able to find you a decent corp.

Good luck, have fun.
#2 - 2017-02-05 18:15:41 UTC
Dreaded Vengance
The Congregation
#3 - 2017-02-06 16:13:47 UTC
Still recruiting for EUTZ

I'll occasionally update this thread with what we or I get up to, would have done something for Friday night but I got drunk and forgot...
Dreaded Vengance
The Congregation
#4 - 2017-02-07 10:45:46 UTC  |  Edited by: Dreaded Vengance
Monday 6th February 2017

I normally log in and take care of some admin, today wasn’t any different. I wanted to get some logi ships out of a citadel they were not being used in and back to our staging system. I’d jumped into one the other week and didn’t notice until we were rolling it was the wrong fit, I just hoped I didn’t get shot!

I started to move the packaged stuff, wondering what I was going to do with the fitted ships. Did 3 trips, 180k m3 moved. Was just about to jump into a carrier, plan was to tether at the citadel and with another character undock in the fitted stuff and store in the ship hanger. To be honest I didn’t know if it would work tethered but, as a couple of the other guys logged in I must have sounded convincing enough as we’d cyno’d in three caps and swiftly moved 3mil m3 of ships. I wanted to replace the ships I’d drunkenly lost on Friday night but the only one I enjoyed flying was the rail Navy Brutix, found I already had a hull, so job done.

Right; time to shoot some stuff.

Baltrom is on, Muninn fleet is scheduled but he throws up a strawpoll for the comp, we vote to go for Ferox’s, I think in the hope that we’ll get a brawl – and we do, with four fleets!

We roam around for a little while, but since Waffles have moved back into the area, we just head to Kinakka and present ourselves at their Keepstar. We’re about 20 Ferox with Osprey and recon support, a few frigs for tackle. Waffles form quickly and we head to a medium plex. Their first scout warps in and we quickly despatch him, a minute or so later another lands, quickly followed by their fleet of Guards and Aug Navies – they land at the perfect range, we quickly kill three guards and know we’ve already edged it, so do Waffles and they warp out. We ask for a rematch but they’ve got some other stuff on, so we say our goodbyes and head on to Reitsato.

Both Snuff and Galmil are forming for us, we hang around seeing what turns up. Snuff get there first, jumping into Reit from Rakapas, we’ve already warped to optimal and are ready. They’ve brought Guards and Navy Harbs. A Guard is the first to de-cloak and is immediately primary, we’ve got him in deep armour before someone says ‘isn’t that their FC?’ Oh ****! FC calls us to pull damage and the Guard gets out in a quarter structure. It was unintentional, but it may have been enough to tip the balance (although there were other known FC on field) We kill an out of comp ‘Cane then go to work on the Navy Harbs. We down four plus a standard Harb before they warp out. GFs are posted in local and we warp to a Freeport Astrahus to rep heat damage.

Galmil are on the way, Guards and Navy Augs, we warp back to our spot. They de-cloak and we quickly pop a Naug and a Guard, they’re already warping out when we kill a tackled Ashimmu. Didn’t have time to exchange pleasantries as Snuff are back, this time in Absolutions…our T1 BCs don’t stand a chance on paper, but we stick around and engage. We’re on the cusp of breaking them when we start to lose ships, one of our logi has de-anchored and wandered off with MWD on and quickly isolates himself – that’s the fight, we know it and start trying to extract as we’re no longer able to rep the incoming damage, the loss of a couple of our DPS ships means we’re not breaking them. That’s how tight things are sometimes. Lose 3 Ferox and a Lach plus 2 out of comp ships who iirc I asked to die quietly. Our tackle is dead so we head home, but it’s been a fun fleet and we're in good spirits.

I hang around on comms to chew the fat for a while and take care of some scouting– finish the night on 16 kills for 0 losses.
ez caper
Hedion University
Amarr Empire
#5 - 2017-02-07 12:43:43 UTC
hello dread and hello viscora

nice to see you guys still around so have a free bump

good group of guys for some chill LS pvp
Dreaded Vengance
The Congregation
#6 - 2017-02-09 00:53:38 UTC
Yo ez, hope you're well.

