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Combat Site Triggers

Draela Minayin
Amarr Empire
#1 - 2017-01-25 09:15:28 UTC
Is there somewhere I can get a list of what triggers waves in combat sites? I've tried looking around for this information without much success. I know that some combat site triggers are listed on EVE Uni's wiki, but they don't have pages for all of them, so I'm at odds about what to do. Most other sites I've looked at have info about the different waves, but nothing about the triggers. Can anyone help me to find some resources for this?
Do Little
Bluenose Trading
#2 - 2017-01-25 09:21:22 UTC provides after action reports for most (possibly all) missions. Triggers are documented.
United Allegiance of Undesirables
#3 - 2017-01-25 14:31:59 UTC
Many of the triggers in a combat site are a ship type and not a single specific ship. Just a few examples,
The last battleship killed will trigger some spawns no matter which battleship you choose to kill last.
The battleship with the highest bounty will trigger some spawns.
And in some of these you will have multiple ships with the same bounty so there is always the possibility for guess work.
Kazual Jayde
The Scope
Gallente Federation
#4 - 2017-01-25 16:51:19 UTC
eve-survival is pretty excellent, as was mentioned, but some missions, it's very difficult to tell what the trigger might be, both in a tutorial and as a player.

Trial and (hopefully inexpensive) error. Always kill scrams first, and always be aligned somewhere safe if you're not sure what's coming.
#5 - 2017-01-25 18:03:12 UTC

If you mean combat sites that are scanned down as opposed to missions, there was never complete documentation on this. I haven't looked at the E-Uni wiki (which is generally the best place for information now that the Evelopedia is gone) but in the past the Evelopedia had documentation on many of the sites.

The reason(s) that DEDs and other combat sites were never documented I guess is partly effort required and partly due to people not wanting to lose a competitive advantage by giving away their hard won information.

Although it is shutdown now, supposedly due to problems keeping it up to date and a mooted replacement (of which there is no news) you should be able to find it on the Wayback Machine. At least, De Michael references it in his post in Missions & Complexes in the sticky for the Faction Standing Repair Plan.
Draela Minayin
Amarr Empire
#6 - 2017-01-26 00:07:49 UTC
I was specifically referring to the cosmic anomaly combat sites. Eve-survival doesn't appear to have a page on the specific one I was looking for last night, but they do have plenty of others. Thank you for the info.
Imperial Academy
Amarr Empire
#7 - 2017-01-26 04:18:46 UTC
Kazual Jayde wrote:
Always kill scrams first, and always be aligned somewhere safe if you're not sure what's coming.

I've found that more often than not the scramming NPCs are the triggers. Still this is decent advice. Just making you aware.

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