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Specific Ui Update addition! Must read!

Kripparian Depression KMS
Gallente Federation
#1 - 2017-01-13 20:56:54 UTC
Hey, I just want to suggest this;

A 'Star System' to items in your inventory via Icon view.

There would be 3 stars. And it's pretty simple

3 Stars = Always shows first
2 Stars = Show after 2 stars
1 Stars = Show after 1 stars
0 Stars = Show after 1 stars

basically, it makes it so if you want your pesky Mobile Tractor Unit, and you pick it up- you'll see it go straight to your first inventory slot when you pick it back up :)

Many other uses for this!

The way you would set this up is there would be a new dropdown menu

'Inventory Rating'

Shouldn't be too hard to add :) Would greatly increase the QOL of mission runners / ratters / miners / everyone