Wednesday 9th February 2017

Bit of a strange one today; we formed up to defend a local frienemys Fortizar. Project Mayhem had reinforced it the previous night having recently moved back into the area and were flexing their muscles.

We had a plan, i took it upon myself to get our capitals set up and ready to go, everything was looking great. The fight kicked off and we were doing well against their sub cap fleet, they escalated and we had a counter to that ready...but we goofed it up and lost the prize. Won the fight, saved the Fortizar but we need to take a few things away from that to think about.

On the plus side I got 17 bil in kills without a loss on either of the characters I fielded and an alliance mate got a video up with some clips of the fight, you can see that here

Finished the night 13 kills for 0 loss
Dreaded Vengance
The Congregation
#7 - 2017-02-14 13:23:16 UTC
Tuesday 14th February

Been a bit busy since my last post; in direct retaliation to our above actions we were visited by the involved parties plus their friends. Our little alliance must be quite scary as they fielded 300 pilots to reinforce structures in our home system, not that we really have much to take anyway! The 60 dreads on our titan pos gave us a bit of a laugh, we'll field about 60 sub cap pilots in our largest fleets. Must be upset to bring such a disproportionate response.

I'm sure there's an intended message being relayed, all I can interpret is 'look at how many friends we have to bring to feel safe'. To be honest, once you get to such a size, the fear of losing must factor in everything you do, i kinda feel sorry for them, must be quite limiting.

We went out and whelped a Svipul fleet fighting 3 to 1, was fun.

irl; forgot it was valentines day, went down well.
Dreaded Vengance
The Congregation
#8 - 2017-03-16 12:13:13 UTC
Thursday 16th March

A little while since I last updated this thread, big news is, we've moved!

Decided to have a change of scenery and the whole alliance has moved to the Amarr/Minmatar WZ , which many of us regard as home. Took a little time to get set up but we've said hello to the locals a couple of times already:

First fight:

BR here

Second fight (doesn't show 6 additional Basi):

BR here

I'm having a blast as I learn the area again, still can't pronounce most of the system names tho!
Helene Fidard
#9 - 2017-03-21 04:48:08 UTC
Friday, 17th of March
It's 23:15 and the European members of our European alliance have mostly logged off for the night. In other words, it's time for our glorious leader Baltrom to undock an Archon for some honourable 1v1s. Unfortunately the gang of Wingspan battlecruisers he tries to 1v1 have capital support, and soon Baltrom is hard tackled by Hurricanes and dying to three Nids and a Thanatos. I didn't even know they had those.

An emergency council of space priests is convened, and our mystical healing light stabilizes the Archon moments before its destruction. Meanwhile, our Amarr militia neighbours have formed Omens to fight the same fleet, and they engage the Wingspan subcaps as we ping for Machs. In the end, only one of the hostile carriers escapes the brawl, though ten minutes later he returns to the field to commit honourable insurance sudoku. gfs all around.

Thanks to Wingspan for the fight, and to Black Armada for the surprise assist o7

Hey! I don't know about you

but I'm joining CTRL-Q

Dreaded Vengance
The Congregation
#10 - 2017-03-22 12:26:16 UTC
Tuesday 21st March

I log in with an plan to update my kitey Brutix Navy fit, it’s great fun to fly but cap issues have seen a couple of targets slip out of my grasp. I reduce the tank, up the overall speed and add a cap booster. My tracking isn’t quite as good, previously any frig getting into web range was toast but I figure I can make up the difference with a bit more effort on the piloting front. Plus drop boosters are pretty dank anyway!

I grab the mods and refit, undock and have a look around. An alliance guy is failing to kill a Tristan on a gate so I warp over just in time to see his Thorax pop (good job little dude), at the same time a Phantasm de-cloaks, pauses for a moment as if he’s thinking about engaging but instead warps to a station. I put my eyes on him and concentrate on dodging the 30 man Cynabal gang that’s chasing me, my link had just activated so I’m on a cooldown timer but I take them to a station to see what’s up. They land before me, 30 seconds left before I can dock up but it takes them an age to even start locking me and by then I’ve burnt to the far side of the station with them all completely static. They red box, only damage and long points land. 10 seconds left and I turn into them, locking their tackle burning straight for a ‘cepter, they haven’t even got me into half shield. Their two Huggins, Rapier and Ashimmu all land webs aaand I dock up and make a cup of tea, its 25 Cynabals ffs.

I get back, the Phantasm has moved off station to a medium plex. I yolo in with the BNI to 0, he’s about 20km off me and burning away, can’t get a web on so I don’t show him my speed but can see he’s 10mn AB fit. A couple of alliance mates see us on d-scan and warp over, he returns back to hugging the station. I park myself in a nearby large at 0 and watch him, takes him a few minutes to decide to go for it but as soon as he does I’m burning, MWD on, in the direction he’s warping from. As he appears on grid and starts decelerating it looks like he’s warped to 50km and I’m closing that gap rapidly, I’m 10km off by the time he breaks vun..perfect. He tries a defensive scram on me but my heated web keeps him in check and lets me reactivate my MWD to keep on top of him, his sig size allowing for the majority of my 700dps to hit, hard.

It’s a quick fight, like brawling frig 1v1 quick, but was quite satisfying and the loot fairy was kind enough to gift me 200mil nice mods.

He asked for my fit, checked his KB to see he fitted one up and lost it shortly after. Nice try dude.

Spent the rest of the evening in fleets, had a decent scrap against SC, we killed most of their Vexor fleet but they killed two of our logi making the isk war pretty even.

Ended the evening 27 kills, 0 losses putting me top of the alliance KB for the month so far, let’s see if I can stay there for the next week or so.
Dreaded Vengance
The Congregation
#11 - 2017-03-23 12:06:48 UTC
Wednesday 22nd March

Jump into a fleet run by Shinzu, casual roam in Svipuls. I enjoy stuff like this, outside of our bigger fleets, it means I can get away from my normal role and don’t need to dual box on grid so I can jump into a role outside of DPS on my main, opt for a Pontifex; I like flying all of the Command Destroyers and like to think I’ve got the art of booshing down. The Ponti works well with our comp, with only three deacons I’d rather sacrifice the extra utility that the additional mid in the Magus gives for a little extra tank. We’ve two other CDs in fleet and I let them take care of links for this one.

We pass through DHSJ and SC staging to let them know we’re about and hit a few gates in Kourm for some easy kills. We snag a few here and there, it’s a bit quiet and I can sense the FC wants to pack it in when we see a spike in local. We’re out with minimal scouts so we don’t know ship types but it’s DHSJ and we all have agro timers running so opt to bounce and take a second to have a look.

They land a amour AF gang, one of our Svipuls has got caught up on the gate and they gank him quickly. They’re in 4 AFs plus a Ponti with equal number of Deacons. We’re in 8 Dessys with 3 Deacons, no reason not to take this…we engage….and no one is breaking from either side. I’m scrammed and webbed down so unable to tip the balance with a well timed boosh. Looks like a stalemate until a Rook inexplicably appears 10km from us and jams two of our logi, we have to act fast and we’re soon right on top of it, the Rook goes down but we lose a Deacon. We turn our attention at having one last go to break them when a Falcon decloaks 30km from me, at the same time the tackle drops and I instantly burn for it calling the ECM ship out on comms. Our logi is jammed for a second time and we lose another Deacon as the Falcon pops. Time to leave before a third ewar ship turns up, none of us are tackled so we bounce and jump into Auga.

Turns out the Rook pilot has reshipped into a cookie cutter solo Confessor, we intercept on the Siseide gate and pop him instantly plus his mid-grade slave pod. Slaves in a shield Rook and a non-plated ‘fessor?

We lose 1 Svipul and 2 Deacons - 170mil
They lose 1 Rook, 1 Falcon, 1 Confessor and a slave pod – 1.5bil.

They’ve got a spurgelord professing in local they won the fight, same guy that told us our Muninn comp was trash right before we insta popped his station camping Tornado while hiding under 7 carriers. K m8.

End the evening 11 kills, 0 losses. Erik overtook me on the KB, ****.
Dreaded Vengance
The Congregation
#12 - 2017-03-28 11:50:24 UTC
Monday 27th March

Baltrom forms a fleet for a bit of a roam we opt to take our Ferox comp, we’ve 11 with 4 Ospreys and a Latch/Huginn for tackle and I’m dragging links along on an alt.

We head out towards Huola and as scouts get into system they start reporting a 30 man gate camp on the high sec gate. Our cloaky tackle jumps in with a goal of grabbing something expensive, he de-cloaks and tackles a Loki, we jump in and hit warp but our tackle is neuted and ECM’d to hell by the time we land on grid. The camp is bailing and we only manage to snare an Osprey. We hang around for a few minutes to see if the locals can form something to fight us, but despite their numbers and local smack talk they don’t seem willing/able to do much….when a Project Mayhem Devoter appears on grid, then two more.

HIC points start to land, one on me – before the script changes it marked death, in this instance I was right on the edge of range and although my MWD had been switched off I continued to coast out of range to only pick up tackle from the disruption script on the second hic point. As I reengage my prop mod and anchor back up, PM Dominix start to land, no logi, must be RR.

We’re away and pulling range, their tackle comprises of the 3 HICs, 2 Orthrus and a few Interceptors. The two Orthrus both burn in to grab points but our tackle outranges theirs and both are downed easily. A D-N-G Oracle comes to whore but lands in range of us and is deleted.

We have a go at the HICs, the first gets reps early but we quickly switch to a second who we get into ~ 5% structure before it catches reps. We test the T1 resists of the Domis but the story is the same, we cannot break them but similarly they cannot hold us down to apply DPS.

A cyno goes up; it’s Shadow Cartel in about 20 Machs with T3Cs and a couple of triage for support. They’re not here for us so we agree to temp blue and go back in to clear the field with them. The PM battleships start dropping and we start clearing all the small stuff that D-N-G and The Lazy Crabs are warping in to whore.

A Proteus lands on us, second cyno; it’s DHSJ in Rattlesnakes and they’re going for us. 10 BS with 5 Ospreys and 2 Broadswords. We again pull range, waiting to see if someone isolates themselves from the Logi but it doesn’t happen and both groups just look at each other for a minute or so, SC are blue to DHSJ so they’re not going to intervene and sit on the gate where everything kicked off. We’re moving around the grid, DHSJ get a lucky warp close to us and we lose a couple of Ferox, the 1st losses so far, but as they do PM are back, this time with Snuff…and there’s a lot.

The PM/Snuff ~60 man T3C fleet is on the SC Machs, DHSJ bounce to aid their allies leaving a Broadsword for us to recoup our KB efficiency against. By the time we’re done, DHSJ have lost 3 Rattlesnakes and are bailing. We reposition to the fringe of the fight at our maximum range and start to test the T3C fleet while SC brings in a few more Triage. We’re not breaking them so we clear the small tackle that’s close to us and extract with the aim of reshipping into something a bit more substantial, but as we make it back to our home system scouts report Lost Obsession dreads are on grid and killing the SC Triage who do well to get most of their subcaps out from what now totals 100 hostiles.

We were on grid and fighting for 40 minutes in total and despite a couple of losses I think we did really well, for the most part being outnumbered/out shipped and all but one of the other four groups trying to shoot us.
In total we get 18 kills worth 3 bil for 4 losses worth 300mil